Once there was a nice but shy girl called Daisy. Daisy was quiet at school but when she got home she was as chatty as a parrot.

After school, when she was skipping home, she took a shortcut through the forest (Shadow Forest). As Daisy was walking calmly through the forest she saw something in the corner of her eye. Daisy yelled “Hey where are you going? And who are you?” As quick as a cheetah she sprinted after the strange creature.

Suddenly the unusual noise stopped. Daisy stopped too.  ”Can you hear me?” she asked politely. “Neighhhhh!”  Was the reply she received .Daisy started to get a bit suspicious. “Hmm” she thought to herself, “how come he knew what I was saying?” Then the creature emerged from some bushes. “Hello, what’s your name?” Daisy asked “Neighhh!”  was the answer again.  “Oh your name is Shadow” “WHOAA, this is unbelievable I can understand you. But the horse trotted away into the distance. Daisy was incredibly shocked but also upset so she set off after Shadow.

As she was sprinting through Shadow Forest, searching for the mystical creature, Daisy looked everywhere for him but there was no luck heading her way. It was getting dark now but she did not look back; Daisy scanned everywhere when she saw something move.  “SHADOW!” she yelled at the top of her voice “where are you?” then Shadow showed himself. “There you are,” as she sighed in relief, “I was so worried”. She ran towards Shadow, he said something “Neighhh” “Oh, you want me to follow you!” So they went deeper into the dense forest.

It was like a magical kingdom; suddenly it had turned into a bright, sunny day when Daisy saw Shadow in this unexpected daylight, she gasped. She had never seen an animal so beautifully coloured. Shadow was like a golden tree with chestnut leaves. The wind blew strongly towards him like he was in a movie. Daisy was astonished, “This is a surprise!” She gasped in awe “What has happened?”

“Neighhh!” he replied

“This is your forest and you want me to meet all your friends?”

Shadow strode forward with Daisy by his side. He was so tall that she felt very small. “These animals you see are under my protection” said Shadow “no harm comes to them whilst I’m here to protect them.” As they walked through the path, animals started to approach them cautiously (because they were wary of the stranger.)”Hello, what’s your name?” asked Daisy

“My name’s Peach,” answered the rabbit.

“My name is Sam” replied the squirrel “What’s yours”

“My name is Daisy” she said calmly. ”So you can speak,”

“Yes we can.” As Daisy looked around, autumn leaves were scattered everywhere. It was like the woods were set on fire. In the corner of her eye she saw a giant pile of dry leaves, like a big, fat mattress. Daisy was so tired, she slumped over and fell asleep .Suddenly she heard someone calling her name.

“Daisy!”  “Daisy!” Then she woke up .It was morning and her mom was waking here up for school.

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2 Responses
  1. Elliot says:

    * Good use of speech
    * Good idea using the idea of shadow forest
    Wish:Try to use more sentence types
    Overall it is a good piece of work

  2. Grace says:

    Wow! Well done this is a fantastic peice of work.
    * I like the punctuation you have used such as () and ;
    * You have also described your work very well.
    WISH: Remember you have to start a new line for a new speaker. But over all this is a great peice of work keep on producing work like this. 😀

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