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What is that mysterious noise?  I will look in the boot of my car when I stop in the car park. It’s been driving me insane since I set off for London.

I park in the first available space and check the boot but I cannot see anything. I hear it again – it’s coming from underneath. As I lift it up the bonnet small yellow eyes look back at me.  A very oily cat with an orange collar meows loudly.  It’s Oscar our neighbour’s cat. He’s going to need a bath – his fur has separated with all the grease.

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The way home


Looking up at the trees I could see the light shinning through the branches, each looking like witches fingers reaching up to the pale sky. Which path should I take? The left  or the right one? I was lost I had been searching for 3 days or was it 4 – I had even lost track of time as well as my way.


Where would my family think I’d been? Would they be looking for me?  


That’s it. The right hand steps (they look mossy and ancient as if no one had cared for them).  Yes this will lead me home.

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The Photo

Imagine a place where shadows grasp hold of your spine, a place where a door opens before you even touch them, and a place where nightmares come true. This is where my story starts. Florence is an 18 year old girl who house sits in her spare time.

At the beginning of last month, Florence was housesitting to make some  money for the holidays. Bored, Florence started  dusting the mantel piece  – she came across a rather interesting looking photo album;   would it be wrong to look at them? Yes, she thought so she put it back . Slowly, the temptation ate her alive all she could think of what was on the photo on the other side of the page? Everything went through her mind. Then she took it, but this time there was a note on the front that looked like it had been written with ink and quill –   PRIVATE!    Taking no notice, Florence opened the album anyway. How could an album haunt a person? Ridiculous! The photos inside were just normal photos of normal people.  A man, a lady (perhaps his wife) and three children – a young boy and identical twin girls. A picture of country house with three chimneys and roses around the door. A photo of a small dog with a bow on its head standing on its back legs as if doing a trick for the camera. All just normal photographs, the only thing unusual were that they were black and white (with a brown mottled around the edges). Florence quickly flicked through the rest of the pictures; suddenly a cold chill ran down her spine. A breeze seemed to pass in front of her face. The book slipped out of her hands and onto the floor, spilling the contents of the book.  At that moment she heard a car drawn up outside the front door.  Quickly, Florence collected all the spilled photos up in one movement and pushed them tightly into the book. After shutting the album she jammed it back onto the mantelpiece. A key was turning in the lock and the door creaked open.  In walked a smart looking lady, Florence guessed she was in her early thirties. “You must be Florence?” the lady questioned.  “I’m Emily Brockheart, this is my house.”  Florence was confused; the house owner was not due back until late tomorrow evening. As if reading Florence’s mind “I managed to get an early flight,” Emily added. At that moment Florence noticed a photo sticking out from under the chair next to her.  She bent down to pick it up, when doing so Florence peered at the lone photo. It was Emily Brockheart in a long black dress standing next to Queen Victoria. This could not be. Florence turned over the photo, on the back written in pencil was a date. 1899. Florence looked back at Emily. She had not aged since the photo was taken. The door swung shut. “I told you not to look……….”

By Isobel

Name four days of the week that start with the letter “t”?

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by Isobel

A cowboy rode into town on Friday and stayed for 3 nights and left on Friday how did he do it ?

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THE RUN! by Isobel

When I woke up ,I thought it would be an ordinary day  ; I was yet to find out this day would not be normal .BANG!  BANG! went the door on the caravan “Get up quick,” yelled my friend Frankie ,look outside everything is covered in frost!” This would not have been strange but it was the middle of July. The grass should have been green but instead it was crisp and white.  Suddenly Frankie screamed “Get out, run !” slowly the inside of the caravan was also turning to frost. My legs felt heavy  like lead but I ran for my life.

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The Piano By Isobel :-)

As I sat on the piano bench all the emotions posible were going through my head :  nerves , excitement ,terra! It was my very first piano performance!  I was trying to remember all the times I was given tips about playing the piano.Then I was introduced I placed my fingers on the keys .As soon as I stated playing the notes from the piano leaped out ,and jumped into the gests in the audience and gently placed a giant grin on there faces .some people applauded ;most people gave a standing ovation .I was extremely proud of my self! Everyone enjoyed it.




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Should I or shouldn’t I ?

What could it be? It is for me? Is it dangerous? Is it magic? Could it be a nightmare? Could it be a CD or even tickets to a concert? Could it be all I dream of? Should I shake it or would I break it?

My fingers slowly reached out to touch the perfect purple bow perched on top, but my conscience is stopping me. Whose could it be? What if I opened it and it wasn’t mine then my reputation would be gone. I would have opened something that was not mine – that would look really bad. OPEN IT!

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