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It was a dark winters night.

It was a dark winter’s night: the birds were singing their dreadful cacophony. On my own, I was sitting scared, petrified even, on the old bench in the heart of the gloomy forest. Suddenly I heard something above me… EEEEEK! OOOOOOH! Unexpectedly, out of nowhere, the birds swooped down and carried me away into the dark sky…

“Help!” I cried as I flew over the ancient church.

“Someone save me!”

Soon I landed in a murky swamp (strange place to land isn’t it?).

“UH OH!” I was sinking faster than a block of concrete. From that point I was never seen again…

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The Volcano and the Easter Bunny.


Doctor Easter Bunny hopped majestically towards his mountain of chocolate: he had been saving it all year. Looking at all that chocolate, he furiously started to dig through the immense mountain. However his fluffy head glanced off rock! As quick as lightning he viciously scraped all the chocolate off the rock and an enormous volcano stood before him guarding his underground lair…

“Yeeeeeepeeeee!”  He shouted excitedly as he sprinted up the volcano. When he got to the top he energetically dived into volcano full melted chocolate. But then he realised it was a bad idea because he was drowning!!!!!

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Alex Hampton 100 word challange 15th march

I opened the door to my hotel room. An  orange cat  with cute eyes, darted through my legs and down the corridor. Quick as a flash I persued the cat with great curiosity. The cat lead me into a  dimly lit  mysterious room full of  dust so thick I can write my name in it. In the corner there is an old tin bath with leaking taps. Using the taps to lean on I peered into it. To my complete horror the bath began to separate and sent me plunging down  into a dark cold tunnel with no escape… HELP!



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A Orange Cat! By Alex H


“What is it?”

I-I-it’s an orange, scruffy cat! Did anybody bring it in the house?  It was standing proud as if it owned the place. Abruptly, I separated the cat from the leather sofa: it had already ripped the armchair’s cushioning out! “That cost me 1,000 pounds you filthy beast, Get out! Get out!” I screamed as the cat slowly started destroying my entire house starting with my antique painting. “GET OUT AT ONCE!” I screamed so loud I nearly shattered the windows. I was getting so mad at this point I shooed and ejected  it out of the door!

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The Dark Forest

There is  a dark scary forest at the back of my school. My friends and I go there to play at the weekends. One weekend we were playing hide and seek, it is great to play it in the forest because there are lots of places to hide. While I was hiding  a giant man, who must have been eight foot tall and mussels like footballs. My face went pale and my body turned cold.Luckily the giant figure didn’t see me.Suddenly my friend came darting to me,panicking and shouting  there is a man over there, let’s run.

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The Steps to Nowhere… By Alex H

I needed the toilet! Just a pongy, smelly toilet would able me to go to the toilet. AAAAHHHAAAAA! I thought nervously  to myself. “Maybe these steps will lead me to a toilet. Cautiously but frantically I made my way up the treacherous stairs.  If I slip I will really hurt myself: it could probably cause a very nasty injury.  There was no toilet… AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! NOOOOOOOOO! I called as I gasped in terror. If only I would never have come to this enchanting forest, if only I would have gone before I came, I would not be bursting for a wee…

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The Car Stopped Suddenly…

It was a cold a dark night, I was in my car. The car stopped suddenly. A huge bear was right in front of me! “Reverse! Reverse!” I screamed as the bear opened the car! We unexpecdictly   abandoned the car and jumped into the prickly bush and then we fell into a murky river. Uh oh I thought to myself as I saw a vicious alligator down the stream! “Get out! Get out!” I screamed and then we made our way down to the busy road. “AAAAAAAHHHHHH” I screamed as an eagle swooped down and then started to peck me!


