The Unexpected New Year!

The Christmas spirit waved goodbye to the world for another year…

Back on Earth fireworks crackled deep into the night whilst cheers could be heard for miles around as families and friends gathered to wish a lovely, warm welcome to the New Year.

Silent and sinister, a group of pale immortals suddenly felt hungry with an urge to show themselves to the human eye…

A moment later sharp fangs emerged from the bloody gums of the noticed vampires! Screeches of soon to be food circled the Earth. Unexpectedly, the vampires didn’t kill; they turned everyone into their own kind. They all entered the dark, gloomy alley-way three nights a week to plan their next attack. I bet you are wondering how I know all this. Well, the tale goes as follows:

It was on… well really I don’t know when it was! I was too traumatized to even think when this awful event happened. When the party was full with laughter I was upstairs venturing around the bedroom, gazing at all the wonderful artwork hanging from the walls then… BANG! The door had opened and thunder rattled through my ears. It went silent, silent in a way that made me tingle all over…

Soon, I crept down the creaky stairs to find the room in disarray and what was a vigorous, noisy party had ended; a moribund silence filled the room.  Nobody was there. Then, from the corner of my eye I noticed a scruffy guy with razor-sharp fangs and then it came to me. I froze like a statue and stared into space. What should I have done?” This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I could study immortals!” I thought. It would be dangerous, I knew that, but it would never in a million years happen again!  I shivered as I wandered off unsteadily down the long, dark corridor towards the front door…

Following the tatty-clothed male, I trembled as I tiptoed silently. Unfortunately, he was as rapid as a cheetah, maybe quicker, so soon my whole surroundings turned into one huge blur! A few moments later, my blurred vision faded: I could see again. Leaning against a tough, brick wall, I decided to give up. It was then, that an evil cackle whisked through my ears…

Finally, I’d built up the courage to have a sneaky glance over the bricks. I was rather proud of this; come on admit that it would have taken some guts. I placed my hands at the top of the wall, the bricks felt rough. I jumped up and peeked. The females were very scruffy but they didn’t have a reflection so they couldn’t exactly appear pretty. The men were just as tatty. Suddenly, the vampires, in their misanthropic state, sharply turned their heads. I collapsed in fright and the landscape went liquorish black…

It must’ve been about half an hour when I awoke, my neck was in agony. I limped home and stared into the mirror. There was no reflection…

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3 Responses
  1. Zoë says:

    Thank you Isobel and Faye! I agree with my wish, in my next piece of work I will try to achieve it.

  2. Faye says:

    Well done Zoe. AN ASTONishing piece of work.
    Here are my two stars and a wish:

    *.Good use of punctuation.
    *.You put a picture into the readers. Well done!
    WISH: Try to vary your sentence lenghts and types! 😉

  3. Isobel says:

    Zoë I love how you just left it at the end with there was no reflection

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