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The cat!

There is an hungry tiger that can’t catch any food. He tries to catch

elephant but too huge. next rhino but it’s too hard to get down. So, he has

to try and catch deer but it’s too fast. This orange mysterious cat got

separated from its parents therefore they couldn’t teach him how to hunt.

Now from all the chasing,tiger has got extremely muddy and has to take a bath

in the lake. Tiger has found a dead buffalo in the

water, but there is no way hes going to get it off the crocodile. ”Can

i have some”…


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The suspicious woods.

There is a 500 year’s old woods across my street, so I thought I should go and take a glimpse of it. ”Wow this looks amazing” I thought to myself, so I carried on following the path. The trees leaned over as if they were trying to catch me, I heard foot steps behind me, oh no its a hungry bear! So I scatted in all directions to escape but I was going to quick I banged my head on a hard tree. I woke up and I ended up next to lot’s of beautiful trees and a suspicious trail of step’s rising up.

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As the car…

As I was driving down a narrow street,  something caught my eye as it sat on top of an old tatty wall. I pulled over to see what it could be? I wasn’t quite sure but it had a golden-plated piece of jewellery on the top and a silver ribbon wrapped around it.  So, I took it with me and drove off as fast as a twitch to show my family what I’d found. They all seemed excited and shouted,”WOW! That looks amazing, but what is it?” Surprisingly, a  flap on the side opened to let out a tiny car driven by a mouse  and the car stopped suddenly…

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Antarctic hopes

This year, it has been 100 years since Captain RB Scott and his 5 comrades reached the South pole on the 17th of January  1912. Tragically he and his team didn’t survive the return after being pipped to the post by the Norwegian,Amundsen.

The famous modern day explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and his team of five have left the green and mild land of Britain to take on the last remaining challenge:To attempt to cross Antarctica in winter .

His research ship left London on 6 th December 2012 to begin the amazing journey not only for the challenge but to raise 10 million dollars for a blindness charity then hopefully  will begin the 6 month journey on 21st March. They  will start from the Russian base called “Novo” and attempt to travel 2000 miles to Captain Scott’s base at McMurdo Sound ,extremely dangerous considering that they will spend the time in mostly complete darkness, temperatures as low as -90 degrees centigrade with no prospect of emergency help.

During the expedition, Ranulph and his team will carry out certain scientific experiments and study climate change using high tech equipment such as battery-heated clothing and specially designed breathing apparatus to survive at such low temperatures. In Britain we worry about a bit of frost but winter in Antarctica is so cold that Ranulph will use specially designed track-type tractors which will carry all the equipment and living quarters, (think of a caravan on a sledge!) The heavy snowfalls and darkness mean that visibility will be poor so these special vehicles have computers that can detect crevasses. The tractors will also be running on specialised fuel that is designed not to freeze.

Good luck to them !!

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Notes from the piano!

The notes from the piano noise is peaceful and special because of the quiet sounds when you press the keys. joyfully noise of a piano is soft like candyfloss, the rhythm is incredibly relaxing and makes you want to keep on listening to the music. sometimes when i play a piano it feels like i sense a breeze blowing at me every single time i touch the keys. As  i press the black and white notes  i think of Jesus because of the calumnious it brings the keys make. On the other hand piano’s make a aloud sound as well as a quiet one. However piano’s either way,  make a nice sound.

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31st December to 1st January

For the first time my family and I went to a New Years Eve party at our friend’s house.: My mums friend picked us up at  about 7.30pm apart from my dad who was still at work. There was lots of food and toys from Christmas to play with while my two  brothers and my mate , Daniel, played a football tournament on his Wii Nintendo. The adults meanwhile just kept talking and making silly jokes like the ones you get in crackers! My mum especially talks alot so we all kept taking the mickey out of her!

Near to midnight, Daniel’s mum, Cath, put the T.V on to see Big Ben strike , then after the last strike we all clinked our glasses of pop together to make a toast but the adults had wine and hugged each other then us (ugh!!) Next we went into their garden where Daniel’s dad lit about 20 fireworks  one after another. It was a fantastic sight!

As it was after midnight I thought we’d go home but  our friends suggested that we should play a board game called “Pass the Bomb.”  We all enjoyed this and got home at 2am which we’d never done before, but it was a memorable way to leave 2012 and start the New Year.



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My Brother

My brothers a sofa

He sits around all day doing nothing but watch telly

He’s very lazy

My little brother once changed the channel

Now he’s dinner.


By Ben & Oliver

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The Mystery Box

As I entered the room I saw a mysterious box, however, as I got closer, the box was tuning invisible. I thought that it didn’t want me to open it. ”WOOOOOOOOOH!” the box yelled.”Good Grief! Did you just speak?” I gasped. It didn’t reply and I saw that the box had a ribbon  wrapped around it so I went to pull the ribbon off but it disappeared as fast as lightning. Next,  I walked out of the room to see what would happen, and it came back as quick as a cheetah.  I tried to open the box again,  because I was really desperate to open it. Would I catch the box or not?…….

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It looked upside down

In the deep, dark woods there was a strange scuttling. Loudly my heart beat thudded against my rib cage. A gigantic shadow fell across my path. Shall Idart off or shall I stay? My bones turned to jelly, I was not going anywhere! Slowly the shadow grew closer and darker….. fetid breathe caught my nostrils……. an eerie cackle exploded in my ears.  Suddenly the petrifying monster’s shadow disappeared, I finally regained movement and was able to try and discover what had happened. Amazingly I could follow the alley created by the monster’s body. At the end there was something there…….It looked upside down!


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