Our Autumn ‘Take Home Tasks’

Autumn Take Home Task:

For our first ‘Take Home Task’ we asked the children to produce their own island. This was linked to our topic and some of the science work we have been doing on food chains and interdependence. The work we received ranged from :

* Huge models of imaginery floating islands, scary desert islands and even shipwrecks

* An erupting volcano

* Factfiles of made up animals and how they fit together into their own food chain

* There was even a cake made in the shape of an island!

Well done Year 6 – we’ve been really impressed!

Please take a closer look at the photographs by clicking on them…

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  1. Charlotte and Anthony says:

    We are doing myst III aswell!
    were still at j`nanin…

    year 6 and 5
    class 5
    mr phillips class 5 blog

  2. lucy r says:

    Well done everyone your islands look fantastic. I bet they took a long time to make.

  3. Govind says:

    Doing the homework task was so much fun! I wonder what our next one will be.

  4. Joseph says:

    All our home work tasks are excellent. I can not waitfor the next home work task!

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