Year 9 ..


It’s literally been soooo long since I last saw you all and it’s just crazy that we are going into year 9! The last major things we did together were SATs and Panto Pandemonium, and now in Year 9 I’m starting my GCSEs.. ! Omg.

I hope you are all okay and school is great 🙂 Oh, and you too Mr Holder!

I’d love to hear from some of you again!

Govind 🙂

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  1. Mr Holder says:

    Hi Govind – it’s good to hear from you (I haven’t been on this blog for a very long time but I get emailed whenever there’s a new post). I hope you’re happy and everything is going well for you.

    Time is definitely flying by – it doesn’t seem very long since I was teaching you lot at BV. My little girl is also 2 tomorrow!

    Good luck for Y9 and please say hello to your family from me.

    Mr Holder

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