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The Day We Lost Our Supper

The Day We Lost Our Supper

One peaceful summer’s morning at the crack of dawn, we set off on our fishing trip. We arrived at the pool and found the perfect spot to settle down for the day. Removing the lid off the container ” Oh Yuck”, the way they wriggle about.
Reaching in I grabbed one maggot, carefully placing it on the sharp, pointed hook.

“Grandad am I ever going to catch some fish?” Just then a sharp tug pulled on my rod. “It was a fish” I shouted. Slowly pulling out the fish, suddenly a bird swopped down and ate my fish.

” No supper tonight grandad”……..

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The old fluffy cat

There was an ORANGE CAT
MYSTERIOUS, fluffy and fat
Curious and nice, who loved eating mice.

He slept, on the door mat
He lay, on the BATH mat
He played with he’s toy called Splat.

Pat, was a bat: who was friends with the cat
SEPARATED from he’s mom, he had no idea where she had gone.

So many years had passed, without knowing where she had dashed
Until today, he passed by a fluffy, old orange cat
He meowed to the cat “Are you my dear mom?”
“Yes” she replied “It’s taken me a while, I’ll stay by your side”.

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Which way shall I go

Gazing up at the never ending steps wondering, pondering, not knowing which way to go. “Shall I go left or shall I go right?” Looking closely around me, the inviting forest was echoing with the sound of cerping birds. The breeze was softly swaying the trees. The warm and soft, yet calming and relaxing sunshine was shinning through the trees.

Suddenly, the birds stopped, SILENCE! Out of the tree’s they flew like darts to a dart board. The floor trembled, running up the steps I hid myself beneath the trees and bushes. Something, someone big was coming! CLOSER,CLOSER UNTIL…

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Deep within the forest

It was a cold winter’s night in December, deep in the middle of the spooky forest. The weather made visability almost impossible to see, thick mist hung low between the trees finding it difficult to see. I removed my compass from my inner jacket pocket, somehow the compass seemed to be inaccurate. I could not rely on this it was giving me irregular readings.

Around me were noises echoing from different directions. Moving as fast as I could my legs began to ache. Finally, having reached the roadside a beam of light glared at me and the car stopped suddenly

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The Magical Box

The Magical Box

As I stepped into the room, the enormous Christmas tree had many presents beneath it. One caught my eye, it was black, square and dull, looking very ordinary but somehow the pink glistening bow made me want to open it.” I wonder what’s inside” My hands slowly but surely took hold of the box it was as light as a feather. “Now I’m very confused” Is this a joke, is there anything inside? Pulling the nicely rapped bow of the box, moving my hands to the lid through the four corners the brightest, magical silver light glistened- WOW IT’S MAGIC…

WHUSH,WHUSH,POP I was sucked into the box like water running through a tap. My body became squashed and crushed so tightly I gasped for breath. Gradually, something amazing was happening all I could see in the horizon, was a mysterious island surrounded my heavy and thick, but in the same sense soft and fluffy mist. Eventhough deep down I felt scared somehow I knew that I was in no danger.

Furthermore my body was gliding and twisting, swaying and swerving beyond belief, through mountains big and small below. Despite being pullled back and now slowing down “What was pulling me back” ?

OH NO! all around me creatures enclosed determined to be brave I managed to land on my feet.” Where am I, What do they want”? It was apparent to me that they were not going to harm me in any way. Nevertheless, they gathered round me as if I were imprisoned, through the middle of the crowd a path began to part. My name “Jake” was being called over and over again. “How did they know my name”? There was no explanation, the atmosphere was intense. Making it’s way towards me slowly, limping with a stick and the longest hair I had ever seen trailing behind him (or was it an him) I’m not quite sure. Two hands were held out before me like I was being welcomed to this wonderful curious place.

Dark black clouds appeared above us rain drops fell down the size of golf balls (which believe me was oh so painfull)The winds roared and spun me round like an hurricane. It was suddenly humid, sticky and very intense. The creatures helped me up from the ground they said “don’t be embarrassed let us help you” they persuaded me to climb on one of their backs, carried me over the bridge to a cave that was hidden within a mountain. “Who are you, why did you help me”? The leader replied ” You must have found the magic box to get back home you must think of a rythme, say it slow and say it on time”

My name is Jake,
I live by a lake,
I’ll always remember not to be late.

WHUSH, BANG I was back home in my bed. The bedroom door opened it was mom “Merry Christmas Jake”. I ran downstairs, there was NO BLACK BOX ” Was I really dreaming”? …………..

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The Sliding Caravan

I pulled back the curtains and peered through the steamy window to find the GREEN flowing grass was full of FROST, standing tall like a royal guard on duty. Outside the wind was so strong, the CARAVAN was swaying from side to side. How could the wind do this? surely it was far to HEAVY. Having just struggled next to the fire, when bang, crash bang! What was that? next to us the caravan had somehow broken away from the fittings beneath it. It began to slide down the hillside, people nearby were RUNNING and screaming. Was anyone inside?………

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The Notes From The Piano


High pitch- mouse’s squeak
Low pitch – thunder peaks
Everynote from a key
Vibrates like a buzzing bee.

Velvety, silken, rich and smooth
Gets me in the chocy mood
Light, bright, fly’s like a kite
Let me eat angel delight.

Nightingales flutter
Hunting horns sound
Along come dinosaur footprints
Pound, pound, pound.

Jagged, prickly, sharp and rough
A good way to get me tough
Tranquil, floating faraway place
Palm trees waving, red hot face.

Notes from the piano- sophisticated and gracful
It’s watching, dancing on ice oneabe hopefuls.

Banging, trobbing and very lound
It’s giving me a headache- STOP THE SOUND !

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Happy New Year To All That Know Me

New Years Eve already, where had 2012 gone. With a blink of an eye it was almost over. It was amazing to see all over the world such laughter, joy and friendship to each and everyone. Big Ben struck. DONG, DONG, 12 times, hearing Big Ben strike that first time sent shivers down my spine. HAPPY NEW YEAR! BANG, BANG, fireworks lite up the sky, colourful, magical and even emotional. The stars above seem to disappear in the midnight sky. It was a new start for us all, what was 2013 going to bring us? maybe a win on the lottery, OH and don’t forget SATS in May!…

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The Magical Box

Jake Morris 6T


The Magical Box

As I stepped into the room, the enormous christmas tree had many presents beneath it.  One caught my eye, it was black, square and dull, looking very ordinary but somehow the pink glistening bow made me want to open it. “I wonder what’s inside”. My hands slowly but surely took hold of the box. It was as light as a feather. “Now I’m very confused” Is this a joke, is there anything inside?  Pulling the nicely rapped bow off the box, moving my hands to the lid, through the four corners the brightest, glowing, magical silver light glistened – WOW IT’S MAGIC …..

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Who’s upside Down

Who’s upside Down



Believe it or not Christmas Eve had finally arrived. The excitement of the day ahead was almost here. With anticipation I pulled the bed covers over my head, would I get any presents or not? It seemed forever before I drifted off, or had I? Crackle, crackle, what was that? Slowly but surely I found myself creeping, tip-toeing down the stairs, trembling all over like a jelly. Someone was down there. Without any hesitation I took a deep breath, peered my head round the door. He’s hat was covering hes face.  ” It was him, you know Santa Clause”. He’s face blushed with embarrassment. Without any request I put my head between my legs. “Now you don’t look upside down”


By Jake Morris


Merry Christmas everyone

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