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Sky as blue as the ocean,

White fluffy clouds floating happily,

This has to be the magic postion.


crystal clear sea,

Not a ripple in the ocean,

No sounds and no motion.


This can only be……… Paradise.

By Georgia Hudson.

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Ginger,my cat.

Ginger is my cat,he’s a mysterious little chap, he’s almost the colour of an orange. He’s playful and friendly and loves to chase the birds in the garden,however he can also behave very strangely at times because he refuses to eat his cat food and all he will eat is  juicey oranages! Have you ever heard of anything so silly as that? An orange coloured and orange eating cat!!! Then if that isn’t mad enough he also likes to take a nice warm bath after his cat nap! He really is a strange mysterious cat.

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Happy new year

At last the final day of the year. Time to wave good bye to 2012 and say  hello to 2013. I will be sorry to leave 2012 as it was the best year ever. Lets hop 2013 will be even better. Its time to celebrate and gather with family and friends, time to get out your party clothes and dancing shoes, for tonight is the only night of the year you get to stay up all night. The fun begins with people arriving,parents chatting and children playing, Then waiting for the chimes of Big Ben at midnight. Finally the count down to the New Year is hear ……. 10……9…….8….7….6…..5,4,3,2,1   The sky becomes a live with fireworks and colours explode like a volcano erupting, what a wonderful sight. Happy New Year everyone.

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The Magical, Mysterious box

One frosty December day I woke up from my beautiful sleep to find a rattling noise coming from under my bed. WHAT COULD IT BE? I sneakly peeked under my bed. To my amazment there was a pretty box with a baby pink ribbon wrapped round it. I was scared because it wasn’t there last night. I quickly looked away because I thought it was my Christmas present. But why was it rattling? Could it be a  living thing? Perhaps it was a hampster. But surely my mum and dad wouldn’t put a hampster in a box under my bed.

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