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my 100 wc for Friday the 8th of March

A walk in the park on a warm, sunny day in the height of summer, led me to two pathways that I had never seen before. My dad said that the one on the right was a new one and that people who go there NEVER come out ALIVE! I wanted to see why people don’t come out alive but my dad wouldn’t let me. He said it didn’t look good because of the steps’ jagged edges and the bushes shading the pathway to darkness. I begged and begged to see what was there. In the end my dad said…..

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my 100 word challenge


Imagine yourself under a brick bridge in a car with your mom ,dad and little sister .

Your sister is singing and your mom and dad are arguing over who’s having the last glass of wine, when they get back home.

But they don’t get chance to …

Let me rewind. well your sister is driving you mad with her singing (screaming) and your mom and dad are arguing and your being perfectly normal sitting there  listening to Gangmamstyle but you get interrupted by a scream from your family  and you are about to have 2 trees fall on top of you and you scream and your mom and dad have it on top of them and you give a confused and heartbroken face and pour out a waterfall of tears.

i tried my best to get a hundred words but it wouldn’t of made sense xx


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100 word challenge

On the 1st December 2011 years  4, 5 and 6 were given a once in a life time opportunity to sing at the LG Arena as part of the Young Voices event .  After the tiring 40 minute coach drive we arrived at the Arena many schools and children were entering the building.  As we stepped foot in to the foyer everything was so bright and busy.  We entered the arena ready to start the performance that we had practiced so hard for.  We waited patiently to hear the notes from the piano which was our cue to start singing.

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