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The mysterious car.

One dark and gloomy  night  John was walking up the misty road to meet the rest of his friends at the camp . He was very scared of the echoing sounds from the woodlands so he started to run as fast as he could . John was looking all around just to see if he was ok so he could continue with his trip . Suddenly he saw a glimmer of   light in the distance, he said to himself thank goodnes im not the only one here. Then a car pulled up beside him , he shouted hello to see if he could get a lift to the camp , but there was no one there . THATS IMPOSSIBLE ! john shouted , so he opened the door to the car and looked inside for anyone but there was no one . So he got in the car and tryed to drive but it didnt let him then suddenly , it started to drive by its self oh no! shouted john. It kept going and going through the misty roads until it came to a holt, he got out the car and tried to look through the mist . Then he saw the camp yes ! he said so he ran and saw his friends hi john said hi his friends . But john thought to himself perhaps that car is not so mysterious after all.

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The harsh winter storm

As i  gathering more logs for the fire everyone rushed to the fire place and wormed up but suddenly all the electric went out. Everone was terreble scared of this sichuacion .So dad got his torch and went to the electric box and tryed tirning it back on. But there was a problem it did not come on dad could not work out why it was not working he tried everything but it just did not seem to work.So he came back down stairs and said there is no electrisaty the harsh winter stom must have nocked it out. So we got some blankits and coushions and layed by the fire everone thought itwas okay so did i lying down by a fire was great with my family.

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