The stolen gold

As Double eighteen aka Jack White sped down the motorway the sky darkened.His thoughts turn to the mission set by Governor Byng ,he is Jack White’s commander. Jack  has been assigned to missions before and they have been very successful,thanks to his time as a  Special Forces Soldier when he was younger, and Operation Gold Stash is no exception.

The mission is to track down King Richard of Icelands stolen gold worth one hundred million euro.It is believed that the mastermind behind the theft is evil Doctor Coughman and his team of deadly villans. Jack  is starting his mission with a  meeting with  Matt the Secret Service informer,he is a master of disguise, there is nothing Matt doesn’t know about Doctor Coughman and his mob.Jack is sure to be pointed in the right direction to locate the evil gang and the stolen gold.He  is woken from his thoughts  by realising he has arrived at the casino.Jack gets out of his silver Porsche turbo and adjusts his bow-tie and black jacket.Inside the casino Jack looks around the room searching  for  Matt, with the sound of gambling machines ringing in his ears.Jack spots a black Jack table with a smartly dressed card dealer with short blond hair and blue eyes,Jack runs his long fingers through his brown wavy hair Matt scratches his nose in  response.Matt deals two cards to Jack,”,deal me another”, he said in a well spoken English accent. Matt looks at him and nods his head and deals another.Jack flips over the cards,on the ace of diamonds there is a combination number to a locker in the casino.Jack slips  the cards carefully but quickly inside his jacket pocket. Inside the locker lay one airplane ticket to Iceland,and details of were Doctor Coughman and his gang are located, with a broad grin on his face Jack heads for the airport.


“Hello Double Eighteen”said a chilling voice.Slowly Jack opens his eyes and  turns his head towards the voice.”I’ve been expecting you”,said a person in the neighboring seat with a menacing grin.”Doctor coughman what a pleasant supprise. I was on my way to see you,to discuss the small matter of some stolen gold”Jack replied in a cool calm manner.As he spoke Jack  slowly and cautiously  reached inside his pocket and gingerly pulled out  his pistol, as quick as a flash  he jumped out of his seat and grabbed his enemy and dug his gun into Doctor coughmans ribs “were is the gold Coughman”,Jack hissed through gritted teeth. Doctor coughman replied “oh!!”, “Mr White you will never find the gold I’ve hidden it well”. With one swift strike of Doctor Coughmans walking cane, Jack is knocked to the ground. At that moment laughing with great evil blazing in his eyes Doctor coughman pulls out his mobile phone and presses the star key, “better luck next time Double Eighteen”, the airplane shook violently and was sent  hurtling to earth…………………..





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2 Responses
  1. Thomas says:

    WOW thyis is fantastic,i was at the edje of my seat!
    star:good dilema in this story
    star:exelent use of vocabulary
    wish:the senteces are TOO long,you need to use full stops when time,read your work through

  2. Alex M says:

    Hi Alex your 500 word challenge was excellent here are my two stars and a wish:
    Star: I love the story it really paints a picture on my head.
    Star: I love the amount of dialogue you have used and you have used it correctly.
    Wish: I wish it was longer.
    Great work Alex that was such a good piece of work.

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