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Midlands Regional final

On the 27th of April we made a two hour journey to Nottingham after winning the West Midlands County Tournament   in Sutton Coldfield. We would be up against harder teams but we were prepared for it after months of training.

So on to the matches, we played Oakmeadow from Shropshire. Unfortunately we got of to a bad start losing the first game 2-1 with Ben scoring our only goal in a poor first half display.

On to our next game, the spirits were down after losing our first game. We had to play Richmond, who were from Lincolnshire, and they had drawn their first game. Good news from that game, we won 0-1 so we were feeling okay.

Next we played Mawsley who were from Northamptonshire! They had drawn their last game against Oakmeadow 0-0.We won 2-1 witch put us seeking a second place spot.

After that we had to play St Edwards  who were bound for the semi’s after they had not lost a match and were top of the group. We held on well with some super blocks and Ben hit the post. Unfortunately Ben had to go off injured so Mitchell went up front. We played on the counter attack with Mitchell being denied by saves from their keeper. As the end of the match drew nearer we were holding on more but on a rebound from a great shot they taped the ball in despite Callum and Daniel R efforts on the line, after the ref played a dubious amount of added time!

That meant that we only needed  a draw to go through to the semi’s put what a draw it would be. We played Wold who needed a win! They took the lead early witch put us under pressure to deliver we went 1-0 down to a rebound then callum scored a fantastic free-kick and  pulled 1 back for the equeliser! Then after half time in come the drama they scored and we were going out but in the last minute we got a corner : lurking umarked at the back post was Mitchell and the ball flew towards his head… it was the moment of truth. A split second after the net was bulging and the celebrations had begun: we were  in the semi-final.

So we walked out onto the pitch against Water Orton it was 1-0 then 1-1 ; it changed again to 2-1 to us but then our heats dropped when they made it 2-2. It stayed tight to the end of the game! So extra-time then penalties if needed! But drama stuck in Extra- time when we scored but the ref, who listened to there headmaster who said it did not go in! Despite the drama it still finished as a draw so to penalties! We tried our best but unfortunately it wasn’t enough as we lost; only scoring one penalty!

So it was St Edwards v Water Orton… I am pleased to say the best team won with St Edwards clinching a win.

After all it was a good day out and we played some nice football. We were happy with how we played and we made Mr Porter and Mr Holder proud so we  were happy – overall, what an achievement!

100 wc

Ahhh. Went my mouth after I finished my can of coke: I could still feel the bubbles tickling  in my mouth as I swallowed. . My baby brother was okay though after all he was paddling around in his swimming pool.Two huge birds appeared in the sky, they were brown and had golden eyes which stuck out from a mile away! Suddenly the birds swooped down from the sky and snatched my little brother in their claws! Consequently my mom run out of the kitchen and started to scream and shout.

“I’ll get you back son, don’t you worry,” she cried!

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Pingu’s Dream! By Amber and Alex M



Pingu, the number one penguin in the Antarctica, was waddling home from an adventurous day of to tobogganing. Suddenly a fountain of oozing chocolate burst out of the freezing, cold ice like a volcano of coco larva! Looking at all that chocolate Pingu was hypmatised into a long dream! Pingu couldn’t believe what he saw in his dream: there was a Fredo factory, a Whisper Wagon, Twix Tornado and finally a Bounty Blizzard. However when Pingu woke up there was no Fredo factory or Whisper Wagon or a Twix Tornado, all that was happening was his dad doing the ironing as usual! There is a known case of a bounty blizzard or is it just snow?

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The Orange Cat

The Orange Cat…

I woke up on that Sunday morning. When I realised it was Mother’s Day…  I had not bought my mom anything, I had simple forgot.

 I asked my orange cat, Tiddles, who was perched on my bed, “What am I going to buy mom?”

MIYOW!!! That is all she ever said really but it always gave me comfort and reassurance that someone was there for me even if it was a cat.

Me and Tiddles were separated by my teddy Mr Bear. I always remember putting Tiddles in the bath when she was little! Sometimes Tiddles looked a bit mysterious wandering around the house minding her own business.

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The Mystical Land

WHOOSH! I  peered around, there were trees and steps, it looked like a Mansion’s garden. Was this a fairy tale? I had heard my sister read stories about fairies, I think they were something called fairy tales. On the outside I always said I was too old for them and they were for babies (but on the inside I thought  they were ok). I wandered up the  stone stairs to find multi- coloured birds squawking high above my head. Then I glanced to my left to find a lady- in a long white gown – with a halo around her head. She called out to me “You are now in Holamontisha, the fairy land!”

