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What’s behind me ?

  One sunny evening I was in my back garden practicing my songs  for my school play when my number one mom called me.

I turned round and  ran to go and investigate but as I got closer I realised that someone or something was behind ! The thing casted a  shadow over me  – my heart skipped a beat!!!Slowly and carefully ,nervous and curious I started so turn round …

 In front of me , a   strange,  green  creature spoke evilly “Take her away .”All of a sudden some birds swooped down and before I knew it I was flying through the air !

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A Magnificent Journey to Space …….. By Grace and Lucy.

Sunday night Freddie was snuggled up in his cosy bed … When suddenly he had a magnificent dream. WOOSH! He was in a shiny, glistening rocket, rapidly zooming up into breathtaking space. All of a sudden, he noticed a cheese-like ball! He gasped in amazement.


As he descended deeper into the mysterious world, his mind told him to pull over and investigate…. BEEP! BEEP! The Rocket pulled over onto the bumpy surface. Anxiously he floated over and gracefully sat in the crater. A small, short, blue  creature slowly waddled over to him.


“Greetings my friend!”  He stuttered.


“HUU!” Freddie gasped.



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Chocolate Dream…!

Do you like chocolate? If so, read on…


As our purple Fiat 500 pulled up outside the magnificent chocolate shop – named ‘Chocolate For You’ – my ever-gazing eyes scrutinized the brown chocolate behind the double-glazed window. Although they didn’t have white-chocolate (my favourite!), I still didn’t mind eating some milk-chocolate. Despite not being allowed it for a week because of my bad behaviour, I still dared to ask my parents if I could eat some chocolate.

“NO!” they answered firmly.

My wonderful dream was because of this fabulous day. I, Willy Wonka, opened the biggest chocolate factory in the world!


Lucy S,




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Which Way Should I Go?

One cold ,damp Wednesday I set off to my best friends house who was named Rose.To get to her house I had to go through the forest -I don’t like forests. Her house was lovely.As I took my first steep in the spooky forest I thought to my self ,who is there-what is there.Suddenly I heard a noise!My heart skipped a beat but nothing was there.Then I noticed some stairs they were all jaggedly, brown and dirty !In the corner of my eye I spotted some more stairs .OH know which way should I go ?


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The Camping Trip

One cold  ,dull day me and my mom and dad ,Rose and Bob,went out camping . We follow the map all the way there but when we went left  we were in a forest! All of a Sudden, I started to panic I didn’t know what to do or where we were. We were lost. 

Twiggy tree arms reach out towards our small silver car. Every where I looked I could see arms trying to clasp hold of our car . The tall,gigantic trees were just like giants towering over us .
.Suddenly the car stopped …My heart skipped a beat!
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An Ordinary Day

“Morning!” Someone shouted joyfully as they were going down the carpeted stairs. A young flame haired girl skipped along the cold wooden floor towards where I was standing.I sprang to my feet and rushed strait to her.She looked so excited to see me but I was even more excited to see her , I loved her!Slowly she strolled over to a small cupboard where she got a cake for her and some special chocolate for me.I’m not aloud to have normally chocolate.It was so delicious I ate it all up ,even the crumbs.Then the girl opened the bright red door which led outside , as fast as a cheater  I ran outside to get some fresh air .The girl,named Emily, scooped up her brown leather bag and walked happily out.We got into a small smart car where Emily drove to work.
When we got there ,which only toke 10 mimuets ,we climbed out and walked to the door.Carefully she opened the door which led inside the chocolate factory where she worked and we strolled in.Then she said to me,” You stay there in my office and play with your toys while I go and see my Boss!”Gently I rummaged around a transparent ,plastic box to my lovely cuddly teddy bear.I love my teddy as it is so soft ,guess what?She even has a name! It is Rose as she smells lovely. I kept having a smell of bacon drift up my nose so I decided to find out where it came from.
Sniff sniff I followed my nose to a large room where people where eating,on the front of the door said ‘canteen’.Nervously I tiptoed in as I didn’t know what I would find! In the corner of my eye I saw someone eating bacon so I rushed strait over to them. Mischievously, I jumped up to the bacon sandwich and snatched it out of his big  hands!”OH NO SHE HAS STOLEN MY SANDWICH !”He shouted.
Then I heard, “LILLY GET HERE NOW!”
Nervous and worried ,scared and anxious I shot round to see who it was! It was Emily ……..Angrily she stomped over to where I was then I thought to my self I think I have done something wrong .She kept shouting at me but I didn’t understand what she was saying suddenly she picked me up and took me outside. Even though I had been naughty ,she took me to the park for 15 minuets them we walked back to the factory.
When we got back she locked me in the office so that she knew where I was and that I wouldn’t escape.
After a couple of hours she came in to the office and we walked back to our black smart car. Eventually we got back to our warm cosy home where Emily put on the fire and then we had a cuddle on the sofa while watching tv.And that’s why I love being a dog!


The Holocaust

The holocaust started in 1939 Hitler wanted to get ride of jews,gypsies and black people as he wanted ever one to be a German.If the people were strong they would keep them in a consentration camp to work,the people would get starved to death ,they had to work 10 to 14 hour ever day .Other people would gas strait away.Some babies and small children were saved by a man called Nicholas Winton.He created a train to take children to places in the world so that they would be safe . Lia Lesser was one of the people saved  by the man but sadly the rest of  her family got killed.I feel so sorry for lia and am happy she had surrvived!

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The Caravan

I  was just  about to step out of my white caravan and a shiver went down my spine.wow!Jack Frost had been, the last time I  looked all I could see was green lush grass .It looked so beautiful!I went inside to collect my coat,which was purple and warm,as it was frezing.I also got my heavy camera.My mum said why was I running  I didnt say any think at all I just wanted to do was take an amazing photo .Then everyone started to come  out of their caravan to see the stunning site!

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The Piano

I sadly sat in my room playing the piano.I had the worst day of my life,I had fallen out with my best friend.By this time I was so angry with myself with what I had done!All the notes from the piano were going straight through me.A shiver went down my back thinking  what would happen the next day. What shall I say? My mind was going crazy all different thoughts were runing around my head!That night I couldn’t get to sleep I had terrible night mares.I wish I could rewind the whole day!

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The Old Lady!

There was an old lady from Spain,

Who had an obsession with rain,

She played in a puddle,

And got in a muddle,

And swam all the way back to Spain.

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New Years Eve

Every one had their party poppers at the ready for the magnificent New Year’s Day. We all counted down … 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. Boom! Bang! Vigorously I pulled my party popper as the fireworks started to explode and Big Ben began to loudly chime.  It was a new start for all of us. All of our amazed eyes were glued to the colourful TV screen; it was such an awe-inspiring sight. While the fantastic fire works were flying into the smoke filled sky, the vast choir of people started to sing their Christmas carols joyfully, like kind, gentle angels in heaven.

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The Mysterious Box!!!!

As I walked into my room,which was full of christmas decorations,there was a presest under my small christmas tree.It was grey and had a floresent coloured ribbon which wrapped around th box.It stared at me as if I had done somethink wrong.The size of the box was medium,not to big not to small.Quitley the mysterious box lay on the cream carpeted flooring protecting the roon just like a body gaurd would.The only thing is that I wish is that is was for me!

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