How Are You Getting On???

Hi everyone and hi Mr Holder!!!
Just wondering how you are all getting on at your new schools…. I love mine and hope you do to! Also Mr Holder, how is your new school? Hope you are enjoying it as much as us! By the way, how is baby holder?

Bye for now, Ellie and Govind!

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  1. Georgina says:

    ahwwwww i was looking on my favourites on my laptop earlier today , and i found the year 6 belle vue website , i just could’nt help myself for logging on and i was wondering if anyone was still going on here looking through all of our work has made me relise how much i have acttually missed belle vue i prefer it way more than wordsley , i haven’t ad the best welcome to wordsley to be fair , because of me being different to other people. But i have leant so much in m lessons i had my report the other month and i had 19 outstandings and 9 goods and one inconsistent which was from pe woops but i am so proud of my progress i am now level 5h in maths and 6l in english and 5h in science the progress i have made ever since sats and now coming to the end of year 7 is amazing hope every one is all happy and is enjoying there new schools

  2. Harriet says:

    awwwhhh ella is a beautiful name! could you please put some pictures on the blog pleeeaaassseeee i would love to see her. hope you are in enjoying your new school.

  3. Mr Holder says:

    Hi girls – it’s really good to hear from you! It’s funny – I was only looking on here yesterday …

    I’m well thank you and my new job is keeping me very busy. Luckily, I have another lovely class just like you lot from last year!

    Baby Holder, (Ella) is doing well and she is actually 3 months old today. She is very cute but has developed an annoying habit of throwing up over me, unfortunately.

    Let me know how Summerhill / Ridgewood is going – it’s really nice to see that you have both kept in touch with each other. Please say hello from me to any ex-Belle Vue people that you still see.

    PS: Wish… Think about which to/too/two you need to use (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!).

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