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What Happened

I remember now it was twilight and it was raining heavily,  I was driving down a country lane.  I could only see a few things but I saw a bright white light that shone  around the corner of the lane. In curiosity, I drove up towards to the light. I looked out  of the window to find there was a light bulb floating in mid air. I heard a high pitched scream but there was no one there! I saw a black figure in a cloak  run across the road. Then there were tapping on the roof the car stopped suddenly…

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The Disappointing Frost



I looked out of the caravan window to discover that we had had a heavy frost instead of snow.  It wasn’t all bad, I could now try out my new ice skates. They were green with silver stripes and blue laces! I had brought them from a car boot sale in Cornwall for ten pounds. But my mom and dad weren’t so keen on the idea they said it was too cold. Ridiculous! By the time I was running outside to try out my skates most of the ice had melted. There was no more glistening frost. “Maybe next year,” I cried.


 by Alex M


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The Piano.

The notes from the grand  piano resonated around the Sydney Opera House, while the choir sang  dreadfully to a tune they had never heard before. At the concert’s conclusion there were certainly no shouts for an  encore and  boo’s erupted all around the building. I felt sorry for the people who had paid to listen, after such a disappointing performance from the  singers. Within  five minuets every chair was  empty and all that was left were the piano and its pianist. I went over to comfort him and reassured him ,  ”  You were fine, the singers let you down”. With that I left  knowing I  had done something good today.

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 S0 it was a new start for  us we have sats soon  so we have got to knuckle down and get some hard work done.I had a great christmas but all of my family were ill but i servived. I was pretty scared when I heard that the world could end on the 21st of december though. Over the christmas holidays I went on the Quest at Merry Hill whith my cousin and my friend, I got to the top level I was scared though. I also completed a game I got for christ mas whith my friend and played whith my frend on fifa 13!

It was a great christmas.

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The Magic Box


My life had totally changed since the box came. It had caused much distress to me and my family . First there was the disappearance of the grandfather clock then my mom’s  earrings and then my dad’s watch. . All of this had happened since the box came. I decided to take action, I set up a camera on the Christmas tree directly in line with the present box so I could see what was going on. The next morning  I checked the camera and saw that the box was flashing. A strange creature appeared out of the mysterious, magical  box…



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Invaders from Mars!!!

Alien space ships filled the sky; it made me feel like I was upside down, with the sky as the land and the flying saucers as huge skyscrapers. The warning bells rang out and every one ran for cover. The army marched through the streets firing at the spaceships. Laser beams shot through the sky which was an inky black river being invaded by millions of herons. Huge speakers thundered out of the main space craft, “I am your master now, surrender or die” the alien said robotically. The army dropped their weapons to the floor. It was over.

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Atrus’ Study by Alex M

Exited but confused, nervous and perplexed, I carefully meandered into Atrus’ study… As soon as I stepped into the dark study I could smell an aroma of bright scented candles drift up my noise. Strips of sunlight shot though the glass windows like a bullet causing gaps in the shadows. I could hear my foot steps tipper-tapping on the vivid radiant mosaics. Ores shone brightly  in the sombre study as I scanned every detail  of the room.

Around the corner there was Atrus’ cluttered desk covered in his paraphernalia. As silent as an assassin, I cautiously crept closer to the desk. On the table sat pictures of Atrus’ mysterious sons. Despite the darkness, I could just observe an intricately woven tapestry which I think showed the past of Atrus. Curiously, I caught sight of a candle holder. Suddenly, I felt a pain on my hand, the burning hot lamp had burnt my finger.

Shimmering brightly in the sunless study stood a polished glistening glass stand: waiting in that glass stand was the book Reelshahn glaring at me like a tiger on the prowl.  Across the book there was an encrested metal locking mechanism.

Sneakily I surveyed an artistic tapestry. In one picture (In the far distance) there was an isolated castle which had been horribly burnt down! Scanning the whole picture I sighted a man standing on a rigid, serrated rocks , it looked like Atrus!
My eyes focused on the Reelshahn book, but where was the key for it? Only Atrus would know…

By Alex M

Belle vue Primary School class 6T

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