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The Spooky Graveyard…

Everyone had been talking about a spooky graveyard and I had always wanted to go there: I was such an adventurous person. Therefore, I set out one night, and found a colossal gate with dusty cobwebs all over it. Cautiously I opened the gate; the grave stones seemed to be watching my every step. Just before I was about to take a few more steps, the birds swooped down and one said, “Get her, she shouldn’t be here!” So they took me away further into the stone churchyard, threw me in a dusty, rotten coffin and left me to die…

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The Golden Ticket… By Sophie and Corben.

Tuesday 27th March

Dear Grandpa Joe,

Today I went to the shop and brought a Wonka Bar. To my surprise, this was no ordinary chocolate bar- it had a golden ticket inside! I was so excited I ran home to mom to tell her the news. On the outside I couldn’t stop smiling (however on the inside I was nervous because I was going to be on TV.)  , also you get a life time supply of chocolate! I would really like it if you could come with me so we would both be looking at all the chocolate.


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The Lost Orange Cat!

One day I was out tottering in the woods. Birds started chirping to the tune of the wind, I started to dance along. Hearing a mysterious noise, I cautiously walked towards a filthy, ancient bath. Inside was a dirty, orange cat. He started to back away uneasily, I could see he was frightened and I thought that he had been separated from his mother. Immediately, I called the RSPCA and informed them of the problem. Blink! The RSPCA were here. In addition, they decided to investigate, to find out where his mother may be and take them back to safety…

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The Mysterious Steps By Sophie

One day, I was on my own skipping happily in the forest, when I spotted two sets of steps. Suddenly a shiver rushed down my spine. All I could see was rocks, getting up and strolling around on the contaminated forest floor.  Having no clue where I was, or where the steps led to: I decided to pick the un-easy ones on the right. Tentatively tottering up the steps, I entered this mysterious doorway. It looked as if it was a dark and spooky cave. There were cob webs everywhere. “BOO” cried a mysterious voice. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” I screamed with fear.

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My 100 Word Challenge

“You’ve only got one shot, so make it count…” sang Katie to the music on the radio. She was going to see her friend Stacey. Her friend lived far away: she lived in Manchester. Unexpectedly, she heard an unusual rattling noise; she thought it was because the car was very old. Hesitantly she carried on. As she entered a familiar road- which she knew wasn’t far from her friends’ house- the car suddenly stopped. Katie panicked; is there anybody around who can help me?  she thought. As quick as a flash, a ghostly figure appeared in the passenger seat! AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!

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My 500 Word Challenge

There I sat, playing the piano sadly; I had the worst day of my life. As a result of an argument with my best friends, I had fallen out with them. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Goes my heart to the notes from the piano.  I went to bed but never went to sleep until midnight. This was the worst nightmare I had ever had. What was I going to do? How was I going to resolve it? I just want to rewind and start all over again. I want to make up with them; but is this ever going to happen?

 The next morning, I faced my fears and tentatively strolled onto the playground. I noticed all of the girls (that used to be my friends) in a big circle staring at me; it was as if they were talking about me. Slowly, I walked up to the door and waited to go into school. Mrs Chesterfield – who was my teacher- came and opened the door and saw the sad look on my face. “Oh dear Caitlin, what’s the matter?” she asked. “Nothing” I replied, as I wiped away my sorrowful tears. I walked over to my locker. While I was putting my bag away, I cautiously peered out of the window and saw the big group of girls, laughing and having fun as they strolled up to class. Moving away from my locker, I could see they were all smirking and glaring at me. As I sat down and got my book out, one of the girls, came and placed herself next to me and started pushing and shoving me. As quick as a flash, I jumped up and hurried over to Mrs Chesterfield and whispered “Can I move away from Jessica please, she keeps pushing and shoving me but I haven’t done anything”. “Yes of course you can” said Mrs Chesterfield. So she moved everyone around and started to do the register when a group of people arrived…

