Joshua’s Letter to Atrus

Class 6T

Belle Vue Primary School

Lawnswood Road


Monday 17th September

Dear Atrus,

I am very grateful for your information. It helped us discover what was going on, although it took us a huge amount of time to realise what was happening. Anyway I am writing to you to find out more about your books and amazing magic.

Your intriguing magic is beyond my imagination without mentioning these incredible books of yours (you must have amazing magic to accomplish such a feat as creating new worlds!)Is it the crystal on your desk, that’s as red as a ruby; is that the source of your magic? Despite your books, why did your sons abandon you and where are they now? In addition, I think it could be your sons sneaking into your room.

I still have many more questions but it would be much easier if we could see you in person and talk over it. We would relish seeing a wizard!

 Your faithful servant,



P.S.I think we’re free on Tuesday…

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3 Responses
  1. Joseph says:

    Good work Josh! I’ve got two stars and a WISH for you :

    *You have layed your letter out well

    *You have used alot of good punctuation.Like these: ; , ? … ()

    WISH: Try using another word than magic.e.g.sourcery.

    I hope you agree with my comments.

  2. Abbie says:

    Your two stars are

    I have found your use of connectives very appealing:like in addition

    I liked your use of similie like the cristal that is as red as a ruby

    wish:try to use more openers

  3. Amber says:

    Well done with your work Josh here are your 2 stars and 1 wish
    you did well with your punctuation
    well done with your adjectives
    You could use a thesauras to use better words.

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