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100 WC

In the hot ,dry ,baron desert, there was no food to be found. Tiredly, the  famished trekkers stumbled through the scorching sand to reach a place to rest.


They stopped. They sat down.


Slowly, one by one , they opened their ruck sacks and put the sparse offerings before them. Altogether they didn’t even have enough to feed one man on earth. Annoyed and heartbroken, doubtful and depressed , they considered eating the crumbs or to save them for another day. Just as they had made their decision, a starving  hungry bird swooped down and ate their food. They were so furious.




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Picnic on the Moon

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Whoosh! Flying up out the Earths atmosphere, he was off, through the picturesque, liquorice black sky. Marcus peered out his window like a hawk spying on his prey. WOW! Sherbet was scattered all over a blanket of ink. Crash!

“Oh No! Malfunction!” Marcus cried: he held his head in his hands and sobbed. As he cautiously clambered out of the metallic rocket he noticed a small turquoise creature appear out of a large crater.

“Hello,” Marcus shouted, “Want any lunch?”

“Yes,” a small voice replied as he approached Marcus.

Yum! Yum! What a divine taste…

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Chocolate Factory- throughout space!


Flying across the galaxy, travelling at the speed of light; I could see chocolate nebulars coming from the Milky Way!  As I got closer…


It crashed into my metallic rocket! I landed in the centre of the inter-galactic hole.

Outside, the stars are aero bubbles majestically floating though the liquorice night sky (inside, however was a picturesque, divine chocolate waterfall!)

Looking at all that chocolate my mouth started to water…!  I started drinking the melted scrumptiousness.

The lights turned on.

It was then I saw Oompa Loompa’s, and Willy Wonka- my all-time favourite character!–  working with my brother…!



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The Orange Bath

Around the corner from my house, lives a scruffy old cat named Nibbles. Unlike Nibbles, most cats are very bold and brave ; Nibbles has a mysterious phobia of orange baths. Every time Nibbles sees an orange bath he clings to the door: as a result of this, his owners have to seperate him from it. Wierdly, Nibbles enjoys having an ordinary bath. Creepily, Nibbles chases orange mice but he does not like orange baths! You may be thinking  ‘ What a stupid cat ‘  ‘ What is wrong with him’. But  Nibbles hates orange baths because his mommy got sucked down the plughole!

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What Was Up There?

What is up there?

Was it a monster with furry hair?

Or was it the hideout of a grizzly bear?

Was it the trail of a  slimy snail?

Or was it a cloud of powerful hail?


Was it a bug perching on a rug?

Or was it a slug finding water to glug?

Was it a sheep with a fluffy coat?

Or was it the strong throat of an bearded goat?


Was it a fox hiding in a box?

Or was it an ox which had chickenpox?

Was it snake injecting poison in its prey?

Well that is for another day?





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Curry Night

It was Friday…CURRY NIGHT. I had been waiting all day for school to end ; time would not pass. Bring! Bring! Finally, the school bell screamed an ear piercing shrill to mark the end of school.

” YES! ” I screamed as I exited the building through our dilapidated doors. Rapidly I sprinted home and let my self in.

“Hi mom, Hi dad,” I shouted in an excited voice. Helplessly my mind went barmy for curry.

Madras, Vindaloo, Biryani, Bhuna, Dopiazzaand don’t forget Tikka Masala. Slowly, our car drove to the curry shop : I was tingling with excitement.  Suddenly, the car stopped. WAHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!



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Ben the piano

The sound of the piano filled my ears

The quiet hiss of the snake,

The angry rumble of an earthquake,

Clunking and clattering toy children’s toys,

Cheerful laughter of girls and boys.


The sound of the piano filled my ears,

The tiny squeak of a mouse,

The tap gushing in a house,

The footsteps on a wooden floor,

Eerie creak of an ancient door.



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Ben 100 WC

As I was running into the ancient, damp, green caravan a shiver wriggled up my spine. The transparent frost shimmered brightly in the beam of the sun,and the shattered glass lay on the floor. “Hello,” I called all I could now hear was my heavy breathing, “Hello,” I repeated hoping for no answer nothing happened. A cold presence had entered the room cautiousy I ventured on down the corridor whilst the floor boards sang out of tune “Creak, Creak!” I came to an old, crooked door it was standing there wearily waiting to be opened. What should I do?



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There was an old man

There was an old man from Devon,

Who wanted to go to heaven;

When his time fell,

He went to hell,

And cried I want to go back to Devon.

