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100wc by Corben

Saturday 17th June 2013


Today we went to the park for a picknick and we had: some ham sandwiches, bananas, sausage rolls and more delicious foods. when we go there the park was very busy so before we found somewhere to sit we played on the park for a bit. After that we went on the field to find somwhere to sit then,after settling down, we unwrapped the food first we unwrapped the sandwiches then the bananas the the rest of the food. But, before we could tuck in the birds swooped down and took our fine foods so we ent home.

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Max’s Trip to the Moon


“Bye Mom!” Max shouted. Max was on his way to N.A.S.A, he had been selected to fly to the moon so he was very excited. When he got there he was greeted by the head of N.A.S.A, Sir John. Straight away he got led to the Rocket.


5,4,3,2,1! BLAST OFF!


He was off, zooming through out of space. Questions were running round his head. Am I the first person on the moon? Is the moon really made of cheese?


When he got there he saw a frienly-looking alien… so he shared his sandwiches with him.

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The Golden Ticket… By Sophie and Corben.

Tuesday 27th March

Dear Grandpa Joe,

Today I went to the shop and brought a Wonka Bar. To my surprise, this was no ordinary chocolate bar- it had a golden ticket inside! I was so excited I ran home to mom to tell her the news. On the outside I couldn’t stop smiling (however on the inside I was nervous because I was going to be on TV.)  , also you get a life time supply of chocolate! I would really like it if you could come with me so we would both be looking at all the chocolate.


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The Robber Cat

As I stepped into my bedroom I noticed a MYSTERIOUS ORANGE CAT on my bed. The cat had SEPERATED my pillows and just sat there, almost as if it was thinking.

It spoke.


It said something about a BATH. Yes I remember now; it said…

“Do you know anything about the Golden Bathtub little child?”

I replied back saying, “No I have no idea. What is it?”

He purred, “It’s the bathtub in Westminster Palace,”

So I answered, “Oh, well what do you want to do with it?”

The cat replied, “I plan to steal it!”

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Hospital Nightmare!

Love you xxx. Send! Beeeeeeppp! “Phew I nearly drove into that car,” whispered Amanda, whose heart was racing. The text notification on her phone sounded, for a split second she looked down to reach her phone, wondering what her father had replied. That was what caused the tragic accident.


2 years and 8 months she woke up from a very long coma. She looked at the clock to see the date and time. She read to herself,”6:27 am Thursday 21 February! Today is my 27th birthday!” She could hardly see though as her eyes were still blurry and couldn’t quite get full vision. Eerie silence haunted the hospital.  It was dark. DRIP! DRIP! I need to get out of here she thought. Amanda ran up to the door and tried to open it. It was locked. Some would sit and cry; others, like Amanda, would try and find help. Fearfully, she kept shouting “Is anybody here?!” But there was always no answer. Hospital equipment was everywhere fluid pumps, surgery masks and every other piece of equipment they use. She carried on wondering the hospital in hope to find somebody. “AHHH!” She heard that and only that so she followed the noise and in the corner crying was a little boy. “What’s your name little boy?” She asked.


“John,” He answered “Please don’t hurt me,”


“Hello John, now why would I want to hurt you?” Amanda replied.


John said “Maybe you are like one of them,” This puzzled Amanda but she just said


“Come with me I promise I won’t hurt you, you’ll be safe with me,”


“Ok I’m trusting you,” he whispered.


Amanda held his hand and helped him stand on his feet. Amanda was a little bit less scared now because she knew she wasn’t alone. They both ventured the hospital together. TAP! TAP! “Was that you?” Whispered Michelle


“No I thought it was you” Answered John quietly.


This time Amanda didn’t like the fact she wasn’t alone. But she didn’t tell John that because if John knew she was scared John would be five times as scared. If I hadn’t of been texting while driving, if I hadn’t of took my eyes off the road, if I didn’t draw my attention to the phone then I wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. PATTER! PATTER! “John I swear that was you!” exclaimed Amanda.


“I promise it wasn’t, I’m scared,” John declared.


“John I don’t think we are alone,” Amanda said with a frail voice.


John murmured “Are they going to hurt us?”


“Maybe so,” Answered Amanda “Maybe so,”


A shadow move across the wall but no person. “Stay there John I’ll go and see what it is” Amanda said quietly. But she shouted “Hello!” No reply. “Is anybody there?” No reply. She said “ nobody is there,” John  was lying on the floor bleeding  you lied to me you said I’d be safe. She looked at the wall it read, you are next. She was definitely not alone…




By Corben

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100WC By Corben

As I wondered through the bewildered forest, I noticed the moss covering the giants of the forest. The grass was rudimentary as the moss took over and conquered the ground before the grass had chance do see daylight. Leaves danced delightfully to the tune of the immaculate wind.Every tree spaced sparsely. Awestruck and amazed, delighted and pleasured I ventured further in to the calm forest. I heard birds singing along with the summer breeze and a stream flowing nearby. I caught a glimpse of some stairs; I decided to go up and see what was on the other side.

