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Himley Cricket Competition

Year 6 played in a cricket tournament at Himley C.C earlier today. We lost our first game to Jessons Primary but managed to win our second against Maidensbridge.

Unfortunately the tournament was abandoned during our quarter final match against Howley Grange (note the dark clouds in the photo!). The weather really took a turn for the worse…

A big well done to the children who took part: they represented the school well and played in the right spirit. For a lot of the lads today was also the first time they’d played in proper cricket matches.



100WC Week#33

The prompt for this week came to me when I was sitting in my garden:

…the birds swooped down and…

Make sure your writing is really creative for your readers.

You will need to comment on your peer assessment partner’s work once they’ve posted it.

Please also find the time to visit the 100WC website and leave comments for children from other schools. You could comment on the entry that matches your number in the register. It’s a good idea to post a link to your work ; that way you will generate more comments for your writing!

Those of you who joined team100wc – don’t forget to visit your entries nearer the end of the week. Thank you for doing this – it’s really helpful for lots of different people.

Don’t forget – getting onto the weekly showcase = 3 team points!!!


Chapter 5 – Reveal the Murderer!

The voting was VERY close this week. Have a look on Boomwriter to see who won Chapter 4.


Chapter 5 MUST have …

* Make sure you read everything so far – your entry has to match the previous chapters


* Chapter 4 hints at who the murderer might be (leading the reader down a dead-end). You need to develop a twist so that the murderer is revealed and the reader doesn’t expect it.


* Use the ‘HANDS’ trick to make sure you have a good variety of connectives. You could also use the ‘Little finger’- ‘Middle finger’ – ‘Thumb’ trick as well.


*  Try to use an example of every sentence type we’ve done in your entry. Check on the blog to remind yourself.


You have until Sunday. We will use Monday and Tuesday for voting again. Any problems then please come and speak to me sooner rather than later.


Good luck!

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Another Useful Link

Here is another link for Numeracy SATS revision that will be helpful to all of you.

I will add it to the Numeracy section in the toolbar on the bottom right.



6T Boomwriter Update – Chapter 4

I‘m ended the voting for Chapter 3. It was VERY close this week. Well done to the winner: you can go and see who it was on the Boomwriter website.

I’m not going to start the competition for Chapter 4 until next week when we start back at school. If you want to start drafting it for yourself before we start back then feel free.

Chapter 4 Tips

* Read the whole story so far really closely – make sure your entry matches everything that has gone on so far

* Detective Graham needs to start investigating: looking for clues, talking to the suspects, etc… How do the clues match the story so far? Who could the murderer be? Keep the reader guessing!

* Make it sound like someone is really guilty only then go onto include some information that rules them out.

* Include some action. Maybe there is a chase around the mansion or a fight erupts?

* Remember we’re not going to reveal who the murderer is until the very end of the story.

* Use different sentence types and tricks – they’re on the blog to remind you.

* Use Level 5 punctuation : ; – Again look at the blog for examples if you’ve forgotten

* Try some new vocabulary out.


Good luck. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.


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6T – Boomwriter Update

Just to let you know the voting process for Chapter 3 of ‘The Kill’ is now underway on Boomwriter. It ends on Friday.

Check the blog again early next week as there will be an overview of what you need to get into your entry for Chapter 4.

Thank you for your entries – I had all but three (I know who you are…!).

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Mr Holder’s Numeracy Challenge – due in Friday 8th March

Please explain your answer!

Also – don’t forget you should be using the bootcamp, learning links and other parts of the blog to help revise in preparation for SATS.


100WC Prompt Week#22 Due in Friday 8th March

To Sophie and Fate, who came along to the Cover it Live session;  THANK YOU! It was such fun and of course it gave them both a great chance to start thinking about their 100 words!

Here is the picture that you are to write about. Really think hard about what you want your post to say to the reader. It might help to plan it out first.

