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The mysterious bird

One glorious summers day me , my brother, mom and dad relaxed in our luxurious garden . Once we had got outside me and my brother started to play a football match; before we started we stared at this mysterious looking bird it had a tropical colour of feathers but its head was a funny shape.
I asked, “Mom what type of bird is that?”
“I’m not too sure ,it must be a mystery bird.” She replied.
Suddenly the bird swooped down and its beak popped the ball so we couldn’t play football.

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Nazi Takeover

1940-WW11-Nazi Takeover!

Travelling across a never-ending field, I caught a glimpse of a bucolic landscape; a pungent smell of horse manure took over my nostrils! Green shoots could just be seen as green paratroopers gently floated to the lush ground! Weirdly, the Germans looked like Leprechauns in their green parashoots: looking as green as grass.

Run, stay, cry for help or scream as loud as I can- what should I do?

As quick as I could, I rushed to alarm my family!

Suddenly the scorching weather changed! Terrifyingly, lightening struck the windmills.

We all ran for our precious lives… hoping!

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Luke And The Choclate Factory!!!:):):)

“Would you like to visit Willy Wonkers amazing choclate Factory?”shouted the tv.

“YES”replied Luke with a lot of enthusiasum after he had stopped picking his nose.

“Well get a gold ticket by buying some yummy Willy Wonkers chocolate.”screamed the tv

Two weeks later…

Some people thought he brought a lot of choclate to get a gold ticket ; infact he only had three bars. Nevertheless Luke is never greedy but this time he ate all three chocolates to himself and thats why he is at Willy Wonkers factory now.While he was in the factory he said looking at all that choclate is making my mouth water.

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The Mysterious, Orange Cat In My Bath!!!!!

One cold  freezing day, I returned from a football match decided to run myself a boiling hot bath. While I was waiting for my warm BATH I went into the frontroom to watch some cartoons, suddenly I heard a noise !

” What could it be ? ” I asked myself.

I was stood as still as a statue in fear. Slowly and steadily, sielencly and scared , I walked towards the bathroom door. I quickly opened the door then I saw…

A MYSTERIOUS, ORANGE CAT in my bath. I couldn’t belive he had SEPARATED all of the bubbles so he could get in !!!

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Which path shall we choose?

one summers day me, my mum and dad went on a long walk in the creepy, gloomy forest.Once we had entered the spooky, dark forest we came up to two paths.

“Which path shall we choose?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”Replied dad

I told my family, ” We should go up the steeper path because the other  path looks longer. ”

” I disagree. ” Reeplied my mom.

Around the path on my right  were trees that looked as if they were trying to grab something. Finally we came to a  desicion we chose the old , creepy, long path

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IT was a cold and wet morning and seemed very dark for 8.15. We set out earlier than normal that day as mom needed petrol. After getting our fuel we made our way to school

” Oh was wrong with this radio ? ” screached mom

”    Every station has interfernce ”

That is when it happened, the strangest of things. THE CAR STOPPED SUDDENLY!

“whats wrong mom?”

“Not sure ” she replied

Getting out the car,it seemed everyone was having the same problem, cars all up and down the street had stopped, Was this an alien invasion? or Were they just passing?………….

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Amazing Africa!!!

I had come to the conclusion we were definatley not visiting spain for our holiday and thinking about it logically if that was the case why the need for all the vactionations? Where could we possibly be going ? We had been on this plane for hours and hours which from a childs point of view felt like days and days. Finally the sign I had been waiting for to fasten our seatbelts! I knew at this point we were coming in to land at our destination; after a very bumpy and uneven landing the plane came to a standstill and the door opened into the stillness of the night. Walking down the steps of the plane I saw two armed men throwing our cases into the back of a dirty old jeep. I grabbed onto my dad in fear, with all things running through my head, was this some sort of terrorist attack? Was we in fear of our lives? My heart was beating so fast i could hear it pounding in my chest almost as if it was going to pop out at any minute, why? Oh why did we come here? i was asking myself. Suddnley the men turned around and raised their arms in the air (I closed my eyes very tightly) ” Welcome to Africa everyone!” Shouted the two men. AFRICA! I thought to myself in a sigh of relife. We climbed into the jeep and the rest of the journey felt like a blur.

