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How Are You Getting On???

Hi everyone and hi Mr Holder!!!
Just wondering how you are all getting on at your new schools…. I love mine and hope you do to! Also Mr Holder, how is your new school? Hope you are enjoying it as much as us! By the way, how is baby holder?

Bye for now, Ellie and Govind!

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The Flying Dog!

Woof! Woof!
“CAN YOU KEEP THAT DOG QUIET, I AM TRYING TO CONCENTRATE” shouted our next door neighbor.
“Sorry to disturb you, I am not sure what my dog is barking at,” I replied nervously.
Lovingly I approached my dog carefully, patting his head as I examined for any sign of what he might be barking at! Suddenly I noticed a mysterious shadow lurking in the cloud polluted sky! In a blink of an eye, the shadow turned into an elegant bird! Gradually it came closer and closer, the bird swooped down and lifted my dog upwards; he was flying!

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Hi everyone, look at this cool way to send messages through google maps!

Click on th link:

I hope it works!;)

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Exciting New Competitions! :)

Do you fancy entering another writing competition? Well, I may have the one for you! When I was out during the weekend, my mum spotted a leaflet with a writing challenge on! Read on to find out more…!

Well, this is what you need to do: you need to write a short story, with no more that 500 words, including the theme’ Around the World’! That needs to be submitted by the 3rd of June 2013. To submit your story go online to:


If you can’t post it like this, you could hand in your story at your local Explore Learning Centre( all of that is also on the website). By the way your stories will be judged by the best selling author Cressida Cowell!

What are the prizes?

I am sure you are all wondering what the prizes are, well…. The first prize is a family trip to Disney Land Paris, and £500 worth of books for your school!

If you enter; GOOD LUCK!

If Mr Holder submits this post, I will give him the leaflet to look at!

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Easter School!

imageThis Easter holiday, some children were chosen to come to school and work on their maths! I am one of  those children( Ellie W) and so far, even though it is only the first day, it has really helped me!

Today we worked on graphs and multiplying  and dividing three digit numbers! To start with I was a bit wobbly on graphs, but after todays lesson I really understand them and how to estimate amounts or the time on a graph! We also had a sheet of homework so we could work on our multiplying, and I got all of them, exept for a little one I messed up on because I forgot to carry a number over: silly mistake! 🙁

I now really understand both graphs and multiplying numbers, and that was only with a bit of extra practice! Now you might be thinking well that is really boring, but actually it isn’t and I really enjoyed todays Easter School!:)


Happy Easter!!!!


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Ellie’s Riddles!

1. What word when written in capital letters is the same forwards, backwards and upside down?

2. Pronounced as one letter but written with three, only two different letters are used to make me. I’m double, i’m single, I am black blue and grey. I am read from both ends and the same either way.

3.You are in a cement room with no windows or doors, the only thing you have is a mirror and a piece of wood, how do you get out?

4. What has four eyes but can’t see?

Good luck, hope you get some of them!

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How To Control Cats!!!

Does your CAT cause trouble? Is your cat addicted to your BATH? Read on to find out just what cats like!

1. To start with I can tell YOU that ORANGE cats are the hardest to deal with ,so as a trained professional I tell you to stay out of it!
2. Cats are addicted to the bath, so to solve this problem you will need a spatula: this will SEPERATE them from the bath!
3. These are MYSTERIOUS creatures, don’t give them sugar!
4. Make sure teachers stay away they make them angry!
Coming soon, how to train your teachers, free control glasses!

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Your Guide To The Forest!

The forest, well what can I say about the forest, apart from the lush green trees that sway to the soft lullaby of the wind and the wonderful secrets humans are yet to discover…
You may have heard the stories about the wisp that will change your fate forever, and how it leads you to your destiny. That is just nonsense I hear you say well think again!
This extraordinary form of being lurks wherever you are and cradles its self under the steps to your future! If you see this mythical creature treasure that day you ever went near!

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The Killer!

“Take me down like I’m a domino” sang Zoë joyfully as she swerved through the cramped roads. She was on her way to a party at her work : it was a new years eve party! Feeling excited she darted as swift as an arrow down the tarmac! Right in front of her was a figure in a large red robe…
“Hello my pretty,” it hissed evilly!
“Um..mm hel..llo,” stuttered Zoe. Her heart was now thumping like a boxer hitting it’s opponent! The car stopped suddenly!
“Aaaaahhhh,” she screamed as an excruciating pain filled her body! Darkness followed…

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I am as white as snow
Angels gather around me
I will soon be your resting place,
What am I?