Please don’t forget to visit the 100wc website and comment on at least two other entries as well as your Belle Vue Peer Assessment Partner for this week. Good luck!


large 4204913417 Week#22

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100WC #22 Live Writing Session Sunday 3rd March 10am

This coming Sunday, at 10am, the 100WC website is holding a live writing session. This is a chance to show off your writing skills and magpie the ideas of others from across the world. The session uses a program called Cover It Live and it allows users to converse in real time.

If you are free at that time then please give it a go. I’m sure you will find it beneficial. I will be online at that time to see how it works out.

You can find the link for the live session here:


If you do take part, make sure you stick to our blogging rules. I hope you can all join in and have fun.

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Indoor Athletics Competition at Crestwood High School

A big well done to the 15 Yr6 children who took part in the Indoor Athletics Competition at Crestwood today! Six teams from local Primary Schools took part in various track and field events ranging from standing long jumps and javelin throwing, to long-distance running and sprint relays.

The children represented Belle Vue really well. They gave their best, they were polite and well-behaved, and also, most importantly, they were very sporting to the other competitors.

Overall we finished in second place. Well done to you all!


Our Video Guide to Blogging by 6T

Please have a look at these informative, and at times, slightly strange, video-guides to the world of blogging.

Let us know what you think of them!

New Quadblogging Partners!

We’ve signed up to a new Quadblog! Please feel free to still visit our friends in Canada and Hong Kong, I will leave their blog links on our Blogging Buddies page, but also direct your attentions to these new blogs:


  • Yr6, Bearwood Primary in Birmingham : http://blogs.bearwood.sandwell.sch.uk/year6atbearwood/
  • Papakowhai School in New Zealand: http://ps2013missaugust.blogspot.co.nz/
  • Gladesmore Community School in London : (link to follow)


I will add these to our Blogging Buddies page as well.

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SATS Spelling List

It will help if you know how to spell the following words, prefixes and suffixes. The rules and spelling patterns are all things that you have covered throughout KS2 and will be revised in Yr6.

tion                                                    ive                                             al                                       homophones

completion                             apprehensive                               individual                                heard/herd

direction                                   destructive                                 special                                       practise/practice

invention                                   expensive                                   original                                         weight/wait

pollution                                    explosive                                    usual                                               father/farther

question                                      detective                                   approval                                       beach/beech

attention                                    defective                                  comical                                              stare/stair

mention                                     adjective                                    fictional                                             one/won

collection                                 offensive                                 impractical                                       threw/through


ful                                                 fully                               double letters                                silent letters                

hopeful                                      hopefully                               different                                                 ghost

beautiful                                  beautifully                           difficult                                                  ghastly

careful                                      carefully                                 essential                                                numb

wonderful                            wonderfully                             excellent                                              design

successful                           successfully                              suppose                                               stretch

awful                                        awfully                                    opposite                                             interesting

delightful                              delightfully                             passenger                                          knowledge

peaceful                              peacefully                                         beginning                                        surprise

ly                                                          c’ makes ‘s                                     double and add –ed

extremely                                             audience                                                       grabbed

frequently                                              century                                                      occurred

gently                                                     excellent                                                        planned

eventually                                             exciting                                                          stopped

generally                                                 excited                                                          trapped

obviously                                              necessary                                                       slipped

fortunately                                             evidence                                                      mapped

prefixes                         suffixes                                  i before e, except after c

disappoint                     beautiful                                           believe        (ee  sound)

disappear                       happiness                                       fierce           (ee  sound)

important                      inevitable                                       thief            (ee  sound)

impossible                     carefully                                        niece           (ee  sound)

unhappy                        children                                         achieve        (ee  sound)

unusual                          treatment                                     ceiling         (ee sound)

almost                            magician                                         receipt         (ee sound)

altogether                       politician                                      receive        (ee sound)

although                        dictionary                                      science        (no ee sound)

supermarket                  likeable                                           weird          (an exception!)

