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The Spectacular Surprise

As I was sitting in my lush garden, majestic birds swooped down and rapidly dug in the soil for some wriggly worms. A split second later, they were gone almost like they evaporated into thin air. Soon after, I fell asleep. After half an hour, I awakened from my deep sleep to find a spectacular surprise, a Goldfinch. It stayed in my garden for four hours, as the day passed. Night raised, the benign world fell asleep.

Morning came and when I woke up: nothing was there, just the same as I woke up the day before. TWEET! Oh no.

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Picnic on the Moon

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Whoosh! Flying up out the Earths atmosphere, he was off, through the picturesque, liquorice black sky. Marcus peered out his window like a hawk spying on his prey. WOW! Sherbet was scattered all over a blanket of ink. Crash!

“Oh No! Malfunction!” Marcus cried: he held his head in his hands and sobbed. As he cautiously clambered out of the metallic rocket he noticed a small turquoise creature appear out of a large crater.

“Hello,” Marcus shouted, “Want any lunch?”

“Yes,” a small voice replied as he approached Marcus.

Yum! Yum! What a divine taste…

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The Temptation ……. By Grace and Callum.

Looking at all that chocolate… The temptation was irresistible. The instant boy stared at the mouth- watering eggs above the cupboard. Meanwhile his mom was out shopping. Suddenly,  his hand began to rise above the side. Not only that, he began to reach out to the chocolate (white chocolate, his favourite.) His soft, fragile skin began to unwrap the lavish Easter eggs’ wrapper! More over, he found him self rapidly shooving pieces of delicious chocolate down his chubby face. However he couldn’t stop. The melted chocolate danced on his taste buds making him want more. BANG! His mom bounded in…

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Silly Tiddles

One day, Tiddles the cat was playing happily in the bathroom where Gemma’s mom had been colouring her hair. Mischievously, Tiddles jumped on the tube of hair colour and rolled in it. After 20 minutes he turned a bright shade of orange. Playfully he ran down stairs to mom and Gemma who exclaimed, “MY GOODNESS, what have you done Tiddles!!!”It was very mysterious; they could not think how this had happened. A little time later mom popped up to the bathroom and saw the tube, she called down to Gemma, “Mystery solved, bring Tiddles up to the bath.” Scrub! Seperated!

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The Magical Wonderland

In these magical, mystical surroundings one could expect to experience all sorts of wonderful things. Climb the steps with me, I will show you a whole new world. Under the shade of the golden leaves sits a spooky little character. Greedy the Goblin, no guessing how he got his name, a pile of apple cores lie around his feet. OUCH! Tumbling rapidly down the slippery slope of soggy wet leaves is Clumsy the elf. Pixie lights twinkle brightly, lighting up the undergrowth. Minute houses hidden away from the human eye, a place of wonderment that only very special people see.

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Year 6 County Tournament at Sutton Coldfield

Belle Vue are the U11  7-a-side County Champions!

This tourmament was a big success for Belle Vue Primary School. We played at Braemar Playing Fields in Sutton Coldfield early on Saturday morning. The winning team was Alex M, Callum, Elliot, Ben, Adam, Mitchell, Jayden, Oliver and don’t forget to mention Alex Sh. Unfortunatly for the team, Alex H was unable to play because of illnes.

There were 2 groups of 4 teams at the start. Also there were 3 other teams in our group from around the county. We played our first game and won 1-0. Not only that we could have scored 2 or 3. In our second game we won 1-0 again with a superb run from Ben. Last of all we got three points in our final game by winning 1-0 from a tap in from Adam. We were already going through but we wanted to play the weaker team from the other group by coming top of ours.

Semi-final time. Come on Belle Vue! The game was on the way when Elliot deflected a shot from the oppositions number 5 (he was massive). Next they nearly scored again but Super Markham made an exquisite save to keep us in the game. The final whistle went. PENALTIES. First up Callum,  back of the net… Jayden was last up to win the Shoot out 5-4. GOAL! We were in the final of the tournament. We couldn’t believe it.

Final time. It was a close game but Belle Vue made a break through from a lovely passing move with Alex Sh at the heart of it. Mitchell’s running down the wing, crosses it in to Adam. GOAL! 1-0! Belle Vue win !We’ve won the shield!

Now we go to Nottingham in March for the regional tournament and if we win that we will go to a national stadium.

Mr Holder made us a promise to make us a chocolate cake if we won. It was scrumptious.


WELL DONE Belle Vue!