I grip peoples attention
I fill their minds with joy
I am also very wise,
What am I?

I lurk in the depths
I create fear and joy
I am always there ,
What am I?

Can anyone guess these riddles?

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Ellie’s Answers For Achive Level Five Book!

Page:60 shape and space
Working out: 84×2=168(two big squares together) 3 of the little one makes a big one so 84×3=252

2.I did do a picture but it won’t show ,so here are the answers: Crosses=2nd one across third row and 3rd one across last row.
Arrow:1st one across last row. It is pointing to the top left corner.

Page:42 Converting metric units of measure
Practice questions

1.50,000 ml
3.46.752 g

Page 23 practice questions
1. 0.7 x 6=4.2            2. 0.8 x 0.008=0.0064                          3. 0.3 x 0.8= 0.24                4. 0.6 x 0.09=0.054

5.0.004 x 9=0.0036                     6. 0.05 x 7=0.035

Please say if you think any are wrong or if you have the book and you think I have done one wrong!

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Monster Jam!

When all is silent, nothing to be heard,and then suddenly a booming noise echoes through the world like a ripple ,you know where the noise is coming from! Now don’t get embarassed and blame the children it’s nothing to do with them!It’s the ‘Monster Jam, crew.”Who” you might be saying, well this is the story of Blob,Dounghut and doo-doo!

“Another boaring day of Monster University ,what should we do?”exlaimed Blob.
“I don’t know, maybe we should go and steel little old ladies handbags!”chuckled Dounghut pleadingly.
“Why?we did that yesterday and plus that isn’t very nice to do every day!”
“Well I only like doing it because I like the goo flavoured suck sweets they keep in their handbags”said Doughnut as he licked his lips!
“I know what we should do, we should be in a band!”shouted Blob,that will give us something to do!
Even though Dounght loved the sound of this and it would surley stop them from being to boared,well could he bare the sound of Blob’s terrible voice: it sounded like Mrs Laa-Laa’s slime beetle when she forces it to eat chocolate! Cautiously ,to hide his feelings about Blobs painfully bad singing, he asked “Well won’t we need another person?”.
“Well yes I think we may need another person,I’m going to have a nap you can find them!”Blob yawned.

Quietly and cautiously, confident and ecxited, Dounught made his way along the lifeless coridor to the hall where Monters from all over Monstropolist, mainly Scare Town, gathered for important announcements.Feeling slightly worried he nudged his way into the crowd. Like a moviestar he pranced up on stage and stood there awkwardly until Sull(the sound man) gave him a microphone!”Hel..lo” he stuttered,”I am here to announce that there will be auditions for one more person to join a band”.Questions got thrown at him all at once and he couldn’t understand most of them!He couldn’t handle this, he was freeking out.Suddenly he plucked up the courage and whispered”I will be putting posters up tomorrow and they will have all of the details on!”
The next day Blob and Doughnut printed of some posters they read:Auditions for a new member of a band. Then in bigger print it read:Only come if you are a monsterific drummer or singer.Doughnut thought he should write singer just in case Blob decided he was the singer!

Day after day people came and auditioned but none of them seemed to blow the horns of Doughnut and Blob,they needed a bit more pazaz! One day a little weedy monster named Doo-Doo came(yes I know a very funny name but thats not the point). He blew the horns and the scales of them.He was perfect!They didn’t need to see anyone else. It was official, Doo-Doo was the new singer.Thank goodness for that Doughnut thought!
Weeks past and finally after sweat,tears and determination they went to number one in the carts with their first hit single ‘Why We Steal Old Ladies Handbags’!
Now you know where the noise comes from!

Tricky Riddles

1)A man worked at a high security institution. The man tried to log into his computer and the computer denied the password. He then remembered that the passwords to the computers were reset every month for security reasons. He called his boss for his new password.

The man said, “Boss, my old password is out of date.”

The boss said, “Yes, it is. The new password is different, but if you listen closely you will be able to figure out the new one. Your new password has the same amount of letters as the old one, and four of the letters are the same.”

The man then logged into his computer with no trouble. What was the new password? What was his old?

2)I am the start of war and end of sorrow.
you can’t express wisdom without me but I am at the heart of dimwits. You may find me in waves but never in oceans. What am I?

What object has keys that open no locks, space but no room and you can enter but not go in?

