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The Exciting Trip By Amber!

‘’Archie, Annabelle come lets go and feed the birds at Dudley Zoo!’’ Shouted Mom.

They both shouted, ‘’Ok!’’

‘’I am so excited,’’ Archie buzzed with excitement, ‘’I love going to the Zoo!’’

‘’Stop chatting and lets go, you don’t want to miss feeding the birds?’’ Asked Mom.


Dad got really impatient with traffic. Mom wanted to tell him to calm down but he took no for answer.

15 minutes later…

The kids got their bags of food out. Annabelle put her hand out. Suddenly the birds swooped down and ate her food but one of them took her away…

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Pingu’s Dream! By Amber and Alex M



Pingu, the number one penguin in the Antarctica, was waddling home from an adventurous day of to tobogganing. Suddenly a fountain of oozing chocolate burst out of the freezing, cold ice like a volcano of coco larva! Looking at all that chocolate Pingu was hypmatised into a long dream! Pingu couldn’t believe what he saw in his dream: there was a Fredo factory, a Whisper Wagon, Twix Tornado and finally a Bounty Blizzard. However when Pingu woke up there was no Fredo factory or Whisper Wagon or a Twix Tornado, all that was happening was his dad doing the ironing as usual! There is a known case of a bounty blizzard or is it just snow?

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Bath Time By Amber.

Drip Drop, Drip Drop.

Went the tap as I got into the bath tub. I was thinking back to my past how much I had fun and loved the mysterious games I use to play. Just as I was about to close my eyes and relax my cat, that was orange, ran up to me.

‘’Hello Marmalade.’’ I whispered as I clutched myself tightly trying not to startle her. I talked to my cat a lot because my boyfriend and I had recently separated and she felt at times to be my only companion. But something was wrong…

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What Path Do I take? By Amber.

I looked at the choice. Which path should I take? The one on the left or the one
on the right? I didn’t know which one. The path of on my left looked steeper
than the path on the right. Decisions Decisions ran through my head. I thought
to myself this has been very hard for me since the first step is the longest
stride of my life. So I decided to take the path which would get me there in
the shortest time, so i took the path on the left. One two one two I counted to

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The Mysterious man

‘’You don’t know you’re beautiful…’’sang Chloe happily. As she drove down the motorway carefully. She was excited because she was visiting her cousins Jake and Rachel they are both kind and helpful. Suddenly the car stopped.

‘’No,’’moaned Chloe ‘’I need to get fuel.’’ Chloe looked to see how much petrol she had and it was half full. ‘’What could it be? Could of the battery died?’’ she pondered.

Somewhere in Manchester…

Knock! Knock! Knock! An uncanny man, wearing a black robe, knocked loudly.

‘’Hello.’’ Chloe spoke.

‘’Hi I see your battery has died’’ the man whispered.


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The Hollywood Star

It was 1994 when a girl called Tiffany moved to Hollywood from England. There was only one reason why she went to Hollywood and that was to follow her dreams to become an actress and see her name in shining lights.

2 Months Later………….

‘’I am a girl who just wants to be famous one day…’’Sang Tiffany as she auditioned to sing in the play Hollywood Star. She was really nervous but she carried on singing her heart out.’’Oh my god!’’ screamed Tiffany because she found out that she got the lead part in Hollywood Star. ‘’Now, spoke Tiffany ‘’you’re going to be the greatest person in it so you will not mess up!’’ So Tiffany went home singing with happiness and got herself in deep trouble by the police…

Tap! Tap! Tap! The policeman knocked on her window. She rolled down her window while saying to herself what have I done? I always do the right things around here and this is my first night here and I want to make it special for me and my boyfriend Alex.

‘’Hello officer,’’Tiffany Spoke ‘’Have i done something bad?’’

‘’Yes you have and i am going to give you a ticket.’’Moaned the policeman tiredly.

‘’What did I do can you tell me please?’’ Replied Tiffany.

‘’Well you were speeding and you slammed on your brakes to slow down and nearly had an accident. ‘’Groaned the policeman. Just then the policemen’s eyes turned a weird colour and put Tiffany into a weird trance…Was it all over for her?

Tiffany was so scared she didn’t know what to do because he was holding on to the door like he had chest pains.

