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I had a look at Ellie’s GeoGreeting and it was fantastic so I had a go. To look at mine visit:



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Worried and Parched, Petrified and nervous, a young girl named charlotte stepped forward to have a massive bite of her favourite ice cream. Eventhough it was loud she could still hear a haunting noise echoing behind her…

What was it?  Charlotte often hears things like this but this time she knew she had to do something about it! She crept forwards, took a deep breath and oppened the curtains which where almost torn to pieces.| The young girl slowly lifted her head… ” AAAHHHGGGGHHH,” She screamed as loud as a siren. It’s only an orange cat sepeated from a mysterious bath!

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The Sudden Stop! By Faye


  Elizabeth, who was only seven years old, watched the television whilst her parents where carefully packing the suit case. Depressed, Elizabeth slowly shook her head. Exhausted and weak, parched and excited, the parents kindly mentioned “The bags are packed.” Later on that day it was beginning to get much darker so the family of three decided to go. Imagine a midnight sky where the street lights would continuously flicker, where the moon would shiver in the icy wind, where every star would eventually dissapear. That was what was beginning to happen!

Suddenly the headlights turned off … The car stopped suddenly…

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The Magical Forest! By Faye

Suddenly, delicate  leaves tiptoed down the slippery steps leaving a beautiful sound whistling through my ears. Then I saw a graceful bird swoop down and snatch all emotions gathering in the forest.  Joyful and determined, Parched and fearless, I jumped as high as I could, snatched the fearful emotions back and then let them free to explore once again…

A few moments later I decided to look back at how far the emotions had travelled. I saw ancient, piano like steps carefully covered with  smooth rocks. A talking tree, a friendly twig, Some skipping flowers – What would I see next?

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The Only Dream… By Faye

Firstly, it started when winter appeared in 2013! When an 11 year old became a ballerina, but not any ordinary ballerina a Royal Ballet ballerina. There was a massive, decorated letter which was sent in the post. It looked like it was upside down. It was scrunched up, there was a delicate letter waiting…

Carefully and slowly, delicately and quietly, I  tip toed forward as quiet as a mouse and opened the letter with excitement and joy. I opened it,  took one deep breath and then hoped that my only dream had just come true. Amazingly, I had been invited to dance with Aston Merrygold.

A few hours later, I was visiting my Uncle. There was a surprise knock at the bright polished door. Who was it? Excited, amazed, nervous, I took one minute step forward. I was excited what if  it was Aston, What should I do? On the outside I was trying my hardest at not being nosy, (inside, however, my brain was going mad!)Unfortunately I didn’t answer the door. I thought to myself, ” What if I regret not answering the door?” It all went suspicously silent… My heartbeat was beating rapidly, It wouldn’t stop, it was almost like my heart was trying to tell me something!

Eventually, I realised that my heart was trying to tell me something… The delicately decorated letter. Some people are lucky enough to get letters from popular people; others are unfortunately not lucky enough. I jumped to my feet, raced towards the door and then took a deep breath in! I yelled “My only dream has just  come true!” But there wasn’t only Aston there, there was Oritse, Marvin and also JB! But why were they all at my house? It was because they all really wanted my dream to come true.

Next, I let JLS into my house, I was extremely excited. I didn’t want to waste any time with JLS. So, I rapidly rushed upstairs to show JLS how many posters I had in my room then noticed a brand new, cardboard box sitting patiently. It was decorated in bright blue ballet stickers. But before I asked what it was, I noticed a framed picture of myself smiling whilst holding the extremely important letter in my numb hands! I wondered who had taken the picture, I decided to ignore the picture and concentrate on the intriguing  blue box. I was so desperate to look inside the box that I didn’t let myself down. I skipped towards the box, opened it carefully and gasped in amazement!

I couldn’t believe it, it was my dream ballet tutu! I hurried to get changed whilst JLS were waiting to see the tutu that Aston had picked. I came out of the bathroom, furthermore, I loved it so much. My passion told me I should wear it everyday but I knew this wouldn’t be possible I would just have to treasure this magnificent moment! Finally, a  bright blue limo pulled up outside my house…

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Guess The Riddles! By Faye

The first five to guess these riddles wins, but other people can still guess them too. Good Luck.

  1.  Canvas or satin,

Pointed or flat

New or old,

Elastic or ribbon,

What am I?


