The Magical Box

The Magical Box

As I stepped into the room, the enormous Christmas tree had many presents beneath it. One caught my eye, it was black, square and dull, looking very ordinary but somehow the pink glistening bow made me want to open it.” I wonder what’s inside” My hands slowly but surely took hold of the box it was as light as a feather. “Now I’m very confused” Is this a joke, is there anything inside? Pulling the nicely rapped bow of the box, moving my hands to the lid through the four corners the brightest, magical silver light glistened- WOW IT’S MAGIC…

WHUSH,WHUSH,POP I was sucked into the box like water running through a tap. My body became squashed and crushed so tightly I gasped for breath. Gradually, something amazing was happening all I could see in the horizon, was a mysterious island surrounded my heavy and thick, but in the same sense soft and fluffy mist. Eventhough deep down I felt scared somehow I knew that I was in no danger.

Furthermore my body was gliding and twisting, swaying and swerving beyond belief, through mountains big and small below. Despite being pullled back and now slowing down “What was pulling me back” ?

OH NO! all around me creatures enclosed determined to be brave I managed to land on my feet.” Where am I, What do they want”? It was apparent to me that they were not going to harm me in any way. Nevertheless, they gathered round me as if I were imprisoned, through the middle of the crowd a path began to part. My name “Jake” was being called over and over again. “How did they know my name”? There was no explanation, the atmosphere was intense. Making it’s way towards me slowly, limping with a stick and the longest hair I had ever seen trailing behind him (or was it an him) I’m not quite sure. Two hands were held out before me like I was being welcomed to this wonderful curious place.

Dark black clouds appeared above us rain drops fell down the size of golf balls (which believe me was oh so painfull)The winds roared and spun me round like an hurricane. It was suddenly humid, sticky and very intense. The creatures helped me up from the ground they said “don’t be embarrassed let us help you” they persuaded me to climb on one of their backs, carried me over the bridge to a cave that was hidden within a mountain. “Who are you, why did you help me”? The leader replied ” You must have found the magic box to get back home you must think of a rythme, say it slow and say it on time”

My name is Jake,
I live by a lake,
I’ll always remember not to be late.

WHUSH, BANG I was back home in my bed. The bedroom door opened it was mom “Merry Christmas Jake”. I ran downstairs, there was NO BLACK BOX ” Was I really dreaming”? …………..

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2 Responses
  1. Alex M says:

    Well done Jake here are my two stars and a wish:
    Star: I love how you have ended with a question.
    Star: you have used () well.
    Wish: Remember to put the punctuation inside the speech marks.
    That was a great piece of work you should be very proud.

    • jake says:

      Hi Alex. Yes I can see what I did wrong with the speech marks. I must remember for next time.

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