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This was my first time bl0gging. I really enjoyed it, it was fun. I’d definetly do it again, I learnt a lot of things today.

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The mysterious orange bath

Once there was a MYSTERIOUS ORANGE BATH: it was known for having a petite shark inside the light purple plughole. It was inside a pink bathroom that belonged to a bright yellow house. The home had been owned by several families and all but nothing had been hurt… The only hearing of a death was a dazzling green CAT SEPARATED from its owner. Imagine a shark so mean it will bite your foot of, where teeth are sharper than razor-sharp knives, and where it is faster than a sports car. This is what people have gone to hospital for.

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Mystical Forest

TWEET! TWEET! TWEET! The precious and beautiful birds made a relaxing and enchanting song as I stood in the centre of the forest. Intrigued and eager, perplexed and suspicious, I hunted for any historic and magnificent artefact to take home from my adventure. Lush vegetation filled my nose as I wondered into the depths of the woods. Two paths waited in front of me on the right and left. The right one was a deep dark path however the one on the right hand side was a clear and bright path. Wich one should I take the right or left?

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The car stopped sudenly

Excited and eager, I was bursting to get out the door. Today was my birthday, I was going somewhere but I didn’t know where I was going. I already got some amazing presents. Finally we were in the car going to this mysterious place I had an idea it was Drayton Manor or Alton towers. The boiling and scorching sun shun upon the shiny and sparkly car. SCREEEEEECH! Then it stopped suddenly. A monster had pounced in front of us. Everyone was scared. It was making cars crash and not only that it was toppling cars over. What will happen?

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Belle Vue v Jessons 2nd Round U11 Campbell Cup

The teams starting nine was Alex M a.k.a the flying squirrel, Elliot, Alex H and Callum at the back. Ben, Adam and Mitchell H in midfield and upfront was Alex Sh and Jayden. On the bench was Jack and Daniel R.The goal scorers were Ben who got three, Alex H, Mitchell ,Jayden,Adam and Alex Sh all got one and unfortunately two own goals were scored by Jessons. At the final whistle Elliot scored a screamer from outside of the box to make it 11-2 to BELLE VUE PRIMARY! The man of the match was Mitchell for winning every header in the air against the tallest players. So if you see him give him some praise. Thanks for reading!

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My Olympic Jouney

One hundred, fifty, ten, I’ve won the two hundred meter sprint: the gold medal is mine. I was that exited I thought I was going burst… Ceremony time, the top podium, and the cheering fans all around the stadium I nearly went into tears but I didn’t. Exited and joyful, worried and pressured, I was awarded my gold shining and sparkling medal. I thought I was upside down. It was my first medal but certainly not my last. Coming off the podium is one thing I didn’t want to do. Being part of the GB Olympic team is one thing I’ll never forget! Four years later In Rio Di Janerio, Brazil. I was training to become double Olympic gold medallist in the two hundred meter sprint inside the Olympic stadium, the Estadio do Maracana. 2015 summer is here only one year to go till the magic happens. Every day of training was making me even more worried about the days of my spotlight for the British Olympic team. With 82,238 seats the Estadio do Maracana is the largest stadium in Brazil and South America. The stadium will host the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics and 2016 Summer Paralympics. As well as holding the Olympics, it will also hold the 2014 Brazil world cup final. I will be greeted by a remarkable, amazing waterfall called, Solar City Tower. Built atop the island of Cotonduba, this will be the welcome symbol to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. It will be seen by the game visitors and participants as they arrive by air or water. The tower captures solar energy. It will supply energy for all of the Olympic city, as well as also for part of Rio. It pumps up water from the ocean to create what appears like a water fall and this fall stimulates turbines that produce energy during the night. It will also hold the Olympic flame.

