Easter School!

imageThis Easter holiday, some children were chosen to come to school and work on their maths! I am one of  those children( Ellie W) and so far, even though it is only the first day, it has really helped me!

Today we worked on graphs and multiplying  and dividing three digit numbers! To start with I was a bit wobbly on graphs, but after todays lesson I really understand them and how to estimate amounts or the time on a graph! We also had a sheet of homework so we could work on our multiplying, and I got all of them, exept for a little one I messed up on because I forgot to carry a number over: silly mistake! 🙁

I now really understand both graphs and multiplying numbers, and that was only with a bit of extra practice! Now you might be thinking well that is really boring, but actually it isn’t and I really enjoyed todays Easter School!:)


Happy Easter!!!!


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  1. Dave Porter says:


    I am really glad you found session 1 useful-today you are going to continue to look at line graphs BUT………….we will then move on to those nasty things pie charts!!!!

    • Ellie W says:

      Oh no! I really don’t like pie charts and I think that was something I struggled on in the actual test so I need to work on them quite a lot! 🙂

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