2.   I have loads of scars,

I  relax by the calm waves,

I never drown although I can sink,

Who knows what I am?


3. Swishing and swashing,

Wet and dry,

Far and near,

Exploring the world,

What am I?

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1 Mysterious Riddle! By Faye

1. If two is company and three is a crowd, what’s four and five?

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It’s Good To Be Different… By Faye

It all started in January 1933   , when the Germans tricked the Jews by saying, “You are in safe hands”. “Come here and you can have the best life ever, you can bring only a few belongings though”.The terrible thing is that the Germans didn’t like the Jews. They had money: the Germans wanted the money. The Jews arrived on a train. However it wasn’t what they thought it was it was a concentration camp. The Jews were forced to work hard, they had barely anything to eat and were also not treated properly. If one person tried to escape out of the cell the other people in the cell with them would suffer more than the person who escaped. Calmly and peacefully, ashamed and parched, most Jews arrived at the concentration camp and unfortunately died.

Back then they believed that if someone was different they were not useful (just like some people still believe that today). But really, being different is good! Despite the fact that we are all  different today, if we were not,  the world would be the same everywhere.





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You will never guess my riddles… By Faye

1. How do you spell “hungry horse” with only four letters?

2. What’s black, white and red all over?

3.If you mutiply all the numbers on a phone, what would you get?

4.I’m sometimes full but I never overflow, What am I?

5.I’m the start of nothing and the end of sun and i’m also in the number one, What am I?

6. I am a three digit number, my second digit is four times more than my third digit my first digit is severn less than my second digit, what number am I?

7. I have an eye, but can not see out of it i love the ocean, but never swim in it. My back is white and belly is grey. I sometimes arrive but never stay.


Answer them as soon as possible I will let you know on the 13th of  february (ASTON’S Birthday. Good Luck…

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Riddles… By Faye.


1.What goes up and down but does not move?

2.What has one head, one foot and four legs?

3.Did you hear the joke about the roof?

4.David’s father has three sons: Snap, Crackle and?

5.Does your t-shirt have holes in it?

6. How many letters has no ‘way’ got in it?


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The Amazing Adventure… By Faye

The wind was howling like a wicked Wolf. Scared and speechless, Starving and tired, I grabbed my tatty dressing gown and rapidly ran past the echoing doorway. I stopped in amazement… Frost, green grass, snowy Caravan-Which one was it? I was running as fast as I could. I was so tired. BANG, SMASH, WALLOP! I stumbled and tripped over a heavy stone. I struggled but I had stood up. Although I was in pain I wasn’t going to give up. I hopped over to the caravan, saw the rain tiptoeing down the window and then peered around the corner…

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Can You Guess? Riddles By Faye.

There is an old Man from Myst,

Who always catches the mist,

He fell of a ladder,

Which made him madder,

But never returned back to Myst.



There was an old man who could fly,

But then unfortunately did die,

He landed with a SPLAT,

Using a mat,

Thats why you should never try to fly.



I am very tall,

people tickle me as they climb,

I sometimes  get covered in snow,

I am not as sharp and pointy as a needle,

What am I?


I have a plastic tongue,

I make a annoying noise,

I am full of memories from the past,

I can draw your life on paper.

What amI?


Man not monkey,

one world not two,

no carrots allowed,

keys can get lost,

Every human is my friend,

You are full of energy.

What am I?




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Limericks and Riddles… By Faye :)

There  is and old lady from Spain

She really enjoys the rain

She fell down a cliff

Met someone called Biff

But finally went back to Spain.


There is an old lady from France

Who really wanted to dance

She finally learnt

But then got burnt

So she decided to dance back to France.




I am useful in maths,

I can be typed on,

I can answer questions,

I can be any colour,

I like numbers.

What am I?


I can play over and over again,

I have a all types of rythms,

I go round and round,

I will  get dizzy,

Some are sad some are happy.

What am I?


Can anybody guess them?





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The Rythmic Piano!

The emotion built… The music was dancing through my thrilled ears. Astonished and excited, parched and nervous, I began to take a minute step forward. It was too late: I had already began tapping my numb feet to the rhythm. I stopped for a minute and silently thought to myself…the notes from the piano, were bringing my feet to life. I was energetically tap dancing to the beat of the black and white keys. Loud, Quiet, nothing at all-What would happen next? The keys looked like a newspaper, a familiar newspaper. But where had I seen it before?

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