Magic, Mystery & Mayhem : Our Autumn Topic

Year 6 have just started a brand new topic of ‘Magic, Mystery and Mayhem’  based around the computer game Myst 3.

We started off with a mysterious chest that arrived in one of the classrooms – we had to solve a series of puzzles and problems to find the key. Once we opened the chest we discovered a strange book named ‘Tomahna’ (one of the lands in the game) and a revealing letter from a wizard named Atrus …

So far wehave:

*Recounted our experiences (everyone has been happy to write at length)

*Used Atrus’ journals to refine their inference and deduction skills

*Written letters to Atrus – full of questions!

*Developed and performed their own theme music to accompany the games intro video

* Used the opening scene of the game to inspire their descriptive writing

* Designed and made magical doors based around the one on Atrus’ balcony

* Used what they have experienced so far to create powerpoint presentations and art work

And that’s from just over two weeks!

Children and staff are all looking forward to seeing where the mystery takes us next…


Here are Adam and Grace’s thoughts, so far:

Today was not a normal day…As we came back from assembly,which seemed to go on forever, we came back to find an intriguing box. At first, we curiously scurried into Mrs Hopkin’s room to see what all the fuss was about. Then we stumbled across an old, ancient treasure chest. Whose was it?! (Drrr-drr-drrrrrrrrr!)

There was a strange, tatty note attached to this wondrous sight that read: ‘find me and I’m yours to keep, fish me out from the murky deep.’After a while, after we all stopped staring, we finally decided to read the note. As swift as an arrow, Elliot darted out of Mrs H’s classroom & sprinted across the playground, leading us on a wild goose chase.

Whilst Elliot was looking for it, we all decided to split up and look individually but the teachers called us over to say “don’t rush and think carefully!” We finally thought it over and realised we needed to search around the pond. Eventually we found a key in a box floating in the dirty pond water …

When we got back to the classroom and unlocked the chest we found a big book called ‘Tomahna’ (we felt excited to read it but it was locked too!) Also, we found another note and not only that, we found a secret code to solve and clues to help us. Afterwards we had to search for different codes to crack the code to find the key.It was quite a challenge and we had to have a lot of team work!

After we had all the cards  to crack the codes and we cracked it! The sheets read…Hi children so I see you can work in a team!

Next came a letter saying that he was the wonder who had been doing all of these challenges was called Atrus  and he was a powerful wizard… It was he who was setting us all the challenges and wanted to see if we were worthy enough and if Atrus could trust us. We read that Atrus wanted us to go on a quest to go in to TOMAHNA his mythical world.

Grace: I thought it has been a very interesting day and I have really enjoyed it!

Adam:I also enjoyed it just as much as every pupil in year 6 it was great fun!

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3 Responses
  1. Georgina says:

    This was Elliot’s goose chase.

  2. Rachel says:

    We are only half way through our topic and we have learnt so much! 🙂

  3. Govind says:

    Wow, it looks like a really interesting and fun topic.
    Danpreet (Govind’s cousin)

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