Chapter 5 – Reveal the Murderer!

The voting was VERY close this week. Have a look on Boomwriter to see who won Chapter 4.


Chapter 5 MUST have …

* Make sure you read everything so far – your entry has to match the previous chapters


* Chapter 4 hints at who the murderer might be (leading the reader down a dead-end). You need to develop a twist so that the murderer is revealed and the reader doesn’t expect it.


* Use the ‘HANDS’ trick to make sure you have a good variety of connectives. You could also use the ‘Little finger’- ‘Middle finger’ – ‘Thumb’ trick as well.


*  Try to use an example of every sentence type we’ve done in your entry. Check on the blog to remind yourself.


You have until Sunday. We will use Monday and Tuesday for voting again. Any problems then please come and speak to me sooner rather than later.


Good luck!

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5 Responses
  1. Alex H says:

    Is this the last chapter?

  2. Amber says:

    Who is the murder going to be? Or is it our decision?

  3. Ellie W says:

    Well done Govind, you really deserved to win this chapter! 🙂

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