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My Brother

My brothers a sofa

He sits around all day doing nothing but watch telly

He’s very lazy

My little brother once changed the channel

Now he’s dinner.


By Ben & Oliver

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Ben 100 WC

Wearily, I clambered out my bed, stumbling down stairs a kaleiderscope of colours wizzed around my throbbing head, beads of  boiling sweat trickled down my brow. How late was I up last night? Cautiosly, I turned on the tap my hands trembling I picked up the cup and rapidly drank the refreshing water- I was parched. As slow as a snail I collapsed tiredly onto the sofa T-V remote in one hand chocolate biscuit in the other I was unstopable… Until I realised that my fabulous,furry dog had silenty and sneakily stolen my snack I was devestated.  It was a new start for us all. Happy New Year !!!


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The Mysterious Box

Finally, I hadn’t slept all night and now was the time, the time to untie the florescent pink bow with my nimble fingers,it was Christmas the most wonderful time of the year, there was a chilly, icy silence in the room… I sat there perched on the edge of my seat so much anticipation has gone into one moment have I set my hopes to high after all it was just a present.But there was something mystical,mysterious,magical about this one I was sure of it, I breathed in it was so quiet you could here a pin drop. What was inside…?

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100 Hundred Word Challenge By Ben

A Frown

A frown a frown,

It looked upside down,

It looped over like a rainbow stretching above town,

It made my head spin round and round,

I hate frowns.


A clown a clown,

They stop everyone feeling down,

So don’t have your grin have a meltdown,

Listen to a clown,

I love clowns.


Frowns are horrible things to have there glum and icy cold like the freezing Antarctic. Frowns can hurt in all kinds of different ways there isn’t just one type of frown there are hundreds.

Luckily, you can get cheered up by listening or watching something you love.

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The Chase! by Ben

“WOAH!” Whoosh! “AAAAGGHH!” Bang “OOOWW!!” What was happening? “Woah!” It can’t be true, I felt a sickening lurch in my stomach … Then I was off ….

Soaring, I was flying through the sky. I was an eagle gliding through the hazardous, treacherous rocks. Panic-stricken, I skinned my leg on a serrated boulder! Perplexed and bewildered, nervous and scared, I wondered what was happening. Rocky peaks stood there whilst the white-tipped waves smacked against them. Zooming through the candy floss clouds, I could hear the howling wind. “AAAAAHHHHHH!” CRASH! BANG! “OOUCH! Earth?” Earth was beneath me, I was on land – but what type of land? Bruised therefore aching, I noticed a figure, I concentrated … he’s familiar… he’s Saaveedro!

“Get back here!” I loudly yelled at Saaveedro!

“NEVER!” he answered with a strange tone to his voice.


Angrily I rapidly rampaged like a raging rocket after Saaveedro … He’s gone I thought to my self but then I noticed some cold, iron, unstable bars but that did not stop me clambering up to get back that Releeshahn book!  Saaveedro is a dreadful person: he’s ugly , uncanny and maybe you could say he’s a bit pongy too, (no offence). My heavy breathing filled my ears and the salty smell from the sea filled my nostrils. But back to the chase, Saaveedro had entered a strange building once he had crossed a swaying rope bridge  and opened a heavy metal door. BANG! CLICK! Oh no, the door had locked!

An immense ball of energy beat down onto my head; it was the sun. Despite being scared of heights, I still managed to cross the dangerous rope bridge. “Wow there’s a beautiful building,” I mumbled to myself. A strangle dwelling stood there proudly encrested with diamonds and also gold.  Just then I thought to myself, if only I hadn’t touched the book, if only I had stayed at home, I would not be in this perilous place.

Cautiously, I entered the wonderful building … to find a book, it was Saaveedro’s  diary. I opened it and studied what was inside. Secrets, mysteries and clues were revealed. Then I noticed a button, I pressed it and to my surprise it opened a solid, iron gate which led to another lever… I pulled it. Zoom! A lift came flying down from nowhere, like a golden eagle swooping down for its prey. Because I was so intrigued, I had to enter. After I had shut the door I flew up in the air and stopped on a floor with a window. I peered through the misty glass and caught a glimpse of Saaveedro. He shouted at me, “Do yow want dis book? Do yow want dis book?” I didn’t know what to do; I was so scared…

By Ben


Belle Vue Primary School

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