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Hope you are having a great time!!!!

Hey everyone,

How are you getting on at school everyone i hope that you are having a fabulous time like i am see you soon


from Harriet

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The Weird House That Lay Before Him xxx

Imagine a crooked house which crept nearer and nearer to catch the shadow that raced across the trees. This is where a man stood. While staring at this corroded sight the man took one step backwards, but suddenly as he started to step backwards again he could not! It was as if he’s feet were glued to the floor. Even though he tried so hard to move he could not. What was he going to do? What was that? Who was it? More questions came into his head quickly making him move more frantically to get away, but it was no use. As he did this, a breeze murmured into his ear making him tremble with fear. While he calmed himself down he saw a face in the window of the enormous house, he thought to himself, ‘ I guess the house is not abandoned’ Or was it?



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What was i going to do?

What was happening? All my eyes could see was a CAT in a BATH but mysteriously it was ORANGE with blue speckles on its soft fur. It looked as if it could have been fayes cat as it was half blue!
Suddenly a green man came out from behind a door and started to seperate its body parts. Soon his parts had been separated and the beautiful cat was a zombie cat! What was I going to do? Sadly the cat died but as I was crying the weird twitching man glared at me, as he saw my face. As I saw him, I rapidly ran out the unusual house and hastily ran as quick as I could back home. Was he going to catch me?

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What were they going to do? By Harriet

Slowly and steadily, quietly and tranquilly, the exhausted car travelled through the busy city like an ant in a hay stack. Something happened! What was it? What was going to happen? Hastily the car stopped suddenly. My mom, who was the driver, rushed out of the car door, rapidly opened the back door, before hauling my sleeve out of the door.

“Mom,” I called, while running beside her, “What’s happening.”

“Aliens are attacking Earth!” Mom bellowed. As we ran on, I recognised one of the aliens, and I discovered that they weren’t aliens they were horses but with 80 heads. What were they going to do next…

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500 word challenge

                 The story of an adorable girl called Chloe!!! 


Bored and tired, tranquil and relaxed, the cute little girl sat down as she quietly munched on her scrumptious apple. Her face expression looked as if she was enjoying her delicious snack (Inside, however she was determined to eat the disgusting apple taste.) Some people love apples; others can’t stand the taste.


A moment later her busy mom sat next to her daughter “Did you like your apple darling?” her tiring voice asked

“Yes mom I did” replied Chloe as she covered up her feelings. Chloe then skipped up to the grey, ugly bin and placed it into it. As quick as a flash, a musty coloured letter plonked on to its bum and lay on the cold, dirty floor. Chloe saw the letter drop out of the letterbox, and as she watched, she rapidly ran as quickly as a cheetah catching its prey to claim the letter.


Secretly, Chloe opened the letter but as she did this her mother bellowed “CHLOE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW!” Chloe not knowing what she had done laughed loudly, by now her mother was furious; she snatched the ragged letter out of Chloe’s little red hands. But as she did this, her blue diamond ring catched her hands and ripped a chunk of skin out of it, “OOOOOOOOUUUUCH! IT HURTS SOOOO BAD!” Her mom not realising what she had done, sent her up to her bedroom in tears. Once she had calmed down and had cleared all of the blood up she plodded down the stairs, and showed her mom her hand. Her mom apologised and took her to A+E to see if it would be alright.


After a couple of minutes they arrived at A+E and Chloe’s mom took her in and asked the lovely, who was sitting by her wooden desk, if she would let them in to see the doctor. Because there were no more people to see that doctor, she stood up and quickly led the way. Rapidly and quietly, tired and calm the exhausted woman plodded down the corridor. Suddenly she stopped and positioned her arm towards the disgusting yellow coloured door and questioned “Is your doctor called Dr. Jones.

“Yes,” Chloe’s mom replied slowly. “Is this the door to his room?”

“Yes” She answered. As she opened the rough door Dr. Jones’ face appeared hastily. Dr. Jones invited us into his room and asked Chloe what was the matter. Chloe then showed him her hand and he then examined her cut. While the doctor observed Chloe’s hand he hummed.

“Eventually it will heal up, so I would suggest that you keep it clean and be extra careful that it doesn’t get infected”

“Okay” Chloe replied as she got up and walked towards the door. Once they got home they decided to open the letter together. Soon as they opened it they realised that it was only Chloe’s Nan asking if they wanted to come and see her.       

  By Harriet  xxx


The Horrible Holocaust

Approximately 6 million Jews were murdered for no reason by the ghastly Nazis, that means that they killed more people than Scotland’s population was in 2011.The Holocaust is a Greek meaning for Sacrifice by fire. In 1933, the Jewish population of Europe stood at over nine million. At least 200,000 mentally or physically disabled patients, mainly Germans, were murdered. Many Jews attempted to flee Germany, and thousands succeeded by immigrating to such countries as Belgium, Czechoslovakia, England, France and Holland. It was much more difficult to get out of Europe. Many people didn’t survive, it is awful what the Nazis did to the Jews. 

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The Cold Winters Night By Harriet


Hungry and cold, tired and exhausted I rapidly ran up to my caravan, which was covered in a white icy blanket of frost. I then realised that the snow was falling: it had now made my car look like it was a great bundle of snow. I then picked up some freezing cold snow, I thought that it would be light, however it was very heavy. Slowly, the green grass had gone and was covered in snow. My dog somehow got out of the garage door and was now running out of the street I swiftly ran and grabbed him. Then I walked my dog back home.

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The Notes From The Piano By Harriet

Joyful and cheerful, beautiful and lovely, the notes from the piano became very tuneful. But as it got deeper into the notes it became very mysterious. The puzzling music made me feel anxious: I wanted to know what this unsolved music was. Some people would think this is a wonderful piece of music; others would think it is. Even though at the start was amazing it had turned into awful music. I then decided to sit down next to the piano and to try hard to listen to this horrible melody. How was I meant to listen to this music? 

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