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One day I went for a cat walk and on the way I picked up some weard stuff so I took them to the mr knows it all cat but he was mysterios  to me some  times when I went to him. One time my fure was as big as a tree but lookly I had it shaved off but unfortrantly I was buld. Then because I went on holladay  it became worse as I had a tan from the sun. Then sadly I became catty poor the end.

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The stoping car

As the stoping car pulled over I shivered in feer  so I hid behind a big messy tree but no one was in there so as I tryed to get better porsion to get a better view but still nothing happend suddenly the car had gliched a centermetter back to the right as if it was going to look at me. So I had to do somthing about it and I phoned the police to tell them what has happend but no answer came. I panicked a lot so realy it felt like the world had ended to a halt to be continued.

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