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One Little Riddle

I wave but I do not speak,

pirates are the ones who float,

and every other single boat.


what am i? p.s dont look on the internet i made it up myself.

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Holocaust by Corben

The Holocaust all started in world war 2.Because of a man named Adolf Hitler he was a very mean man who killed about 6,000 Jews in WW2 alone but he also made some suffer by working them quite literally to death.Or some he just killed straight away these was the weak one:young children and the older people.We had a very important visitor come in to our school named Lea Lesser who had a personal experience and one of the few to tell the tale.Lea Lesser grew up on the side of Czechoslovakia.Adolf Hitler didn’t let Jews go to places like pubs or places to socialize or have important jobs like work in offices or doctors.All of this if unfair as Hitler only done this because he wanted a ‘perfect race’ but there’s no such thing but you should respect people for who they are and everyone is good just the way they are..

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Notes from the piano

I sat there playing the shiny, black piano; the notes from the piano filled the room. But I was filled with heart-ache as these notes reminded me of the bad times but I carried on playing because I like to remember the old times, good or bad. Everything echoed in the great, enormous hall. I felt alone. I was alone. Sadness grew over me. The notes became more meaningful to me now. I knew it was the past I couldn’t do anything about that now I had to make room for the future and what good things that could be.

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Snowy Day

As I woke up I looked out the window, to my surprise the car was covered in frost. I could see no green grass anywhere the ground was covered in snow. Even the big white caravan had snow, frost and freezing water running down the window! Heavy snow was still coming down from the sky people was playing outside building snowmen having snow fights and some even sledging (sledging is my favourite in the snow).So I waited for my sister to get up and we all played outside for a while we did everything sledging, snowball fights and much more.

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Friday 13th July 2013

They said it would happen in 2012 but it will happen on the dreadful Friday 13th July 2013.As everyone says Friday 13th July is unlucky and it’ll definitely seem that way this year. This year the world will unfortunately and miserably end at 11:11pm, it will happen by the world colliding with Venus and there is nothing we can do about it… It is Friday 13th July 9pm.Everyone I have told hasn’t believed me but I felt it coming. 11:11pm and the world didn’t end I except it will next year though so I ran downstairs and hugged everyone it was a new start for all of us.

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The Mysterious Box by Corben Shaw

As I walked into the room in front of my eyes I noticed a mysterious box sitting on the floor like a tiger under the sun. When I approached the box I noticed it was leather also that it had a pink bow on top. I was perplexed by this box. Could it be for me? I wondered to myself. If I open this box, if I peek inside would life ever be the same? It lay there staring at me. Open it or leave it – which one should I do? I decided to open it…

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The Alien on Mars

It is July 21st 2017 3:20. I was in N.A.S.A, training, and then I got told I was going to Mars! I was so excited but also nervous.  I was shocked, because I was told it would be in 27 days.


It is August 18th 2017. Today was the day I go to Mars, I was scared. I stepped in the rocket. Houston counted down. 5…4…3…2…1…!!!!!


It is November 6th 2018. We reached mars. We pondered around. After 2 hours we noticed a life source we investigated. Then we saw an Alien for some strange reason it looked upside down.

by corben shaw

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The Arrival in Tomahna by Corben

Surprised and shocked, perplexed and mystified, I arrived in Tohmana…

Above my head as swift as an arrow, an Eagle circled around the serrated mountains. As I cautiously stepped forward to get a better view my hand touched the ice cold handrail furthermore I could hear the tune of the wind forcing the wind chimes to sing and the leaves to dance. The wind was trying to cool down the desert but the blazing sun was too over powering. I thought to myself “is anybody here?”

When I stepped back to catch my breath, the great green leaves caught my eye. Managing to  survive the pain caused by the sun  they kept hanging there. In the corner of my eye I could see the bench lying sweating because of the great ball of fire hanging in the sky. The pane of glass made a kaleidoscope of colours as a streak of light warmed up the cobbled pavement.

Around the corner was Catherine; acting as springy trampoline for baby Yeesha. Unnoticeably the sand and dust filled my nose blocking out the aroma of the beautiful flowers. In the background mountains were daggers sticking out of the ground. Also it was as if the leaves were water trickling down a fountain.

Cautiously I turned my head to see a mysterious door engraved with magnificent patterns standing there waiting to be opened. Trees like guards were protecting the magic door. I decided to put the door out of its misery and opened it …

By Corben

6T Belle Vue Primary School

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