That Winters Night

One eerie cold night, all was loud. The forest was howling and hooting, humming birds sung their usual song. The caravan campers laughing and joking around the camp fire outside. Frogs heavy panting and breathing, deer’s running around like headless chickens and lush green grass swaying to the tune of the wind. As darkness fell the African sunset ignited the liquorish black sky. The campers fell sleep and got lost in there deep dreams. The forest fell silent, the floor and the canopy. BOOM! Sunrise arose and then the forest suddenly started to sing and the campers awakened…that winter`s night!

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The Piano Call

There was that remote, depressed piano sitting patiently on the stage! Unfortunate and miserable, perplexed and bewildered, the notes from the piano were heart-breaking but at the same time mind-blowing! What on earth was the matter? His grandfather had been played by the most famous, exquisite people on Earth! He was made of the finest wood and his tuning was the best as well. After all he was the best. A day dream occurred that day, he dreamt that he was the best piano ever lived, Bang! A cleaner woke him up after all he was on the same stage…

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Callum`s Limericks

There was an old man from Quatar,

Who had a obsession with guitars,

He played for hours,

Even in the showers,

That funny old man of Quatar!


There was a young lady of Rome,

Who loved to talk on the phone,

She could talk all day,

Never ran out of things to say,

That young lady of Rome!


There was an old lady of France,

Who loved to sing and dance,

She had a drink,

And sang to pink,

That silly old lady of France!


There was a old man of York,

Who had a wired obsession with forks,

He ate his food,

With  great mood,

That wired old man of York!


There was an old man of Chicago,

Who owned a lot of cargo`s,

He stocked his ship,

Full to his hip,

That old man of chicago!


There was an old lady of Bejing,

Who was amazing at high jumping,

One world record,

Retired and settled,

That silly old lady of Bejing!


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That Old Perky Man


There was an old man of Turkey,

Who was very happy and perky,

He had a bite,

And got into a fight,

That perky old man of  Turkey



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As The New Year Approached by Callum

As it approached midnight, The countdown started, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BONG! BONG! Big Ben roared out 12 times in London. Screaming crazily, the wild crowd sang and danced to Auld Lang Syne. Still having fun, people at home made a toast to the New Year 1-1-2013.  It was a new start for all of us. Partying all night, people had lots of fun all over the world. South Korea celebrated it by doing Gangman style. Sydney doing the same as Britain by shooting fireworks up in the liquorish black sky. Dubai  putting on a fascinating firework display. The rest of the world watched on the television.

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The Mysterous Box

Is this for me? Is this a trap? It could be dangerous? Could it be a pipe bomb? The luminous, florescent pink bow stared at me like god scrutinizing my every move. It was Christmas in a couple of day`s (2 days in fact). I was on the edge on my seat; it was the world cup final in the last minute. I could hear my icy cold breath as I breathed in anticipation, still staring at the fabric coved box. There was something strange, different, mystical, and magical about this box I shook it carefully. What could it be?

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The Unique Mission Into Space

3, 2, 1. YES! We are just inside the Earth`s atmosphere, Houston. WOW! The beauty of Earth is mind-blowing my bulging eyes. It looks up side down. Beyond belief I was looking at Mars (not the chocolate).In addition, I was floating uncontrollably in the space vessel. Soon after one of my trustworthy colleagues flicked the switch and BANG! We all fell to the bottom of the vessel. Where is the pilot? “I don’t know sir. He`s not in his seat”.
“WHAT?! Who else has done a certificate for driving a space ship?” Me sir. Ok! HOUSTON we have a problem.

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The Astonishing Stranger… by Callum


Amazed and astonished, bewailed and perplexed, I turned around as Atrus strolled into the dim study. “Hello my dear friend,” declared Atrus when he meandered over to me. “This is my journal, I prevented this diary from being given to anybody else but you so take care,” explained Atrus. “I’ll go and get the key now,” he wandered off.

Whoosh! Unexpectedly, a ragged figure appeared out of nowhere! I was petrified! AAAhh! He threw a highly flammable stone against the intricately-patterned curtains and grabbed the Releeshahn book. Crackle! Crackle! The curtains set aflame. “Releeshahn!” yelled Atrus as the shadowy figure evaporated into thin air. “NO!”

If I had reacted quicker, I thought, if I wasn’t so alarmed I maybe would have caught him. Shocked and confused, shaking and horrified, Atrus suddenly froze: he stared at the book that had been left behind. Should I hop in the book or not …?


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