2016 summer is here. Only 7 days left till the Olympics… 5 days. 3 days. 1 day till my moment of magic. RING RING RING. The morning of my first day, the two hundred meter sprint. One hour to go. Thirty minutes to go. BANG! The gun bullet of the start of the race made me smile as I started the two hundred meter sprint. One hundred, fifty, ten, I’ve won the two hundred meter sprint: the gold medal is mine. My knees fell to the ground as I finished the race. Tears trickled down my cheeks like rain down a window. For the second time the top podium awated me to be stepped on to recieve my second glowing and dazzling gold medal. Again I did not want to come off the podium. Being in Brazil with my family and friends and winning another gold medal ,in addition I was a double olympic champion, is another thing I will never forget. As well as being in Rio for the olympics, I came on a paradise holiday. That was my Olympic story in London and Rio.

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Year 6 County Tournament at Sutton Coldfield

Belle Vue are the U11  7-a-side County Champions!

This tourmament was a big success for Belle Vue Primary School. We played at Braemar Playing Fields in Sutton Coldfield early on Saturday morning. The winning team was Alex M, Callum, Elliot, Ben, Adam, Mitchell, Jayden, Oliver and don’t forget to mention Alex Sh. Unfortunatly for the team, Alex H was unable to play because of illnes.

There were 2 groups of 4 teams at the start. Also there were 3 other teams in our group from around the county. We played our first game and won 1-0. Not only that we could have scored 2 or 3. In our second game we won 1-0 again with a superb run from Ben. Last of all we got three points in our final game by winning 1-0 from a tap in from Adam. We were already going through but we wanted to play the weaker team from the other group by coming top of ours.

Semi-final time. Come on Belle Vue! The game was on the way when Elliot deflected a shot from the oppositions number 5 (he was massive). Next they nearly scored again but Super Markham made an exquisite save to keep us in the game. The final whistle went. PENALTIES. First up Callum,  back of the net… Jayden was last up to win the Shoot out 5-4. GOAL! We were in the final of the tournament. We couldn’t believe it.

Final time. It was a close game but Belle Vue made a break through from a lovely passing move with Alex Sh at the heart of it. Mitchell’s running down the wing, crosses it in to Adam. GOAL! 1-0! Belle Vue win !We’ve won the shield!

Now we go to Nottingham in March for the regional tournament and if we win that we will go to a national stadium.

Mr Holder made us a promise to make us a chocolate cake if we won. It was scrumptious.


WELL DONE Belle Vue!


The Holocaust

The killings took place in Europe between 1933 and 1945. They were organised by the German Nazis which was led by Adolf Hitler. They put Jews and black people in concentration camps wich were scatered across Germany.Men, woman and children were separated as well. People survived on little amount of foods such as bread, tea or coffee.They were forced to work like slaves 10-14 hours a day that means they have 10 or less hours sleep.Jews were lied to in WW2 because the horrible,mean Germans said they would go and have a shower. As a result of having a shower the poor Jews and black people got gassed. There were many more ways people got killed:worked to death, slaughtered, shot,explosions and even getting starved to death. A Lady Called lia Lesser came into our year to talk about this tragic time, fortunatly she survived the Holocaust by moving from Germany to England.Sad and worried,Lia had to go and live with some other people who turned out to be the kindest people she met. I felt sad for Lia but in the end I was intested in what she had to say. Unfortunatly most of her family passed away through concentration camps. Aswell as this she could have stayed longer but she couldn’t. I will never forget that day, well everyone who was there wont.

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My caravan holiday

Fresh, frosty snow was scattered outside like a white blanket on a bed that has just been made. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Running water trickled down the window as I woke up. Tired and weary but exited and eager, I was bursting to get outside with my family: I eventually got told to calm down. Green, lush trees were no were to be seen, all it was, was snow. I love snow; others don’t. Toast, cereal, weatabix- what should I have for my breakfast? Finally, we can get out of the caravan to make a gigantic snow man that will be really heavy…

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The grand piano

The notes from the piano as sweet as sugar: it made me look harder to find the magnificent and grand piano. Confused and intrigued, puzzled and eager I new I was getting more and more close to the piano that sounded brilliant. Some people love pianos; others don’t like pianos. I am one person who doesn’t like pianos but this made me want to buy a piano and play on it all day. TING! TING! TING! The piano started playing another song. TING! Then another after another.I searched all round the room. I searched again. Was it real or a hoax?…

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