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My first blog

This was my first blogging experience and i really enjoyed it. Thank You Belle Vue!

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The Two Mysterious Birds!

One day I was eating my lunch in the backgarden when suddenly two massive golden Eagles flew past me!After a few minutes I thought that the had flew off somewhere else, then out of the blue, I saw them again flying straight towards me.Then the birds flew past me and their gigantic claws rapped around my arms and I was liffred into the clear sky! They flew me to a old graveyard, which had a massive nest of Eagles. I was placed carefully in the nest and they started staring at me. I thought, why have they brought me here and what do they want with me?…

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Chocolate Dream…!

Do you like chocolate? If so, read on…


As our purple Fiat 500 pulled up outside the magnificent chocolate shop – named ‘Chocolate For You’ – my ever-gazing eyes scrutinized the brown chocolate behind the double-glazed window. Although they didn’t have white-chocolate (my favourite!), I still didn’t mind eating some milk-chocolate. Despite not being allowed it for a week because of my bad behaviour, I still dared to ask my parents if I could eat some chocolate.

“NO!” they answered firmly.

My wonderful dream was because of this fabulous day. I, Willy Wonka, opened the biggest chocolate factory in the world!


Lucy S,




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The Mysterious Orange Cat!

One day I was walking to school when a orange cat came running up . I thought to myself, could this little cat be lost or could it just be wandering around and it lives in the area? I decided to name it Ginger. One the very same day the next week the same cat was in the same spot as last week! It followed me  to school and back again! I went around the area were the cat was to see if there was any missing cat posters but there wasn’t. Instead I took her back home with me forever!

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The Magical Forest

One day I decided to take my dog for a walk in the forest , he seemed unsually eager to get there. On entering the forest, a rainbow- coloured portal appeared in front of me! My hand went right through it! I decided to be brave and I took me and my dog through. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw that I was not in the forest but in a cave! Suddenly a baby wolf ran up to me. It nudge me like it wanted me to folow him. When he stopped I saw his mother trapped! “NOOO!..”

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The Car Stopped Suddenly!

One day me and my family were on the  road going on holiday. Suddenly the car stopped! We got out to see what stopped the car.In the middle of the road was a brick wall! I walked towards it to make sure that it was real.  As soon as  my hand touch it  my hand went right through the wall! I stuck my head through and I saw a waterfall and a rainbow over he top! Above my head, the candy- flossed stained clouds floated past me to the tune of the wind. The shimmering rainbow lead to gold!…


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The Mysterious Horse

One day I was walking in the woods when I saw this magical glow in the distance! I ran towards it as fast as I could, when I got near I could just make out the shadow of a horse! I tried to stroke it but it reared and galloped away. The very next day I went to the same spot where I saw the mysterious horse and it was there! It was a chesnut colour and it had very dark patches by its hooves and by its head. Suddenly it started to walk towards me! Carefully and quietly, I started to tiptoe towards it. I stroked it hoping that it wouldn’t run away. This time it just knelt down telling me get onto its back! I carefully climbed on and  suddenly it started to rise into the air and fly high above the clouds. I felt like I was an eagle soaring in and out of the candy- flossed stained clouds.

When it eventually landed I was in a different world! It was a world made out of sweets, candy floss, gingerbread, lollipops and liqorish! I saw gingerbread people walking around into different sweet shops. I thought to myself why had the horse brought me here and where had he gone?

I started to have a look around to see if I could find the horse. Suddenly I heard hooves running up behind me so I turned round to see the horse kneeling down again. I thought it’s like he wants to take me to another world. I climbed on again and he took of into the breezy air!


The next world he took me to was a chocolate world, which had a gigantic chocolate fountain! I climbed of and ran towards the fountain and scooped some chocolate out into my mouth. Suddenly a gingerbread man marched right up to me and shouted “ THIS CHOCOLATE IS NOT TO BE TOUCH BY HUMANS!”

I replied “ I am so sorry, I didn’t know.” But the gingerbread man didn’t care what I said so he took me to a chocolate jail!

  I made up a plan to escape. I whistled for the horse to come to me. When he got arrived I started to eat the chocolate gates and when I escaped I jumped onto the horses back and he took off. Even though I didn’t know where the horse was going I still let him fly where ever he wanted to go. When we landed we were back in the woods! I jumped off  and kissed him goodbye.


I was near my house when I heard hooves behind me! I turned around and saw the horse following me! I knocked on my door and my mum looked surprised when she saw the horse. I asked her if I could keep him and she said yes as long as I fed and watered him. I named him Pegasus! I loved him so much and he took me for rides everyday!


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Here comes Winter!

I woke up in my cosy caravan bed and looked out of my steamy window. To my surprise a soft blanket of snow covered the ground and little bits of frost were sticking to the trees that stood guarding the caravans. Later in the day it started to snow quite heavly so I put on my green cosy coat and went outside to build a massive snowman! I saw some children running past me throwing snowballs at each other! They came over and asked me to join in. We had hours of fun – it was a really great day!

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The Piano

Today it was my piano lesson.It normally started at 3pm but today it started at 1 pm. When I got there it was a different piano than normal. When I started to play it I could see all the notes drifting from the inside it, they swirled and danced around me! After they had all stopped dancing the went over to the other end of the room and started to form a magical picture, then the picture came towards me and went right through me! When I opened my eyes I found myself in a different world. The notes disappered!…

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Here comes 2013

It was a new start for all of us. The marvellous fire works were going of all night making the pitch black sky fill up with colours! The magnificent colours were red, blue, green and yellow! All across the world people were doing their special theme that they do every New Years Eve. Some people in different countries eat 12 grapes and some other people put old clothes inside a doll and burn the doll! In the morning some people were excited because in was a new year others were a bit tired but they were still happy. In some  countries some people would have special meals together!

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Christmas Time

The time is near,where every child is full of cheer.

Stockings are hung and carol songs are sung.

The special night is here,where Santa delivers all his

Loot.His jolly face is as fat as a plum,his shiny red

suit and big black boots.

He delivers something strange that looked upside

down! i‘m not sure what it is but is looks like a clown!

All of the other gifts were wrapped in red, gold, silver

and blue, i think there is something for everyone too.

 Bells are ringing , everyones singing,  we’re

all mingling. Cheers to you!

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