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Jayden’S 100wc

I became lost. Lost in a MYSTERIOUS  house. Not just an ordinary house, a house full of ORANGE CATS. 1 stood infront of me. meowing, scracthting  the floor and making strange noises. bang!

Suddenly a i heard a loud bang. The bang came from upstairs from the bathroom. I graddually made my way upstairs. squuek! went the door as i opened it. meow! meow! Cats raided the bath, SEPERATING  the soap from the bath. I was no longer scared such as the cats were there. After all I did like orange cats but their were lots of them

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the magical box

In the distance there lay a mysterious box. Shall i walk closer or should i stay back? what could be inside tresure, diamonds or even rubys. i must enclose on the box. i must see what is inside of it. but what if it bites. I slowly walk towards it. I can even smell something that smells like magic. I can fell exitement bubbling inside of my mouth. I can see it lying there under the christmas tree. Is it what i have thought it was this whole time or is it a completily different thing. I must find out. But i cant… Or…

I slowly opened the coloured box. Bang. A mysterious island landed before me. Mini creatures, mini people even mini houses. Once i had seen the island my heart stopped beating as rapidly as before. The box began to grow as silence grew in the room. It became that big i could fit inside of it. Once i had entered inside of the box the people around me were the same size as me and the creatures and even the houses.

“Hello” A weird man appeared out of the dark with a wooden stick as a leg and scragged clothes on. I did not reply to what the strange man said to me. He nodded his head to say follow me. I followed him. We walked into a bright room with many lights in. I suddenly had changed clothes. I suddenly changed shoes. My clothes were as scragged and wrecked as his. I did not say anything. Smack! Crash! “What was that?” I finally said. “Oh thats just the animals screeching.

We had left the mysterious house. As we left the house I looked behind me to see that animals were looking at me. Anyway we walked away. We strolled down the street and a magical fountain was infront of me. The man allowed me to sit down on a choclate like bench where many birds sat on top of the bench. T he man slowly faded like a ghostly shadow. Big noises were heard in my eardrum Bang! ! I looked up the sky began to darken and there was no birds flying in the air. I found a majestic button which happened to be red and said aler on top of it. I closed my eyes and smashed the button until it made a weird noise. bang. It  had only made a silent noise. The sky became light again. I said to myself i must be dreaming. I must not be I can move and I can speak. This was the best world ever. The man came back in the click of a finger. I looked up once more to see a giant hand floating above me.

“GET DOWN!” said the old man. Everyone screamed and ran around into houses. Crash! I could not move and the hand was still there. I had been dragged out of the box by a giant hand. It was a dream.

The Holocaust by jayden.

When the second world war began, it was called the night of broken glass. The germans were leaded by a horrible man called Hitler. Hitler wanted the world to be perfect so he decided to kill all the jews, black people and some gypses for no reason.

When the war first started, many people were afraid of this. People were sent to concentration camps and ghettos. Hitler told all of his rebbles to search and find these people. When they found the jews, they said that they would take them to a better place, but instead they took them to concentration camps. In the concentration camps, they had hardly and food, clothes and even no drinks. This world war was to be tragic to many people that were killed in the war. Some people survived the war and were sent back to safe places such as The United Kingdom or The United States. It was a very hard decision for the parents of children and babies because the parents had to send them to other countries. Sadly some of the parents died after the children were sent to different places. This war lasted from 193p to 1945. Some people are still alive today.

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jayden 100wc

I could’nt wait for our family holiday in the new caravan. With my mom,dad and my sister there was no way I would get bored or annoyed. We were heading to Cornwall for a lovely week away and lots of fun. The land where cornwall is was in some parts frost and some parts green grass. We finnaly got there and it was the best place for camping and it was next to the coast. My dad said we need to make a warm, cosy fire so me and my dad were running through the heavy,icy frost and grass.

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Piano by Jayden

The notes from the piano echo through mind as my imagination runs wild with every soft note, It takes me back to when i was young and the notes from my grandmother’s piano were as soft as this one. My fellings are somehow happy but somehow mind blowing. It is like a dream because i am surrounded by happy notes. In my mind sadness is nowhere to be seen but joy and happieness is all around my mind. The keys from the piano smile and grin at me whilst i continually play them. The sound even comforts me as i play them.

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