The next morning I was woken up by a loud shreik from my mom followed by laughter from my dad. I jumped out of bed to invetigate what all the fuss was about,rubbing my eyes,I rubbed them again thinking that I was dreaming and even pinched myself because before my very eyes there was a cheeky Giraffe having a nose around our breakfeast  table. After a quick and eventful breakfeast we were greated by the two men from lastnight, who some how looked more freindly, they were our guides for the holiday,known as : saha and shakalaka. And then off we went on our safari.

We had gone out on safari sevaral times each time in hope we would see all the animals  especially the lions but shakalaka couldn’t quite track them down but we were lucky enough to see the elephants which made  a cocophony  as they were  breaking the branches with their trunks. Also we were fortunate to see the fastest living animal on Earth it was the Cheetah,reaching the speed of 112 km/h (My favourite animal.) I still couldn’t get over how immense the heat was out here and from a far distance  you could see it rising  from the land.

After a goodnight of African entertainment, we took to the skies in a hot air ballon ,over the planes for the final time ,what a veiw, it was breathtaking. As the sun started to set,there on the rocks was a pride of fiftteen lions,my African adventure is complete.

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Adams riddles

1. If Mary’s father has three children popcorn,cola and ……….

2.If a cowboy went to a town on friday and spent 5 days there what did he ride back on??

3.In bobs and liahs family each of there daughters had 1 brother how many people in the family TOGETHER???

4. What lets things out and in ??????


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The Holocaust

In 1939 Adolf Hitler started another world war with Britan and Germany called world war two.Why did he start it?He started it because he wanted a perfect world with no jews,jipisy or people with a different type of skin.He sent them to consontration camps he slawted the young children,women,and old people. The men had to work (10-14)hours a dayand did not get there normal food portions, they then got weaker and mostly all of them died.Over (6,000,000) jews died that is more than the population in scotland.In the consantration camps  there was no flushing toilets,all the people had to share beds,they were normaly 3 or more people to 1 bed and 3 bunks high,also diseases spread rapidly because of the cramped conditions in which they were forced to live in.If anybody tried to escape it would be all the people who they shared with would also suffer and get punished for it.

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Adam 100WC

Whilst walking back to the CARAVAN,it was obvious to see Jack FROST had arrived, great i thought as i went RUNNING  along the path  and sliding down to the door. After fumbling in my coat pocket, i evetually found my key and opened the GREEN HEAVY door, ah at last into the warm, i went the cupboard and got my soft, warm blanket out ready to wrap around me, i made myself a huge mug of hot chocolate with cream, marshmellows and chocloate sprinkles. Grabbing two cookies, I then cuddled under my blanket and watch my favorite cartoons.

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That Old Perky Man


There was an old man of Turkey,

Who was very happy and perky,

He had a bite,

And got into a fight,

That perky old man of  Turkey



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2013!!!Here we come !!!!!!

It was a new start for  all of us as we woke up we all stoped and realized that it was January 1st 2013 .We all set to make our new years resaloution  most people do it every  year.My dads is to help my mom out more around  the house, my brothers is to clean his room when it is very dirty, my moms is to let dad cook for once and myne is to help out around the house so none off us will get stressed out . I think everybody should do a new years resaloution because its celebarating the new year and trying to make you a  better person .

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16th October : Woodside o – 11 Belle Vue (Campbell Cup)

Belle Vue Primary dominated a one-sided match against Woodside. We succesfully won 11-0 with Adam scoring 4 goals, Ben with 4, Mitchell with 2 and Dylan M with a cracking penalty although the keeper nearly saved it. We played a marvallous game against the Woodside. Woodside played as well as they could and had a very good attitude towards the game. They all shook our hands and we are waiting to find out who our next opponents are.

By Alex H and Adam M.

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