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Lovely Weather……. By Grace

As I sat there on the soft,comfy chair surrouded by luminous flowers,  I could feel the boiling heat on my fragile skin. Above my head, the birds swooped down  and gracefully sung a soft tune. Suddenly I was filled with happieness at such a wonderful sight of the amazing butterflies, swiftly flying in the stifling air. Relaxation filled the sky at once. Soon after a croaky voice called after me…. It was my  mom…

“Grace time for dinner!”

“Ok” I replied quickly. My mom said I could eat it outside. So I did and enjoyed the wonderful nature!

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A Magnificent Journey to Space …….. By Grace and Lucy.

Sunday night Freddie was snuggled up in his cosy bed … When suddenly he had a magnificent dream. WOOSH! He was in a shiny, glistening rocket, rapidly zooming up into breathtaking space. All of a sudden, he noticed a cheese-like ball! He gasped in amazement.


As he descended deeper into the mysterious world, his mind told him to pull over and investigate…. BEEP! BEEP! The Rocket pulled over onto the bumpy surface. Anxiously he floated over and gracefully sat in the crater. A small, short, blue  creature slowly waddled over to him.


“Greetings my friend!”  He stuttered.


“HUU!” Freddie gasped.



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The Temptation ……. By Grace and Callum.

Looking at all that chocolate… The temptation was irresistible. The instant boy stared at the mouth- watering eggs above the cupboard. Meanwhile his mom was out shopping. Suddenly,  his hand began to rise above the side. Not only that, he began to reach out to the chocolate (white chocolate, his favourite.) His soft, fragile skin began to unwrap the lavish Easter eggs’ wrapper! More over, he found him self rapidly shooving pieces of delicious chocolate down his chubby face. However he couldn’t stop. The melted chocolate danced on his taste buds making him want more. BANG! His mom bounded in…

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The Orange Cat ……… By Grace

Cautiously, I waddled my way into my cluttered bathroom , to find, that in my bath, there was a mysterious, orange cat in it! It was seperated by my rubber ducks and the shampoo. Shocked and amazed, baffled and suprised, I took a step closer to the bath (which was now covered in cat hairs.) As soon as my shaking, sweating palm touched its soft, fury body the cat turned red!

“Huu” I gasped in shock. Suddenly the cat sprang out into the distance. It certainly wasn’t a normal cat I thought to myself. Or was it a cat?


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The Magical Forest….

“Bye mom” I called softly.

“Bye darling” she replied. It was the normal time ,9:00, to walk my dog Trifle. As we were about to take the normal route, we stumbled suprisingly across ,what seemed to be, a bright, lumenous passage, to an enchanted, magical forest!

“RUFF!” Trifle roared. Even though i was  bit suspicious to what was in there, i still entered. Suddenly a mysterious beauty wondered by with its breathtaking wings.

“Huu!” i gasped in amazment. It came and rubbed against  me. It seemd to be a unicorn.

“Wow!” I mumbled.  This  was definatly not a normal day!

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What was it? By Grace

The car stopped suddenly…

Scared, I asked my mom “Did we run over that person?”

“Wait a minute dear” she replied worried. Hearing this I knew we  had. Should i get out?- Should I stay?- Should I run?: What should i do? I mumbled to myself. Sneakily, I looked out of the transparent  window.

“HUU!” I gasped in fright. But seeing a thing lying there, I knew it wasn’t a person. Rapidly, the strange, unusual creature fearfully lashed out at us!

“DRIVE MOM!” I screeched. Quickly, she put her shaking foot on the pedel.

“What could it be?” I wondered…

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The snowy day …….. By Grace

It wax a cold ,misty day, and the snow was coming down heavy: excitingly, i took my first step onto the frost covered  ground. The tree (outside my window which was green) was now covered in white! Cheerful people having snow ball fights were giggling and having fun! Because of us been so fortunate to have all the snow, i decided to go outside and build a snow man… Slam! Went the door. I started with a snow ball…  Gradually it got bigger and bigger . Determined to make one ,which i was, i carried on. Da-da im done!

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The notes ….. by Grace

As i mysteriously entered the plane, old, boring room, i was filled with misery of how dull it was…… Suddenly light struck! It smiled and what seemed to be an object under a peice of cloth. “What could it be?”  I quetioned myself. After stareing at it for a while, I decided to take a close look… As i peeled the clothing back, i saw a glimpse of a piano, as soon as i pulled it all off it started playing! The notes from the piano filled my ears with joy and happiness my body swayed to the rythm…

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My Headteacher by Grace and Mitchell

My headteacher is an encylclopedea

He is clever at every subject

No-one can beat him

My friend tried once

Now she is just a letter

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Happy new year! by Grace Evans

It was a new start for us all… 2013 was  nearly here! I could here the buzz of the peoples conversations. As it was new years eve every body was up to celabrate  and have  a good laugh. We sat gazing up at the moon lit sky, waiting  and waiting for the fireworks to rise from there graves and light the sky with new year happiness! People dancing and singing merrily as the family all comes together. Food and chocolate  on the table waiting for people to eat them! All of a sudden… Bang!  Crash! The  colourful fireworks began leaving people feeling excited , people all stare in amazment!

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The mysterious box …. by Grace Evans

On the floor there lay a black mysterious box.  A florescent bow covered part of it leaving me feeling anxious to open it! A voice spoke “open me you know you want to.”  What if a miracle was happening, what if world war one  was going on! Dazzling sparks came of the box filling the room with happiness and laughter! This mysterious  wonder glared at me, hypnotising me with its beauty! What if there was thousands of glistening dimands waiting to be held. Or a breathtaking view of the crystal-clear, tropical sea. What could be in there? Shall i open it…

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The strange creature…

A high pitched voice screeched leaving me feeling frightened… Hearing this I knew I was not alone ! “CRASH!” “BANG” there it was again. As silent as an assassin, I crept  my way around the spooky, mysterious, haunted house. My heart was beating faster and faster each minute. “What was it?” I questioned my self under my breath. Step by step I heard breathing getting closer and closer… This voice went through me as if I had a hole in my head. Grimly the voice said “Don’t be scared!” The shadow appeared in the light it looked up side down…

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