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Mystery Cat

The mysterious orange cat appeared, he had seen him before. He looked at him like he was watching him. He decided to follow the cat find out where he came from. He trailed behind the cat over tall fences, under prickly bushes and through alley ways. He came to a busy main road. The cat weaved through the traffic to the other side he tried to follow but an enormous lorry came zooming by. He looked again the cat was gone. While he was running his bath, he glanced out of the window to see the cat staring  at him.

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Road Trip

I was travelling quickly through the fields in the countryside. I was driving my car. It was a glinting, spectacular car with leather, smooth seats.  The outside was black with golden thunder streaks (inside, however, it had a glistening dashboard). While driving over the empty roads, I skidded as a result of me thinking how fortunate I was to have this amazing car. This car is so unimaginably perfect I become excited whenever I step into it .While cruising I begin to hear a strange noise, a peculiar noise. But then it begins to shudder and shake it stops suddenly.

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A dream come true

Brad is fifteen and is playing for his local team Stourbridge Football Club. He is the greatest footballer in the whole of the squad. However, he has still not been scouted by any of the big teams; his team mates could not understand it.

‘Don’t worry, Brad, you will get the chance in tomorrow’s tournament’, exclaimed his friend, Tyler. When the day arrived, Brad meandered onto the pitch while gazing at the pitch side spectators wondering if today would be the day. The tournament came to a close with Stourbridge winning 3-2. As he left the pitch he was pounced upon by a scout, he introduced himself as Neil from West Bromwich Youth Squad, ‘Please sign for us’,  he begged eagerly.

Brad was amazed and really excited with the thought of playing for his new team. His team mates from Stourbridge were thrilled. They thought he deserved it and despite the loss of their best player, they knew that he would get on great with his new team mates. Much to Brad’s delight Tyler was also asked to join the team although he was nervous it helped to know his best friend was there.

The first day at training arrived Tyler had spoken to Brad and has calmed his nerves, however, Brad still thought his team mates wouldn’t like him. He was wrong. His team mates loved him and asked the manager if he could play. After a few days, Brad got a telephone call from the manager. He was in the team.

Brad had a fantastic season at West Bromwich lots of big teams were showing an interest in him, but in Brad’s heart he had only ever wanted to play for one team.  Brad had always wanted to play for his beloved Manchester United; he knew if he went there he would never leave. Finally the phone call that Brad has been waiting for comes; he is offered a transfer to Manchester United. Brad cannot wait to go but first he has to say goodbye to his best friend Tyler, they promise to stay in touch.

Brad is walking through the Manchester united tunnel he knows it will be the last time. He is startled by the crowd chanting and calling his name. ‘Brad, Brad, Brad’. The anticipation is burning through him and the excitement in the air makes him shiver. The team around him tell him how good a footballer he really was.  He takes a deep breath holds the hand of the little boy, he sees his excitement and energy and remembers it all like yesterday. Brad steps out onto the green grass the noise is deafening .As Brad turns his head the flickering and flashing of the cameras light up the stadium, he smiles, waves and feels proud that he is 87 and is leading his beloved club out for the FA Cup Final. Brad leaves the pitch and walks slowly to his seat, he smiles at the old man next to him, ‘hello Tyler’

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A holiday at christmas time

I am on holiday.Its christmas eve and still no snow,I am running around on the luxourious lush green grass on the caravan site.I was playing football but I soon went inside ;it was starting to get cold. I gazed out the shimering glass window,it still was not snowing. I thought that I should go to bed,so I lifted up my duvet which was as heavy as a brick.It wasn’t long before I  fell  asleep…Suddenly I  wake and jump out of my cosy bed,slowly I looked  out of the glimmering window.Still no snow but the most spectacular frost twinkled on the ground.

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