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The day of the blackbird


I shouted to mom who was in the kitchen,It was a hot summers day and me and my family decided to go out into the garden and have a barbeque!I was eating my food,my little brother and my big brother were playing cricket argueing,my mom in the kitchen and my dad doing the barbeque,we had a great time.Then I said

“Mom,can I sit in the garden please?”

“YES!!!”shouted mom who was cleaning and washing the dinner plates.I went down to the garden and sat there sipping my drink and enjoying the sunshine.Suddenly,I saw a blackbird who wassinging,It was very beautiful,but then it started squarking as if he/she was indanger,(and to right I was)as then millions came to it and started going crazy!It was the day of the blackbirds…

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the cat who loves orange!

One day,I was relaxingly wandering down a peacfull alley way until I Heard a noise,


I followed the noise source until I came up to a little orange cat.I thought It was a stray so I took it home,but only for a little while though because my parents will tell me off for taking a cat out of nowhere.Once I got into the house,I started to ru n a bath for the little cat until I noticed the cat was seperate from me.It was very mysterious.Then I heard a puring noise…


it was apparantly puring at something orange,it was my bubble bath bottle,so now from this day,I find a cat who loves…


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The steps of the unknown!

One bright,summer’s morning,I felt like going on a nice,relaxing walk into the forest today.So I gently opened the white door and set of after I had my breakfast.Cold and chilli,bitter and iced,I soon realized that it was a bit cold and I had to pop on my warm,comforting coat and set of.10 minutes later,I was in the forest ready to explore,but when I travelled for about half a mile,I suddenly noticed some weired-looking steps,soon i started throwing questions at myself,what could it be?a path to the end of the world?a path to a land of faires?or even a path to a diffrent time of life!It was to me the path of the unknown…

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The car who brought dead !

One warm,summers day,I thought that I should tell my dad to go out on a car ride to meet his best friend.So I ask him and he agreed with me,he opened the door and got into the car with me(it was a licourishe,black lambagini.)when we started to drive,my dad was acting very suspicious as if something was wrong,so I said to him,”What’s wrong dad?”he didn’t say anything until he shouted…”THIS CAR IS THE CAR OF DEAD!!!”then the car suddenly stopped and me and my dad ran for our lives until we fell to the ground whithout anyone knowing,even my mother!!!

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Duvet Days

Hi there.Im Dylan – Im a bit of a dreamer or so they tell me -maybe I am -my mom keeps telling me she wants a ” duvet day ” to relax ,but she never has one-if she did have one shed be worn out!

Whoa!! Its all gone blue -Blue like a large sapphire in a jewellery box-Im gliding through the water and its so easy to breath-flying past creatures with shiny scales and mermaids with beautiful faces and flowing hair-I can reach out and grab a dolphins tail- I’ve almost got it!..

Arrgh !- its all gone green – a portal has opened and Ive been pulled down – its so smelly – there are aliens with big anteater noses and little ones with green goo dripping from their noses – a bit like humans sometimes !- They dont seem to notice me but I am fascinated by them and their world.

Arrgh!-thud .Its all gone yellow -Im on a beach – I can hear the sea gently lapping on the sand – relaxing me and sending me to a deep sleep .Schreech !! Whats that! Its a bird with brightly coloured feathers sitting in a tree full of the ripest fruit-Im hungry – my stomach rumbles.I stretch out with my hand above my head on the sand and feel the warmth.The sun seems to be fading?

Bang ! its all gone white -thats cold – Im on ice -its so sparkly but so cold – I can see something moving -oh no -its a polar bear.Why cant it be a waddling penguin with a few of his mates ? This bear looks like hes hungry but hes not having me for breakfast!! I can hear cracking – whooa !!Im falling through the ice!!

Bang!Its all gone red – and its so warm- I can hear the rumbling of a volcanoe or is it my stomach.Its very hot – so hot my leg feels like its on fire .That because it is !Ive got molten lava on my trouser leg -arrgh!! I can smell smoke and burning – what kind of a place is this .Something is gripping me like a web – or the arms of some creature from the underworld.Help! Help!

Thud- theres no colour now – Im hungry and a little bit lonely-I can  still smell smoke and burning – it smells a lot like toast.Im still trapped in the arms of a mad beast or am I ?