By Alex H

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I Won A Million Pounds

Now, how I won a million pounds is not that simple. I first travelled to the busy shop with my towering dad while the birds screamed there cacophony. My dad bought me a place in a competition: the premium bond tournament. Now, it’s not any sport tournament if anybody’s wondering. So a couple of days past: my name got through the first leg and I was so delighted therefore I cooked my family a tasty meal, pot noodle to be precise! Nervous and worried, eager and intrigued I sat patiently watching my favourite show Match of the Day, “Once again really good TV show!” I thought to myself as Gary Liniker presented the show. Then it happened, I got through, being picked out of the hat for second time. It was only 4 children left, me and three others. After that I was been picked out that hat again! YEESSSS I shouted! It was only me and this child called Ping Pong Kim, probably from: Hong Kong, Japan or China! The final day began. The president pulled out the name… It was me! I could not believe it; I had won a million pounds! So that’s how I won one million pounds. I thought to myself what should I do with it?


So first of all I had a massive party inviting all of my friends and family to my warm house. Not knowing what  I would do with my money I  went round asking people what they would do with one million pounds. My dad said by the best newest car. My mom said she would by dresses, make-up and shoes. My brother said he wants to by all the toy trains in the entire world. My nan said she would go to Madagascar. My uncle said I’ll by all the beer I can get. I even asked my hamster, she wants  a hamster mansion. So after all of that I got the idea of going to Madagascar on a train drinking gallons of beer (I’m not allowed to drink beer though,) and I would live in a mansion   with a my own driver who could drive me around in the newest car ,and I would not want to do what my mom would do. But I would never ever would want to do that.


It came down to that I would  by  my very own house for my family with 4D TV’s, Jacuzzi’s, massive beds, acres of land for the garden. Not forgetting all of the food and a season ticket at Paris Saint Germain and a dolphin I have been waiting all my life for.  And with all the money I have got left  I will put it into my bank when I turn older and ready to move out, leaving everything I bought for me and my family.


There was another tournament about the same thing; the premium bond tournament 2013. The impossible and life-changing happened… I won! This time other people were going to benefit…


By Alex H

The stolen gold

As Double eighteen aka Jack White sped down the motorway the sky darkened.His thoughts turn to the mission set by Governor Byng ,he is Jack White’s commander. Jack  has been assigned to missions before and they have been very successful,thanks to his time as a  Special Forces Soldier when he was younger, and Operation Gold Stash is no exception.

The mission is to track down King Richard of Icelands stolen gold worth one hundred million euro.It is believed that the mastermind behind the theft is evil Doctor Coughman and his team of deadly villans. Jack  is starting his mission with a  meeting with  Matt the Secret Service informer,he is a master of disguise, there is nothing Matt doesn’t know about Doctor Coughman and his mob.Jack is sure to be pointed in the right direction to locate the evil gang and the stolen gold.He  is woken from his thoughts  by realising he has arrived at the casino.Jack gets out of his silver Porsche turbo and adjusts his bow-tie and black jacket.Inside the casino Jack looks around the room searching  for  Matt, with the sound of gambling machines ringing in his ears.Jack spots a black Jack table with a smartly dressed card dealer with short blond hair and blue eyes,Jack runs his long fingers through his brown wavy hair Matt scratches his nose in  response.Matt deals two cards to Jack,”,deal me another”, he said in a well spoken English accent. Matt looks at him and nods his head and deals another.Jack flips over the cards,on the ace of diamonds there is a combination number to a locker in the casino.Jack slips  the cards carefully but quickly inside his jacket pocket. Inside the locker lay one airplane ticket to Iceland,and details of were Doctor Coughman and his gang are located, with a broad grin on his face Jack heads for the airport.


