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The skyfall…

For 500 words

It all began on September 1st 2011,tomorrow I was going back to school and I needed to make the most of today.However,my sister had school this morning,so in a way,I was lucky…
“I’M GOING TO BE LATE!”moaned my sister
“”Oh don’t be silly,it’s only 7:00,and you’re already dressed and ready.”comforted my mum
My dad sighed in stress as this always happens on school days,so he drove her to school.I needed to be there at 9:00,so I got dressed,brushed my teeth and had breakfast.
“Would you like jam on your toast?”asked mum
“Yes please.”I answered.
So my mum slowly scraped the luxurious jam across the warm,soft toast…RRRRUUUMMMBBBLL,a loud  shudder vastly echoed through the street ,
Followed by crackling and thunder,My heart was pumping as fast as a bull  galloping towards a red cape.Just Then,when you thought it was all over,the sky fell!
It plummeted  to the ground as fast as a rocket,crushing into the road,creating vast craters of fire,before turning into ash!When the mysterious green smoke blew away,all that was in sight,was a dark,humongous sort of ship!
“ALIENS,ALIENS!”cried my mum,as she rapidly shot upstairs and hid under her bed covers,now I knew that I was alone…CCCRRRREEEEEEEKKK,a  gigantic hatch opened out from the ship,exploding out giant puffs of steam that if anyone was to go near they would instantly be gassed out!As soon as the smoke cleared,I could see a tall but dark figure lurking inside the murky ship…It slowly started to emerge out from inside starting from two long tentacles,then four smaller but slimier tentacles slithered out,followed by four arms attached onto a long,thin body that was obviously weak and purposeless.Soon after,a tiny head appeared out from the ship,but I could see that this was no ordinary head,it seemed to be GREEN!Suddenly,it turned its revolting head round 360 degrees ( all the way round) and it just so happened that its head ended up looking at ME!As quick as a flash,I ducked below the window,hoping that it wouldn’t see me,but I was wrong…
Slowly but cautiously,I peered up from the window to see if it had gone…
“AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH”I screamed,for it was pressed up against the window,slowly moving through the glass and onto the room
“AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH”I screamed yet again
“Ssssitfhlent”moaned the alien
“W-what?”I stuttered
The alien reached into his brain and pulled out a round,alien/astronaut button that it clipped onto its four armed body
“I said silence”demanded the alien
“My name is frewas from the planet ghuasz,and I need your jam.”
“Why?”I questioned
“Because our planet is in danger by a black hole named “the taker”,and we need you to give us jam,because it’s the only thing that can stop it!”it answered
“But,why did you destroy the sky?”I murmured
“Oh,sorry,the landing was a bit off,no matter though,we can use a repair  droid to fix THAT!”laughed the alien.
But for now,off to space!
“But how?”I questioned
“Easy peasy lason cheesy,just hold my hand,and it wall all be revealed…”
I clutched the strange alien’s hand,hoping that I would’nt turn to green jelly,and WWWHHHAAMMMM,I was in space…
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the frost that was fried!

Silently and swifty,quietly and sneakily,the frost swayed in a cheeky manor,unaware of what lay beneath him…Suddenly he dropped vastly by a heavy grip of  heat!”HE..HEY,WHAT IS THIS?”he cried,but there wasn’t enough time to explain…THUD!the frost had dropped onto what seemed to be green grass that was frosted up due to the fact that he was frost.puzzled but cautious,frost turned around.Aproxamatly 3 seconds later,he was running for his life!It had turned out that a BBQ was what  pulled him down near to a caravan site.Also,frost’s back was warming up.(everyone knows that if a frost is warmed up,it will melt),well i guess that was what happened to poor frost,because it never turned winter again…

by tom (no frosts’ were harmed in the making of this story.)

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The piano…

when i slowly but cautiously sat down,i swiftly skimmed my fingers amongst the echoing notes of the piano.the humungus noise meandered through the black room.The notes on the piano are like birds whistling in the lonely breeeze,they are like a mystery sound that comes from a mystery machine…the soft touch of the note is magical and the swift sway of the rythem makes me feel warm and joyfull inside!A sweet smell smell of succsessfloats like a cloud through my mind when i play,and the fresh scent of the old papers that i use to read,make me remember,of the fantom of  joy…

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