This morning my girlfriend sent me this text message:

What did she mean by this text?

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Dear Kitty …

20th March 1939

Dear Kitty,
What tragic news I have for you today…Hundreds upon hundreds of my own people are being taken to the worst place possible!I can’t bare thinking about what could happen to us , all of us.
However hard I try I just can’t get it out of my head ,my friends , my family,ME! I know my feelings really don’t matter though but I can’t help feeling lonley. Despite these desolate times one ray of comfort to me: my friend Lia Lessa has come into hiding with me. Unfortunatley her mother and father have been taken to that place. I can’t even bare to say the word it frightens me so much.She has told me how she managed to squeeze into the tiniest space ever and it was a miricle they didn’t find her.I could feel her fear crawling over my skin like spiders.Disgracefuly she told me how her mother and father got dragged away and thrown into a cattle cart.She described the horrible people as almost like demons snatching away the precious and beloved. The intensity of which makes me able to almost feel her unbearable pain and suffering.I would hate to be her.Sadly for I fear the loss of our friendship, but hopefully a safe alternative for her, I have found out that she is going to Britain to be adopted.I feel overjoyed for her but almost feel like that should be me as well, but could I ever handle being away from my parents?She also told me how this man has helped her through this tough time , his name is Nicholas Winton. He is like an avenging angel, a life saver; how could she ever manage without him. As I sit here writing this I am shivering. We have already had ‘visitors’ and hope they won’t come back again.For now I sit here silently thinking about the horrible fate that could awiat me…

Your friend
Eleanor xx

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The Goddess Of Nature

It was the middle of winter, frost dew drops hung from the crispy green leaves.
Snow crunched like cornflakes beneath my feet and the wind roared above me !

Who would have known that a deity like me could be in control of a powerful thing.
Suddenly I began to feel tired so I ventured back home above the Earth.

After the walk home I found an angry looking God staring at me .He was disappointed in me ,I hadn’t been Nature at her fullest.Usually I could tip heavy caravans over with my tornadoes I didn’t deserve to hold such power …

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The Piano Of Thoughts!

Suddenly a glow of light appeared before me and a tempting voice beckoned me to explore further…

Scared and worried, I ventured further into the wisp of light to find: a empty room with just a piano in .Feeling intrigued, I felt the urge to go and touch the shiny, black surface and play some of the notes.
I tested the notes from the piano and soon I came to my favourite …It made me think of an elegant ballet dancer prancing in the woods in a lilac satin dress !
Sinisterly a black hooded figure came around the door….

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The Ghost Of New Years Day!!!!!

As the sunset chased the horizon Grace looked up at the sky.Suddenly her mother asked her to come and help set the things out for the new years party.When she arrived inside she immediatly sorted out the drinks.
As the speakers boomed and family gathered something bad was sure to happen…Just that moment the entertainment arived and Grace realised it was a coach with horses .She just had to have a go!

As soon as she got on the carrage it started.Her heart was pounding and suddenly everthing went dark…

Something seemed different about her she seemed almost ghost like…

It was a new start for us all!

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The Sinister box

Knock, knock…I opened the door cautiously being careful of who was behind it. Apprehensively I peered round the slight crack of the door; to find no one present. All that was left there was a small box with a bright pink bow on sitting atop like a thief in court! It stared at me longingly, waiting for me to just analyse what was inside! Something didn’t seem right about this! Something seemed sinister… I felt like a fool; it was just a plain box yet I was petrified of it! Something whirled around in me, urging me to open it…

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Scrapbook entry:Talent show and Nativity

Lights… camera… action…!With just 9 days to go!
In Belle Vue Primary School for christmas we will be having an amazing showcase,the talent show,where people from across key stage 2 will be showing off all of their extraordinary talents.Some of the people taking part in this include:Alex and Joe’s group doing santastyle, Ben’s group doing Jingle bombs ,Faye’s group with dancing and Georgia’s group.Wait I forgot to mention Mr O and his original Santa impressions!

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Ellie W 100 word challenge!

Day 2 of being a vampire
Dear diary something extraordinary happened yesterday…It all started when I was at school. I was in science with my best friend when we both got bored and we decided to have a little chat. It all happened then. So quickly! She was just talking, and something came over her. Suddenly serrated fangs emerged from her mouth and she dug them right into my neck-for a second everything looked upside down –I couldn’t get away! She explained to me afterwards that she was a vampire, and I was too! I was shocked!

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