drop e   add ing                     y to an i   and add  -es                 Mixed Bag 1

escape  –  escaping                    family  –  families                             foreign

excide  –  exciting                    city  –   cities                                         famous

make  –  making                      body  –  bodies                                      conquered

include  –  including                 lady  –  ladies                                     discuss

move  –  moving                      baby  –  babies                                     ourselves

raise  –  raising                        story  –  stories                                    disgusting

wrestle  –  wrestling                 pony  –  ponies                                dozens

joke  –  joking                          injury  –  injuries                            significant

take  –  taking                          fairy  –  fairies                                    correctly

hope  –  hoping                        trophy  –  trophies                         attempt

adjective              comparative                  superlative                         y preceded by vowel

big                                            bigger                            biggest                                  donkey  –  donkeys

noisy                                   noisier                                 noisiest                         monkey  –  monkeys

easy                                      easier                                  easiest                                 valley   –  valleys

nasty                               nastier                                      nastier                                      key  –  keys

pretty                             prettier                            prettiest                                  essay  –  essays

large                         larger                                               largest                             osprey  –  ospreys

wide                     wider                                                widest                                        railway  –  railways

near                      nearer                                              nearest                                      alley  –  alleys

tall                        taller                                               tallest                                           motorway  –  motorways

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Mr Holder’s Numeracy Challenge #8 due in Friday 1st March


Please make sure you FULLY EXPAIN your answers…

As normal, I will post the solution once I’ve received all your answers.



500 Word Challenge Video

The Disappearing Hitchhiker

Here is a ghost story created by 6T. We used a story skeleton for a basic plot and each pair of children chose a section each. The story isn’t finished, but if you would like to, then feel free to do so as a comment …

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Mr Holder’s Numeracy Challenge #7 due in Friday 15th February

Please click the image for a closer view:


What would Harry’s bank balance be every month from April to July? Imagine that he’s starting from £100 in April.

April – £100

May – ?

June – ?

July – ?

If you find this problem easy – have a go at setting your own based on this one. You could ask them in your answers and try solving each other’s problems.

Mr Holder’s Numeracy Challenge #6 Due in Friday 8th February

Please click on the image for a closer view. You will need to explain how you got your answer – use the clues!

Callum and Corben – I’m still waiting for your answers to last week’s problem. They need to be done for Friday every week. Some people have been waiting a while for the answers!

As always a give it your best and don’t worry if you found it hard – it’s supposed to be a challenge!


Mathematical Murder Mystery!

This week I am going to a murder mystery themed party for a friends birthday. When I told the children they asked if they could do something similar in class. So today, after assembly, they were greeted by this ….

 There was a lot of  collaborative learning going on and children chose their own equipment for solving the clues. Whilst not everyone solved the mystery, it was great that everyone was determined and never gave up! We had a super chance to practise our skills with shape and space as well as problem solving. The mystery will continue next week …

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A Special Visitor


Last week was Holocaust Memorial week. On Friday, Year 6 were lucky enough to be visited by a lady called Lia Lesser. Lia was born in the early 1930s in a part of Czechoslovakia called Sudetenland. Today, Czechoslovakia is two different countries: The Czech Republic and Slovakia. Lia’s family was also Jewish.

We talked about how Jewish people were persecuted by the Nazis before and during World War II. Because of this, Lia’s family decided to send her on her own to England in 1939, where she has lived ever since.

After the war, Lia discovered that her family had all tragically died at Auschwitz. Historians estimate that around 11 million people died in the Holocaust. This figure includes 6 million Jewish people and other groups such as Russians, Poles and Gypsies as well as disabled and mentally-ill people.

Lia spent the morning talking about her experiences and answering the many questions that we had. She was nothing but thankful for what had happened to her and repeated that she was very lucky.

Lia had a remarkable story to tell and we are thankful she could find the time to share it with us. Thank you Lia.


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