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The Unexpected Ending

There once lived a mysterious cat that was separated from its mother at birth.The cat was once found in an orange bath trying to catch sponges.Well that kitty changed alot and when I say alot I mean alot.One day it was having a casual stroll out in his street when she saw a ninja in black and red,so she decided to talk to it but by the time he got there it disappeared into thin air.The cat became so scared that the ninja would attack him so she hid in a box forevermore and never left it even to eat but that was all my dream.

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The Creature

I ran and ran until I approached a stair case covered with blood that had splattered off victims that triggered the trap doors  that were hiding in the cracked steps.The groaning had started again so I knew that the ugly creature with fearce teeth and claws was near!   “HHHHEEEELLLPPPP!!!!” I cried as the glowing red eyes of the beast were in sight.I had no chose but to run up the crooked , old stairs when…

CRRAAACCKKKK!!! CRUUSSSHHH!!! “AAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!!!”The stair case had swallowed me leavin my legs crushed  and ripped off above me as I plummeted down to a deep,dark pit.Terrified ,worried,helpless.Helpp!!

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spud the alien part 2 :alone forever

As Spud floated across the universe he came across a galaxy named memory lane and memory lane was basically a guilt trip and for Spud bad memories were on his way.First was when he accidently crashed his aircraft onto planet Earth when he met Sebastian then came the second one when his home planet was at war with Earth.The third came next and all those flashbacks lead to the worst of all memory  four the one and only spud truely regetted.Spud saw how he left Eath for the second time and never returned to save Seb as the Earth burned like a hellish world until there was none left to burn.Then was his thought if Sebastian isn’t alive then he must be in heaven so maybe Spud could go and apologise.His idea was mad and there was no way Spud would commit suicide but afterall he couldn’t live with himself after he left Seb to die.So Spuds life was about to end until Sebastians heavenly spirit was sitting behind Spuds seat and Seb called out to Spud saying “The only way we can be together is if you decide to leave your body.”Spud decided to well die but the scariest part of all is that Spud didnt go to heaven because he left Seb to die he went straight to HELL where he payed for his bad deed and Sebastian knew that Spud was going down to HELL to burn just like Sebastian did on Earth so I guess it was just payback!HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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bicycle boy and caravan creep part 2 :the beast from belthazaire

“AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!”screamed caravan creep in a girly voice.The car passing stopped suddenly as the drivers glasses cracked from the screech of caravan creep.”why are you scared?”asked bicycle boy who was thinking of a puffin that could talk.”its, iiittss!!!”caravan creep stuttered then carried on with…”A hacksaw floating around look over there.”Confused and startled worried for creeps health and scared bicycle boy wondered what creep meant by that strange sentence but boy didnt care so he just wandered off minding his own buisness (day dreaming about pigeons with ingrowing toenails.)then as boy realised the hacksaw was real he scuttled back to creep like a beatle but it was too late creep was…



find out in part three


by me  😀 😀 😀

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Belle Vue v Jessons 2nd Round U11 Campbell Cup

The teams starting nine was Alex M a.k.a the flying squirrel, Elliot, Alex H and Callum at the back. Ben, Adam and Mitchell H in midfield and upfront was Alex Sh and Jayden. On the bench was Jack and Daniel R.The goal scorers were Ben who got three, Alex H, Mitchell ,Jayden,Adam and Alex Sh all got one and unfortunately two own goals were scored by Jessons. At the final whistle Elliot scored a screamer from outside of the box to make it 11-2 to BELLE VUE PRIMARY! The man of the match was Mitchell for winning every header in the air against the tallest players. So if you see him give him some praise. Thanks for reading!

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Spud The Alien

Once on planet Brollian there was an alien called Spud. When he was old enough he bought himself flying lessons and managed to afford an aircraft.Spud was so proud  so he decided to take it out for a test drive.WWWWHHHHIIIIZZZZZZZZ!!!! Spud lost control of his craft and flew out of the planet and couldn’t stop.Two days later Spud woke up only to find himself on planet Earth!!! Spud was so sad he started to stroll across the country until his legs gave up on him.Fortunatley a very kind man named Sebastian found Spud and took him home for some warmth.Spud was so grateful he was given shelter.Sebastian took Spud out for a trip to meet new friends. Along the way Spud made new friends and felt like he belonged there.until one day spud found out that his planet was at war with…Earth! Spud came to think that he could be the one to stop the war but by the time he came up with a plan it was too late,Brollian had imploded taking in all of his friends,family and neighboors.

“Whats wrong?”asked sebastian in a sympethetic way. Spud stayed silent and just lay down in shame.Later on that night Spud left home and ran away.Sebastian became so worried when he realised Spud was missing so he started a search party with all of his friends.Unfortunatley Spud was no where to be found.Sebastian had a thought what if Spud had gone to his crashed rocket in reminder of his family?Sebastian hopped in his car and sped away into a cloud of dust.When Sebastian reached the Crashed aircraft Spuds shirt was laying with nothing but rocks and sand around.Spud and the aircraft had gone.Sebastian knelt down next to spuds stripey orange shirt and cried until his jaws ached so much he couldn’t speak. Six months later Spud returned to Sebastians house and knocked somberly on the oak framed door.Sebastian answered and when he saw Spud he grabbed him and hugged him so tight a dinosaur couldn’t pull them apart.Spud was not going to stay he only came back to warn Sebastian about the Bad mojos. The bad mojos were the Brollians next door neighboors and they wanted revenge!Spud wanted Sebastian to come with him so they could live happily on Planet Recombiad the planet of peace and relaxation. Sebastian couldn’t leave because his family and friends would all be killed. So Spud set back off and left Earth for the final timeSpud never returned to sebastian because there was no sebastian infact there was no earth,the Bad Mojos had blew up Earth leaving Spud all alone for the rest of eternity.Spud grew old and lived a very meloncoly life.Without Sebastian by his side he was lifeless and boring.Unfortunate and bored,confused and worried Spud wondered why Sebastian chose to be killed by the Bad Mojos and why he left him to be lonely.

“If only I had a Friend by my side.”He sat uncomfortabley in his seat and never spoke again!

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Bicycle Boy And Caravan Creep


The story of Bicycle Boy And caravan Creep is quite easy to tell as oooo im having flashbacks…Tired and Bored,bewildered and confused,the boy on the bicycle was resting infront of Caravan Creeps rusty,green caravan.He was thinking about how strange penguins would look with gloves on their feet but on the other hand he wondered if ducks would look cool with shades.Caravan Creep is a small average weighted man with no sence of humour at all:He laughs at knock knock jokes.Eventhough he found a worm in his apple once,he still ate it.There was a huge thudding noice chasing after Bicycle Boy…

part 2 coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by me 😀 😀 😀

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the funky Piano

The sounds from the piano were rocking like a guitar and some how they there was no one playing the poor piano. Scared and bewildered, confused and worried it felt like a ghost was playing the funky piano.

I needed to know what it was so I punched the space where the seat was , Icouldn’t believe my eyes it was a spirit it was apparently called Gho Stybut I didn’t know why that was it’s name.

“AAAAAWWWWW!!!!!”Yelled Gho Sty, what was that for?

“Sorry”I apologised sorrowfully, I thought you were trying to scare me off!


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