‘’You alright, do you want me to call someone for you just in case?’’ Asked Tiffany. Silence fell. ‘’What should I do?’’ Tiffany cried. So Tiffany pushed the policeman away and closed her door and drove off and was so happy that she didn’t have to pay money for the ticket. Yes! she puts some music on and sang her favourite song called Someone Like You.

20…...25…..30…..35…..Tiffany was so excited so she sped off back home to see Alex (Her boyfriend). I am the best she couldn’t believe she left the policeman on the ground looking dead. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The traffic was long. Tiffany looked at the time on her I Phone 5 and it was 6:00PM which was rush hour time.

30 Minutes Later………….

‘’Hi Alex I’m back!’’Shouted Tiffany. There was no answer she meandered slowly into the living room shaking in fear. ‘’Alex Alex answer me please.’’ Now she was getting worried, she sat down in the floor buried her head in her legs and cried and cried until she got up and put her script in a blue folder. Shall I make a hot steaming cup of hot chocolate? Or shall I search all around the house for Alex? She went upstairs to go to brush her hair and saw Alex dead on the floor. Alex Alex…!

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Amber’s Amazing Brain Teasers

1.Some months have 30 days, some months have 31 days; how many have 28?

2.Take off my skin — I won’t cry, but you will! What am I?

3.The blue man lives in the blue house and the red man lives in the red house. Who
lives in the white house?

4.If the red house is on the right side and if the blue house is on the left side where’s the white house?

5.If there’s a frog, dead in the centre of a lilypad which is right in the middle of the pond, which side would it jump to?

6.If you have it, you want to share it. If you share it, you don’t have it. What is it?

7.What jam can’t you eat?

8. If you were to take two apples from three apples, how many would you have?

9. What are vampires?

10. Imagine you are in a dark room. How do you get out?

11.In a marathon race what does the winning runner lose?

13. In what year did Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall in the same year?

14. It lives without a body, hears without ears, speaks without a mouth, and is born in air. What is it?

15. Johnny’s mom had five kids. They were named February, March, April, May and?


Good Luck!!!!


P.S-Please don’t cheat!

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The Frosty Morning By Amber

As I woke up in the caravan I heard heavy running noises outside. Tiptoeing like a mouse quietly (so I didn’t wake up my baby sister and mom and dad) I looked out of the window and saw that the frost had come in the middle of the night, covering the trees with glistening white. I didn’t know what to do because I loved to look out of the window and draw beautiful pictures of the lush, green trees swaying to the tune of the wind whilst drinking a steaming cup of hot chocolate with some toast by the side.

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The Notes Of The Piano By Amber

Open the lid of the piano, what do you see and hear?

High notes with a pitch noise

Echoing through the walls bouncing rapidly

Noisy notes banging on and on

On the keys BANG BANG with a POUND as well

Tingling notes give you shivers

Everywhere in your


Open and see the chords vibrating

Feel them with your fingers tips

Twinkling notes give me

Happy thoughts

Excite me as the music gets faster

Pressing makes a beautiful sound

In a amazing way

All of the


Overwhelms you with that lovely tune that sends you into a dreaming mode

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The Amazing Three Riddles By Amber

1. What  has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?

2.What  five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

3.What gets wetter as it dries?

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Happiness By Amber McDonald

Happiness is orange,

It is sweet tasting,

Happiness looks like the sunshine,

With the sound of the waves on the shore,

It feels great.

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How do Countries celebrate new years eve? By Amber


Australia-Australia calls New Year’s Eve Sylverterabend, after Saint Sylvester.

Brazil- Brazil light thousands of candles and leave them on the sea bed to wash away.

Greece- Greece eats a scrumptious cake called Vassilopitta but not only that if anybody was to find a silver or gold coin in this cake you would be lucky for a whole year.

New York- New York has a ginormous ball at Times Square and when the clock strikes twelve the delicate ball releases one ton of colorful confetti.

But throughout the whole world the majority of us will say… It’s a new start for us all!

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The Ode About Santa By Amber!

The season which comes,

Once a year, is that of Christmas,

Which brings good cheer,

Presents wrapped under the tree,

Glistening with bows and ribbons and shining with glee,

A jolly old fat guy,

Came down the chimney the night before,

Leaving us presents all over the floor,

There was a picture it looked upside down,

A picture of Santa with a frown,

When i turned it the right way up,

It was a clown sitting in a cup,

So to finish the sonnet on a note of glee,

Happy Christmas with hugs and kisses from me and the family.

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