My mother is mad -she is stood at the end of my bed – the wild creatures web is actually my duvet case and I can smell toast-thats because its breakfast time.I ve been dreaming again.I havent really been to the other end of the earth and swam with mermaids and dolphins,or been a polar bears breakfast-or have I ?I wonder what what aliens have breakfast ? or even if they have a mouth to eat it with?Talking of breakfast ,I think by the look on my moms face I should have mine before Im late for school.All this dreaming is exhausting!

My mother should have her “DUVET DAY”- mind you -shed be worn out!



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the winter strikes ! by dylan

As I gently opened my eyes to a brand new day , I felt colder than I had use to have been,(it was normaly boiling hot)and then as quiet as a mouse I meandered silently up to the big window and then with amazment I saw white,frosty snow flakes peacfully falling down from the cloudy sky,it was snow!It was an amazing sight to see,and then I rushed into my mom’s and dad’s bedroom and woke them up in shock,”It’s snowing,It’s snowing”I shouted in excitment,and then they cried,”what’s going on?”they both said.I soon calmed them down to showed them what was going on and then we all were happy and had a nice snow day together.

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the mysterious piano

As I meandered into the old,tatty room I heard a strange noise,what could it be?I followed the trail of this beautiful tune until the sound was so loud I new I must be close to it.But suddenly the rythamic sound came to a strange hault,and then I saw right infront of me a great big piano which was as large as a blue whale,and then the big piano started playing that wonderful tune again,the notes from the piano filled my ears whith joy and happiness.But for a moment I started pondering,who could of left this wonderful piece of musical eqipment, I must investigate…

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the old lady of cormorl by dylan

There was an old man from cormorl,

who was very very normal,

but he climed up a mountain,

and fell into a fountain,

and said”i need to go back to cormorl!”

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The old man from leeds who ate seeds.

There was an old man from leeds,

Who swallowed a packet of seeds,

In less than an hour,

His arms where in flour,

And his nose was covered in weeds!

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An old lady from Spain By Sophie and Dylan

There was an old lady from Spain,

Who fell over and was in pain,

She did a weird howl,

And then did a growl,

And wanted to go back to Spain!

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a new year is here!

As I gently opened my eyes into the ever-gazing sunlight,2013 was here!I could see it clearer than a clean wine glass that had been polished for hours!My dreams have come true,every part and second of my dream came to life in a stroke of lightning  about to thrust me,not just me but my family to,it was a new year for us all,my mom and dad have great new years resolutions such as : my dads going to stop snoring very loud in the middle of the night and my mom is going to do loads of exercize to keep her as fit as a flee,but there’s only one thing on my mind, what about you?…

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The Mysterious Box by Dylan

As I meandered into the empty room,I stood as still as a statue,glaring, at a very strangeattractive looking box.It was enchanting and its mystery drew me.

Should I take it,or should I leave it?When I started to get close to this mysterious box,I thought to myself-a million pounds?,a monster?,an unknown microbe?What could be existing in this box?

I muttered to myself.If I get a million poundsin that box,my life will be changed forever!If its a monster or a deadly disease that comes out,I will be like Pandora,and I will never forgive myself!

At that moment I couldnt wait any longer-I ripped open the box and I saw…….

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The Grusome Menace

Every day and every night i hear lots of guns firing as loud as a lions roar, also i can see troops, lots of them, being shot down by powerful ships driven my evil Moids. Suddenly i hear a knock on the door, my heart was melting like a pound of butter- some people panic a lot; others are always keen and brave. Then a weird bug came into the room, he had a strange stick in his hand, it looked upside down! and at that moment he spoke to me in a mumbling voice saying” you must leave, or you’ll die”

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The Journey to J’Nanin by Dylan

Evaporating into the book, taking no notice of what was around me, I just couldn’t believe that I was soaring through the turquoise, candy floss sky! Rumble! Crash! Consequently, I found myself soaring towards the strange island of J’Nanin. The sound of the waves angrily smashing against the serrated cliffs was deafening!


WOOSH! WOAH! As rapid as a rampaging rocket, I majestically glided through the warm atmosphere. Loudly, I screamed, “What the heck?!” as I flew through some treacherous rocks!


“Ouch! Oosh!” My foot scraped painfully against the dangerous, jagged peaks. “AAARRRRGGHHHH!” I yelled, as I swiftly darted through the immense, pointy cliff tops.


Below me, the white-tipped waves roared against the boiling, golden beach. Gently, I landed like a feather on a patch of rock next to a rope bridge, swaying slowly in the howling wind. Luckily, I had survived!


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