“Hello Double Eighteen”said a chilling voice.Slowly Jack opens his eyes and  turns his head towards the voice.”I’ve been expecting you”,said a person in the neighboring seat with a menacing grin.”Doctor coughman what a pleasant supprise. I was on my way to see you,to discuss the small matter of some stolen gold”Jack replied in a cool calm manner.As he spoke Jack  slowly and cautiously  reached inside his pocket and gingerly pulled out  his pistol, as quick as a flash  he jumped out of his seat and grabbed his enemy and dug his gun into Doctor coughmans ribs “were is the gold Coughman”,Jack hissed through gritted teeth. Doctor coughman replied “oh!!”, “Mr White you will never find the gold I’ve hidden it well”. With one swift strike of Doctor Coughmans walking cane, Jack is knocked to the ground. At that moment laughing with great evil blazing in his eyes Doctor coughman pulls out his mobile phone and presses the star key, “better luck next time Double Eighteen”, the airplane shook violently and was sent  hurtling to earth…………………..





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My Brother’s 500 Word Challenge

Many years ago in an unknown city a horrible creature was born. Crashing and smashing it demolished everything in its path. Nobody knew how the creature evolved apart from a magiecal wizard who lived in the high East lands .After months of terror and vandalism everyone left the City but the King wouldn’t budge. Soon the king started to hire trained assassins to kill the creature. One by one they set off; but they were never seen again. Until one day came a hero called Peter who stepped up for the challenge. The king promised to give him 10 rubies to bring back the creatures head.

But Peter decided to get advice from the magical wizard. He heard that the wizard who lived in the high treacherous Eastland’s, so he began his mystical journey. After days of blistering weather Peter finally reached the wizards laboratory, and carefully he opened the stiff door.

Inside the lab Peter glimpsed a magical wizard he cautiously murmured “Hello”. Suddenly the wizard turned round and stared angrily before saying” What do you want?”. Peter told the wizard he wanted to find the terrifying creature. So the wizard said,” you could find it in the Eastland’s in a rocky cave”, but then he added “you need this dagger to kill it”. Peter then set off, on his way he saw nothing but dead plants and fog, he thought to himself should I be a hero and kill it or be a coward and return home? Then suddenly a strange shadow appeared, is it the creature he thought but the shadow said “if you carry on you’ll put your life at risk”. But Peter just ignored it and carried on with his destiny. Just then Peter thought maybe the shadow was right but then he knew he was too far to turn back, so he carried on. Later on Peter stopped because he thought he saw the cave. He looked back and there it was the cold, dark cave so he went inside the cave and saw…

A hideous, terrifying creature! With seconds to spare he quickly sprinted behind it, and ducked behind a huge grey rock. “Roar” went the creature as it knew someone was there. frightened Peter shook like a jelly,  his heart was pounding, he knew it was his chance.  Instinctively he took out the magic dagger and stabbed it in the creature’s heart. In pain the creature fell to the ground and died. Then Peter quickly chopped off its head and sprinted to the king. The king was so happy he held a banquet and made Peter Sir Peter. In the banquet the king made a toast “Sir Peter the great.” “Sir Peter the great” said everyone before they tapped there glasses and celebrated. All night they were dancing and singing but Sir Peter fell asleep and missed the celebration. Soon Sir Peter had to return back home (which he didn’t want to do). Everyone waved goodbye as  he went home.


By Daniel H( Alex H’s brother)



First I feel sad for Lia Lesa as she had lost all of her family in the Holocaust .But I feel happy that she had survived this terrible time.

The Holocaust was a time when Jews, gypsies and black people were sent to concentration camps because Hitler wanted the perfect race. Roughly 6 million Jews were killed that is more than the population of Scotland.

In the ghettos the Jews were worked like slaves 10-14 hours a day and frequently resulted in death. They were only given to eat the minimum amount of food for them to work, bread, and tea or coffee before they started work. There was lots of ways they were killed: starved, dehydration, worked to death, slaughtered, shot, assassinated, explosions, gassed, caught in barbed wire or got stuck in mines. They separated men from women and children, they also slept in wooden bunk beds with about 3-4 people in it.

I think Hitler was very nasty and that he killed a lot of people, 6million. That is more people than the population of- Wales, Singapore, Libya, Jordan, Denmark, Finland, Georgia and Croatia.

By Alex H

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A Frosty Morning In Wales.

