Riddles by Rachel

1.I’m a shoulder to cry on,

I balance but my legs sometimes wobble,

It’s hard to move me about,

I get scratched and your fist bangs on my surface,

What am I?


2. I am calm yet I’m sometimes angry,

I throw myself everywhere ,

I am paradise’s best friend,

I make you run and scream,

What am I?

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8 Responses
  1. Isobel says:

    Im not copying any one
    1.A bed
    2.The sea
    I think????

  2. Govind says:

    When are you going to put the answers on Rachel? 🙂

  3. Ellie W says:

    Hi Rachel, have you put the answers on here yet because I can’t find them?

  4. Govind says:

    These are hard Rachel.
    1. Table
    2. Sea

  5. Joseph says:

    1. A punch bag
    2. A wave

  6. Ellie W says:

    Hi Rachel, these are tough but I have had a go, here are my answers:
    1.A bed
    2.Waves or water!

  7. Rachel says:

    Good guesses Faye, I will announce the answers on Friday!

  8. Faye says:

    1. Table
    2. Waves/sea

    Thanks Rachel I hope I get them right.

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