…A group of parents entered the room and all eyes were fixed on me! I snuggled further and further down in my seat, I was really scared I did not know what to do. I could see all of the girls sniggering in their seats. I knew the girls were up to something. Mrs Chesterfield paused and stood as still as a reptile. All I could hear were haunting voices shouting “Let’s get Caitlin, let’s get Caitlin!” Suddenly the girls parents were all gathered around me. Scary and spine-chilling, evil and creepy, frantically I slithered off my chair, under the table and crawled on my hands and knees. Up and out of the door I ran towards the school gates, my heart pounding. I had no clue what too do! “HHHHHEEEELLLLLPPPP!” I screamed as loud as I could.

Suddenly, I felt someone shaking my arm and shouting “Wake up Caitlin what’s the matter?” Startled, I opened my eyes and there was my mom. Phew! It was all just a silly dream…

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The Adventure By Sophie

As I heaved open the heavy door of the caravan I saw a sheet of sparkling frost. We sneaked out and ran far, far into the dreary woods on an adventure. In addition, we spotted a tired- looking, green crooked house: we knocked on the door. However, spooky sounds alerted us. I started to stumble backwards slowly and I shouted “We’re going to get in trouble.” Grabbing my friend’s hand we quickly started running all the way back to the caravan. “Where on earth have you two been?” shouted our parents. “We were so worried about you” shrieked our mum’s.

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An old lady from Spain By Sophie and Dylan

There was an old lady from Spain,

Who fell over and was in pain,

She did a weird howl,

And then did a growl,

And wanted to go back to Spain!

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100WC By Sophie

There I sat, playing the piano sadly, I had the worst day of my life. As a result of an argument with my best friend, I had fallen out with her. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! goes my heart to the notes from the piano.  I went to bed but never went to sleep until midnight. This was the worst nightmare I had ever had. What was I going to do? How was I going to resolve it? I just want to rewind and start all over again. I want to make up with her; but is this ever going to happen?

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Happy New Year By Sophie

“GOODNIGHT! MOM! GOODNIGHT! DAD!”  I shouted, as I went up too bed. “Well I suppose we better get too bed too” said Mom “Otherwise we will be tired in the morning”. Suddenly, we were woken by the alarming sound of the screeching fireworks. Excitedly, we ran downstairs, we threw the door open and went outside. “WOW! These are brilliant fireworks why don’t we lie down on the grass and enjoy the wonderful colourful sky. DING! DONG! DING! DONG! The clock was chiming in the distance therefore we realised what time it was and we thought that this will be a new start for us all. “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

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The Mysterious Box By Sophie

In front of my eyes, was a shiny, glistening black box blinding me because the sun was reflecting off it. On top of it was a bright pink bow, it was like the shade of pink lipstick. A magical book, sparkling jewels or smelly, old socks – what is inside? I picked the box up it was so heavy I dropped it. BANG! “OOPS”! I said as I hung my head in shame. The box was battered: it had ripped very badly. The bow had come undone. “This box looks terrible” I cried. Through a huge hole I could see…

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Sophie’s Homework

In a galaxy far far away, was a creature called Meep and I had always wanted to meet him to see what magical powers he had. So one day I decided to jump happily into a large mystical spaceship which was called Super Adventure. This was a very peculiar spaceship because it looked upside down.  I zoomed in to the ginormous galaxy and in a flash of light I was there. Slowly, but carefully I wandered out. There was silence everywhere. “HELLO” I shouted loudly, but there was no reply. Is this the right place? OH NO! WHERE AM IIIIIIIIIIIIIII?!

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Our Reports on Edanna

Over the last few days we’ve been working really hard on planning, drafting and publishing our own reports about the fantasy land of Edanna. Year 6 have been working hard to make sure they’ve written in the correct ‘style’, included suitable feautures (like diagrams, subheadings and captions) and used a good range of punctuation. I’ve added Mitchell’s and Sophie’s reports for you to have a look at (click for a closer look). Please let us know what you think!

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