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“splish splash I was taking a bath” I sung unaware that i was being watched.The towel fell off the door.He chose to ignore it.Then he heard something that could not be explained.After that a mysterious orange figure walked past.He separated the bath curtains and he was never seen again… Three years later yet another victim became defenceless to the sly creature lurking behind every corner. The second person to be assassinated by whatever this creature could be left a note saying “it was a ca.” But it was never finished. It can only be concluded that the mysterious figure might be a cat.

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Stairs of clover

The magical stairs of clover winded up to the surface of the candy floss clouds.It seemed that they led to something that may be of interest.The ancient stairs were coverd in slimy moss witch domonated the defenceless steps.When I came to the conclusion that something might be up there,I hastily darted up the mysterious stairs when my clothes got torn by a jagged piece of rock slowly waiting to surprise its next victom.Unknown to me this was a man made spear pointing out to snag someone and hopefuly catch them.luckily I  was not one of those unaware victims .

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The Car Stopped


The car stopped and everything around me seemed to be in slow motion.  The world around me was black and I could not see anything.  I could hear sirens screaming in the distance.

The next thing I remember was waking up in a hospital bed.  It was days until the Doctors knew what was wrong with me.  I can still remeber the day they gave me the news.  The Doctor said, in a polite voice, “I am sorry to inform you that you have an unusual problem with your brain and you will never be able to drive again!”

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Year 6 County Tournament at Sutton Coldfield

Belle Vue are the U11  7-a-side County Champions!

This tourmament was a big success for Belle Vue Primary School. We played at Braemar Playing Fields in Sutton Coldfield early on Saturday morning. The winning team was Alex M, Callum, Elliot, Ben, Adam, Mitchell, Jayden, Oliver and don’t forget to mention Alex Sh. Unfortunatly for the team, Alex H was unable to play because of illnes.

There were 2 groups of 4 teams at the start. Also there were 3 other teams in our group from around the county. We played our first game and won 1-0. Not only that we could have scored 2 or 3. In our second game we won 1-0 again with a superb run from Ben. Last of all we got three points in our final game by winning 1-0 from a tap in from Adam. We were already going through but we wanted to play the weaker team from the other group by coming top of ours.

Semi-final time. Come on Belle Vue! The game was on the way when Elliot deflected a shot from the oppositions number 5 (he was massive). Next they nearly scored again but Super Markham made an exquisite save to keep us in the game. The final whistle went. PENALTIES. First up Callum,  back of the net… Jayden was last up to win the Shoot out 5-4. GOAL! We were in the final of the tournament. We couldn’t believe it.

Final time. It was a close game but Belle Vue made a break through from a lovely passing move with Alex Sh at the heart of it. Mitchell’s running down the wing, crosses it in to Adam. GOAL! 1-0! Belle Vue win !We’ve won the shield!

Now we go to Nottingham in March for the regional tournament and if we win that we will go to a national stadium.

Mr Holder made us a promise to make us a chocolate cake if we won. It was scrumptious.


WELL DONE Belle Vue!


The Caravan

It was early morning and outside there was a glistening blanket of frost covering the tips of the lush green grass and the surrounding woods.  Gracefully, the heavy snow began to fall upon the caravan site.  I jumped out of bed and found myself running towards the doorway.  I had to remind myself to stop and put some clothes on!   I hadn’t even brushed my teeth or had any breakfast, but I was already outside jumping around in the snow like  crazy madman.   I was so excited I yelled at the top of my voice for my friends to come out to play.

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The piano

The piano stood proudly ready to performe for the ordiance. Pationtly they waited for it to start. the pianoist streached his fingers to prepare to play. There was silence. he then began to press lightly on the letterd keys as if giving the them a pat on the the back for playing so smooth and to the rhythm. Suddenly every one in the large room stood up to applaud him. It lasted for 5 hole minuets until finaly it stopped. After that every one then exited the the music hall and the only thing left in the hall was the piano.

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