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Summers Day

As I looked out of the window I saw the sun, like a massive light bulb hanging in the tranquil blue sky: it was summer.As quick as lightning I energetically rushed outside, grabbed an ice cream and relaxed on my comfy deck chair. The smell of smoke filled my nostrils from next doors barbeque, whilst birds swooped down and pinched my ice cream!”Hey!”I shouted, but obviously they couldn’t understand me, therefore they carried on until they were just a spot disappearing into the sun.Slowlybut surely candy floss clouds drifted across the sky.The tune of the wind swayed the trees sending me peacefully to sleep…


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A Picnic on the Moon!

5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BLAST OFF! Scared but excited I shot into the sky blasting through the atmosphere and heading for the moon.

I, Jonathon Debbleken had been chosen out of everyone in the world to go on a mission to the Moon alone. Millions of people had wanted to do it but I had been the lucky one.

When I got there I saw an alien standing outside my rocket! “Do you want a picnic.” He asked, “I’ve got food.” I stood there in bewilderment. “Are you a – a- an Alien”, I spluttered as I sat down. He didn’t answer but in the end I had a picnic with him!

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The Volcano and the Easter Bunny.


Doctor Easter Bunny hopped majestically towards his mountain of chocolate: he had been saving it all year. Looking at all that chocolate, he furiously started to dig through the immense mountain. However his fluffy head glanced off rock! As quick as lightning he viciously scraped all the chocolate off the rock and an enormous volcano stood before him guarding his underground lair…

“Yeeeeeepeeeee!”  He shouted excitedly as he sprinted up the volcano. When he got to the top he energetically dived into volcano full melted chocolate. But then he realised it was a bad idea because he was drowning!!!!!

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The Ghostly Cat

After a long tiring day at school I slowly ambled home.When I finally reached my ordinary house I made my way upstairs to the bath and ran the water.Unexpectedelly a mysterious orange cat stared at me motionleslly outside the unopend window.But the thing that was most eerie was it was my old cat, or my old dead cat should I say.I was going to go downstairs when the door didn’t open!I slammed myself against the the wooden door , but it wouldn’t budge.Sweat trickled down my forehead, like rain dripping of a window pane.As I looked to my right I spotted the cat seperating it’s paws and leaping straight for me…

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Which Way should I go?

Today me, Mom and Dad are going walking through the woods. So we filled our water bottles and packed a picnic, then set of in the car.Once we’d arrived we stepped outside the car and pondered about which route we should take around we should take around the woods.A few minutes later we energetically strolled into the benign woods, or thats what we thought, while a cocophony of tweeting echoed in our ears…

After miles of walking we started to get hungry, therefore I went to look for a picnic spot.I went walking and walking until I was completely lost.But when I turned rouned I saw two pathways: I was surely lost so which way should I go?…

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The Oblivion.

Me, Mom and Dad are going to Alton Towers today!Even though I was tired, I still ecstatically jumped into the packed car.Gradurely the car started up and we headed striaght for Alton Towers.Slowly but surely I drifted to sleep…

“Jack, Jack wake up!”my Mom shouted,”We’re here here!”With one sudden Jerk upwards I woke, finding myself gazing out at many terrifing rolo-coasters.Which one first?

After Ghost trains, rolo-coasters and arcades we finally reached The Oblivion!Possibly the most frightening ride stood before us scrutenizing Alton Towers like a guard.

When we finally reached the top and hung over, the cart stopped suddenlly…

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The Time travelling Machine Part 1

Earth, the year 8002.

Nervously, Jacob stepped outside and a boiling hot blaze of light shone upon him.  It was the cruel deadly sun that turned this planet, earth, into a dusty barren landscape.  People say it used be beautiful wth things called plants and animals that lived like we do.  Now all that has gone.  Scientists have discovered that earth only has 13 days till the ozone-layer is fully destroyed, therefore, we need to prepare for the longest journey humanity has ever travelled… 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! 0! The truly immense shuttle blasted out from under the crumbling earth with people from Jacob’s town inside and shot into the sky towards Mars at the speed of sound.  That gave Jacob the idea of a time traveling machine…

After many years of failed attempts to make a time machine on Mars, finally, Dr Jacob Einstein made the Time Traveller 101.  This machine has 51 buttons, 13 rockets and runs on ozone-essence (a gas that creates the ozone-layer).  But he won’t use it now, he’s got to wait for the right time.  Lately on Mars there has been strange rumbling from underground.  Suddenly, the ground started crumbling. BOOM!Crash! With one gigantic explosion, shock waves destroyed cosy houses and innocent people while the underground became the over ground…

After many years of failed attempts to make a time machine, finally, Dr Jacob Einstein made the Time Traveller 101.  This machine has 51 buttons, 13 rockets and runs on ozone-essence (a gas that creates the o-zone layer).  But he won’t use it now, he’s got to wait for the right time.  Lately on Mars there has been strange rumbling from underground.  Suddenly, the ground started crumbling. BOOM!Crash! With one gigantic explosion, shock waves destroyed cosy houses and innocent people while the underground became the over ground…

Ecstatic but nervous, scared and excited, he climbed into the titanium mechanism.  Beep!  Beep!  He set the machine for the year 5001: the year a quarter of the o-zonelayer was destroyed. He wanted to go back and save the o-zone layer and then they wouldn’t even move to Mars.  Vroom!    Somethings wrong!  Everything looks upside down.  Oh no!  He spinning and spinning fast.  What should he do – calm down, stop the machine or press the self destruct button?  …

