Show Trailer – Panto Pandemonium

Have a look at this trailer for our Year 6 show : coming to a school hall near you!

Tickets are still available for  Tues 9th July at 2pm and 7pm.


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  1. Ellie W says:

    Hi! This show seems like ages ago now! It was so amazing! We all played our parts really well and I hope everyone is having and amazing time at their new school! Miss you all 🙁

  2. marting1 says:

    Hi. I am from 2013’s year 6 and i thought your show last year was fantastic! You all played your oarts well and acted and sang beautyifully.
    I can’t wait to peform our own show at the end of this year!

  3. jake says:

    Today I had a fab time. Year 6 has been the best. I am really going to miss Belle Vue, but I will keep in touch as my brother Aaron will still be here. Thanks for making the day fab Mr Holder and all. Going to miss you all.

  4. Sophie (Team 100 WC) says:

    I have really enjoyed doing the show and me and my mom and dad love it! I think this is amazing!!!!

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