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The Orange Cat.

There was once a CAT who was bright ORANGE, he lived in a BATH just down my street.
For some reason the cats three legs were SEPERATED from it’s body!But one day the cat strolled down my street but the had four legs. The cat was a different colour though this time… It was MYSTERIOUSLY purple! Then I found out it was not really a cat, but a hipo from another diamention! I thought I was imagining it so I ignored it for a few days…
Three days later, the cat was orange again.I suddenly woke up!Was it a dream or wasn’t it?

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The Mysterious Car…

‘SCREECH CRASH BANG’!…The car stopped suddenly… There had been a terrible accident. I looked out of my bedroom window and saw a young, helpless man lying on the rock hard concrete.From what I could see he was not breathing at all, just lying there, DEAD! Finally the police and ambulance arrived.. When the police viewed the smashed up car, there seemed to be no person inside, but what they did find was his wallet under the seat, a smashed up phone on the dashboard and his passport in the glove compartment.The police identified the man and found out where he lived and what his background was. Not only that, but they had also dicovered that the man that was lying dead on the floor had lost controll, crashed into a lampost and went through the windscreen!

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In 1933 the Jewish population stood over nine million in Europe.Jews lived in conturies that Nazi Germany would occupy during World War Two.By 1945 the Germans killed nearly two out of three European Jews.As the Germans spread across Europe they went on to kill millions of other victims.Some prisoners died of starvation, neglect and disease.From the earliest years of the Nazis they persecuted homosexuals and others that did not match their social norms.Some of the Polish and soviate prisoner of war worked for the Nazis.The German S.S murdered more than one million Jewish men, women and children in whats known as extermination camps.The concentration camps consisted of the men were seperated from the women and children.They rounded all the prisoners up and told them they were heading to the shower;little did they know where they were realy going.They were stripped off and marched into a ware house type of building where they were gased in their thousands by poisonous gas called cynide.

Hitler transported the Jews like animals by rail to the concentration camps(death camps)Some did not even survive the journey due to the cramped conditions and lack of food and water, some even suffocated due to the overcrowded conditions.Some prisoners who survived were shot, and left in shallow graves.Hitlers men were under orders to kill all Jews.Adolf Hitler was a famous during the holocaust due to his deviouse peronality and cold blooded nature, and put many people through pain and misery, he was feared by MOST!

In 1909 Hitlers talent as an artist surfaced, he even did so well he was accepted in to a university.He agreed with his father to go to a new school and do a course in drawing, but did not do as well in his new school.

Adolf suffered from lung infections and had to quit his school at the age of sixteen.Another reason was because his work was so poor.Hitlers dad also suffered from lung diseases and died from the fatal infection.His mother had fatal breast cancer and was treated by a Jewish doctor and served the poor people in the war.
A day before their suicide, Hitler and Eva Braun married in front of a civil servant in a cramped map room without a religious service or blessing ceremony. This was due to the difficulty of finding an official who could conduct the marriage legally. The problem was solved by Goebbels, who knew of a registrar named Walter Wagner who was fighting with the depleted Volkssturm.

Adolf Hitler on the 30th of April 1945 committed suicide by gunshot, his wife commited suicice by ingesting cynide.Their remains were carried up the staris through the bunkers, dosed in petrol and set alight.There are different accounts of the death of hitler, one that he died of poison only, and another that he died by a self inflicted gunshot by biting down on a cynide capsual.There was a scull found with gunshot wounds, which when on examination was found to be a fourty year old woman and not Hitler as some thought.

My views on Hitler is that he was a extremly evil man, who tried to wipe out the whole race of human beings, in doing so he killed and tourted millions of men, women and children.

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The Magic Piano.

The one morning when I got up I went downstairs to see a grand piano sitting in the middle of my frontroom.I started to wonder why it was there nd certainly how on earth it got in my house!Suddenly the black keys started to play high pitch music as if it was trying to tell me something.A few seconds later the music dramatically changed from high to really low like a base guitar, I started to panic but I don’t know what came over me but the music made me panic and I finally fainted with fright.But then I woke up in…

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