Scrape!  Crash!  Bang!  The machine had crash landed!  he stepped outside.  Where am I?  He thought.  When am I? It was definately earth: he could tell by the climate.  But when he looked the time setter it said 5001 BC!To make matters worse he was out of fuel.  There were prehistoric creatures everywhere like dodo birds and pterydactyls, in fact he couldn’t see a single human in sight.There were Palm trees and spiky Cacti everywhere with large insects crawling up them.  Should Jacob stay and explore or try and find fuel to get back to Mars?…

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The Holacaust

In 1933 Hitler won the German election and wanted take his revenge on England  after World war 1, so he started to make weapons. Sudutenland ( a little strip of land south of Germany that the English took at the end of world war 1 ) started to be invaded by Hitler and his army.Hitler hated Jews and unfortunately there were millions of them living in Suduten land, Lea Lisa was one of these Jews.He started to set up concentration camps in Germany, Poland, Suduten land and Denmark.Concentration camps are where people are taken to a camp and get  punished and treated horribly just because they’re different.Obviously England didn’t like this, so they declared war on Germany.If Lea Lisa would of stayed in Suduten Land she would’ve gone to a Concentration camp and probably never came back, therefore she had to move to England.The person who organised the children being sent to England was called Nicolas Wintonshire, who is now over 100.When she arrived in England she was taken into foster care by some lovely people.At this point she was only 7 or 8.Eventually when the war finished she was told that all her family had been killed at concentration camp.But now she has Grandkids of her own.I think we were very lucky to have a person come into our school who has experienced what it was like.

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Josh’s riddles.

Here are a few riddles :

1 It can’t be seen, can’ t  be felt, can’ t be heard, can’t be smelt.It lies behind stars and under hills, and empty holes it fills.It comes first and follows after, ends life kills laughter.

2 Voiceless it cries, wingless it flutters, toothless it bites, motionless it mutters.

3 What  has roots that nobody ever sees, is taller than trees up, up it goes and never grows.

4 What is put on a table cut but never eaten.

5 It ends laughter.

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A frosty holiday.

I’m so excited!Tomorrow I’m going to my caravan in Cornwall . My bag is nearly packed and I’m ready to go.Slowly I dragged my heavy bag into the car, that’s jam packed with all our stuff.Off drove our car, picking up its pace and making it’s way towards Cornwall…When we finally arrived at the caravan site we stepped out of the car to meet an icy breeze.  a frosty blanket covered the old, green, lush grass that made the campsite feel like you are in the countryside.  Running from the car, I flung open the door and entered our cosy caravan.

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The Piano

Tomorrow I’m going yo see a professional piano player at the theatre. I’m so ecstatic to go and see his fingers moving immeasurably quick to create a wonderful sound.I was so excited…

The next day I woke up and headed for the grand performance.Once at the stadium the playing started.It was peaceful, calm and everything was silent apart from the beautiful music.The notes from the piano  were like a sacred language of the Greek gods.When the performance had finished someone asked me if I liked it.I replied.It’s the best show I’ve ever seen and always will be.

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There was an old man

There was an old man from Wales,

Who loved eating slippery snails,

He swallowed the shell,

And made a smell,

And then went back to Wales!


by Joseph and Josh

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Moving to Mars

It is time. Antarctica is nothing. Polar bears are extinct. The o-zone layer will soon be destroyed. Moving to Mars is the only option. Scientist  have discovered the earth has only 13 days to live so we need to prepare for the longest journey humanity has ever travelled…The day is here I’ve packed my bags for Mars. I can see trillions of people making there way up to the immeasurable spaceship that will take us to our new planet that we will soon call home. I’m now boarding my flight that will take 6months…We’ve finally finished our journey and  this is a new start for all of us.

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The Christmas Present.

There it is the mysterious present waiting to be opened.No one  has said who  it’s for.It’s just too tempting to undo the ruby red ribbon.But it’s not for me.Or is it?For so many days it’s been standing underneath my  extravaganza of a  Christmas tree.Luckily it is Christmas Eve so I’ll find out who it’s for tomorrow…It’s Christmas!I didn’t have time to tell  Mom and dad.Ecstatic and excited, shocked and curious I merrily galloped  downstairs.A mountain of presents awaited me.I searched everywhere but the box had gone.


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The Time Traveling Machine

Everything’s ready.I’ve checked and checked agian.I’ve done calculation, after calculation, after calculation.If this goes how I think it will I could be the best scientist the world will ever know.As red as  a ruby the Time Traveler 101 stood proudly ready for the inexplicable challenge.Ecstatic but nervous, scared and excited I climbed into the titanium mechanism.Some people have tried to create this amazing vehicle; others have been baffled by the am0unt of confusing calculations.Beep!Beep!I set the machine for 1666: the great fire of London.Vroooooooom!Something’s wrong.Everything looks upside down.Oh no!I’m spinning and spinning fast.Wich button?What shall I do?How do I stop?Will this work?Helllllllpppppp!

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Joshua’s Letter to Atrus

Class 6T

Belle Vue Primary School

Lawnswood Road


Monday 17th September

Dear Atrus,

I am very grateful for your information. It helped us discover what was going on, although it took us a huge amount of time to realise what was happening. Anyway I am writing to you to find out more about your books and amazing magic.

Your intriguing magic is beyond my imagination without mentioning these incredible books of yours (you must have amazing magic to accomplish such a feat as creating new worlds!)Is it the crystal on your desk, that’s as red as a ruby; is that the source of your magic? Despite your books, why did your sons abandon you and where are they now? In addition, I think it could be your sons sneaking into your room.

I still have many more questions but it would be much easier if we could see you in person and talk over it. We would relish seeing a wizard!

 Your faithful servant,



P.S.I think we’re free on Tuesday…

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