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The orange cat

One sunny day there was a cat but it was an orange cat ,one day he was playing with friends when they went to play with someone ells but he would not let orange cat play with him they said ”go and hath a bath”  and some of his friends joined in. after school he went home and looked in the miroar and said I do need a bath so he went into the bath but was no use at all then he was seperated from the bath . The next day he went to school and his friend was there saing ”hath a bath” the orange cat said ”no!” ” I will not go and hath a bath all becuse I am a difrent couler do not meen I am difrent to you”.

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The mysterious stair ways

As I walked through the looming forest I came across two stair ways. The one on the left looked like it was build one hundred years ago and had trees that looked like they were reaching for me. It smelt cheesy and rats were living in it that carried diseases. The steps on the right  looked like they were too big to be man made, it led up to a bunch of trees that made a tunnel that led into the darkness . But it smelt like lamb blood and human but I was determined to find out what is in there …

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The brake down

It  started when me,dad and my dog buffy girl was driving through the liquorish black, mysterious forrest I looked out the window I saw something, it was there for a second but then it was gone. It had long arm and a short arm it had sharp and pointy curved comeing out of it head and spikes on its back. ”Da…” then I stopped I thought he would think it would not be real ”yes son”dad said ” nothing” I  replied, ”woaf” the dog barked then the car stopped…Then I saw it was again the long arm and short arm creature. The spikes comeing out of its back. The monster standing infront of the car…

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The howling starts chapter 1…

The gift was earned not given, but some were born with the gift. The kid across the road is Jim’s best friend, his name is Bob he is tall for his age, his skin is tanned and he wears his brown hair in a spikey style. The two best friends shared their secrets.

One bright morning Jim woke up and rapidly ran down stairs, his mom called ”is that you Jim?”. ”Yes” replied Jim. ”What are you doing?” she asked.  ”I am just getting ready for school” Jim answered.

Jim walked to the end of his front garden his best friend was waiting for him. Bob glared for a second then calmly said ”do you want to walk with me?”. ”Yes but you say that all the time” replied Jim. ”Oh yes sorry” answered Bob. ‘You say sorry all the time as well!” yelled Jim. “Ok I will try to stop saying it all of the time” murmured  Bob. As they walked down the road they saw three people sitting on a wall they were wearing raged clothes, one had no shoe and another had no eye. ”What day is it? ” he called ”its Friday” Jim called back nervelessly ”ok” he called . The three men talked about getting in for the night Jim was concerned about why the men were talking about getting  in for the night .” Come on Jim” Bob called. Bob was almost around the corner that was twenty minutes up the road but Bob was there in two minutes. When Jim was finally there ”how did you get up here so quick? ” Jim said whilst taking deep breath’s. ” Its really easy ” boasted Bob.

When Jim and Bob was at school Bob was boasting about how he got to the top of the hill first to four people in his class. Jim said “it was not a race”. The four people believed it was a race and one said yes it was a race. The tension was building between the four people and Jim. Bob could sensed that Jim was feeling uncomfortable and that it was his doing so he admitted that it was not a race and he was only joking. “I am really sorry Jim, I got carried away with what I was saying, I did not mean to upset you” apologised Bob. Jim did not answer he just kept thinking how could Bob get ahead so quickly from those men.

The boys walked to their classroom where register was taken followed by literacy. Both boys were deep in thought about the events of the morning, when the teacher’s voice interrupted their thoughts saying ” Year 6 it is time to change for PE”. The classroom filled with noise of children getting up  from their chairs, chatting and collecting their PE kits to change. In the school gym it was time for basketball which was Jim and Bob’s favourite game. The game started and within minutes Bob had scored 10 baskets, Jim was amazed at how fast Bob was and how high he could jump, leaping ito the air as high as the baseball net.

To be continued…
















The Holocaust

The Holocaust started when a person called  Adolf Hitler wanted to make a super world so he put posters up about Jews but he said horrible things. The Jews were tricked  by the Nazis saying things like you will live in a better place the Jews came along calmly. The Jews were escorted by train to concentration camps which were actually a horrible place. The Jews were put in ghettos most Jews share beds some times there would be three in a bed . The Nazis took all of the Jews valuables , they  took gold teeth ,   fillings, rings , spectacles,and their dignity .  They were tortured and executed . This sort of treatment is called genocide.

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kiah 25-01-2013 home work

At the weekend me and my family stayed in a caravan, the rain was so heavy it was running down the inside of the caravan door.

In the I looked out of the caravan window and the green trees and fields were covered in a very thick frost.

My family were all disapointed that the rain had spoilt the weekend, the frost had also frozen the washing on the washing line, it made the washing very heavy.

We saw a man running in a green t-shirt we thought he was mad because the frost was so heavy on the ground and very cold.

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The Grand Piano

The piano makes people happy and joyful. The people say it the most it sounds like a black  bird singing in its nest.But the old grand piano suddenly stopped . The people  were confused they waited for days cold and tiered, hungry and bored they walked to there home as soon as they got to there doors .The music started again but it was not the same it was like the piano but a allot better when all of the people went to looked it was a man. The man was wearing red with gold strips the people wondered who he was he said I’m the piano.

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