It was a freezing cold morning.I woke up shivering,my teeth were chattering like a pair of wind up joke teeth.I buried my quivering body under the thick duvet,that lay warm and HEAVY over me.Jack FROST had been to visit.I poke my toes out to test how cold the CARAVAN is.My experiment is disrupted by the tasty smell of bacon sizzling.I fling the duvet off and dart into the kitchen.The condensation is RUNNING down the window. As I glance out,I notice the grass is no longer GREEN,but sparkly white and icy.



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My Piano

The notes from my piano sounded a bit like rats screaming for there life running from a mob of angry cats! I felt so embarrsed! I thought I was going to fail my grade 5. I broke down in tears nearly ruaning my piano. Who cares. Im awful at this instrument. Iwent in strop up stairs. AGHHHHHHHHHH!!! BANG!!!!!! CRRASH!!!! My bedroom WAS a pig sty. I thougt to myself i am going have to clear  up  this mess what got  me more  angry. I felt I could beat a full armywith  my own hands. Just because of that stupid stupid piano.

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A New Years Lunch

It was a new start for us all. Aaah! My new year lunch was scrumptious! Roast pork, Aunt bessies spuds, peas and broccili as well as carrots topped with home made gravy. Another dream completed! It had seemed ages away since it was christmas but still me and my family kept on celebrating!?That night I stayed up till one o’clock playing silly party games until i went to sleep. SCREAM! I was woke up by my baby cousins! For break fast i had the left over New years lunch also a bowl of out of date ceareal.HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Alex Hodgkiss

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My Present.

Once again my parents had bought me another weird present. Except this one I never knew I was getting! It was heavy. It made a noise. It smelt quite a bit as well as moving quickly. Amazingly it started to emerge from its box. Rip! Rip! It was coming out…  What could it be? A puppy, a mouse, a hamster or a cat- which one  could it be? Right in front of my ever gazing eyes was a key!? How could it be moving, how could it be making a noise? Or maybe it is a very magical, mysterious key!?

By Alex H

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As swift as an arrow, as silent as an assassin, I rapidly dived out of a plane! Whoosh! I flew through the colony of clouds. AAAAAAAAH! I screamed as my polished shoes were ripped off! If only I had never of done this, if I never have had a leaflet about it, my shoes would be in the porch. “Hey I can see my house from here; the only thing was: it looked upside down! Birds pecked at me! I WAS in pain. Bang! Crash! Splash! I landed in a murky swamp! Help! I screamed as I was  gradually drowning…

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16th October : Woodside o – 11 Belle Vue (Campbell Cup)

Belle Vue Primary dominated a one-sided match against Woodside. We succesfully won 11-0 with Adam scoring 4 goals, Ben with 4, Mitchell with 2 and Dylan M with a cracking penalty although the keeper nearly saved it. We played a marvallous game against the Woodside. Woodside played as well as they could and had a very good attitude towards the game. They all shook our hands and we are waiting to find out who our next opponents are.

By Alex H and Adam M.

2nd October: Glynne 4 – 3 Belle Vue (League)

Mitchell broke through the Glynne defence to open the scoring in what was a close encounter at the Glynne. The Glynne equalised about a minute later but that wasn’t all: once again Mitchell scored from a tight angle; in off the post! After half time the Glynne started to play a passing game, we couldn’t cope and they equalised again to make it 2-2. Then yet again their passing football led to them taking the lead for the first time in the game. Their player had an astonishing shot but was denied by Alex M in goal. There was some sloppy Belle Vue defending and we couldn’t clear the ball so consequently the Glynne scored yet again to led 4-2. When all seemed lost Alex H passed to Callum (our captain and midfield general) then he passed to Elliot and he wipped in a fantastic ball that was finished off by the hand of Mitchell (shhh don’t tell anyone). As the final whistle blew, both teams happily shook hands after what had been a tough game for everyone involved. Bad luck BV.

By Mitchell & Alex H

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