The Crooked Cottage ……… By Grace

‘Twas a dark, spooky night. The howling of the wind sent a chill down my spine. SNAP! A deep feirce noise let off its aggressive anger. As I turned around, i caught a glimpse of a sinister figure. As silent as an assasin, I  crepy slowly away. The licquorice black sky smothered the candy floss clouds, leaving the night jewels to come out once again!

As I decided to adventure further and further, I stumbled across a crooked, old, lonely cottage that was weeping to be lit up once again. Confused and baffled, frightened and scared,  I stood and glared at the building woundering whether I should enter.

My body ached with curiosity, I stopped in my tracks and headed back. Whilst the cottage drew near, my chest heaved with pain.

“Should i stay?-  should i go?- Should I run?; what should I do?” I chanted to  myself. However, a sudden movement from the top wooden- framed window caught my attention. The denim from my jeans soaked up he sweat from my palms. As I turned the handle, the lions head was like ice  its self, the wide, rotton door creaked as it opened. A sharp, searing pain made me wince, the wet liquid trickled down my cheek.

A black cat fled into the distance. Someone lived here for sure. But who?

From around the corner,  foot steps were becoming louder, fast approaching, my heart beating rapidly beneath my jacket. Suddenly, I  felt a thud, the light went out! My head pounded hard.

“AGGH!!” groaned a familiar voice. Hearing this I knew it was one of my close friends.

“Julie?” I called.

“H-h-hello” she stuttered.

“Owww what did you do that for?” I screeched.

Not only  was I bleeding from my cheek, but from my head to.

“Sorry i didn’t realize it was you, I thought it was one of “them” she exclaimed.

“Who’s one of “them”?” I asked confused. As she went to answer, a painful  cry roared through the  house. They gasped in fright and held a glance between them.

On entering the house, a strong ouder drifted up my enquisitive nostrils, the scorched timber filled the chocking air, making it difficult to breath. The blackened ceiling and walls rang out a feirce fire had once taken place!

As they waded through soot and remains of the belongings, the extent of destruction the fire left behind, starts to unfold.

“We should go in and investigate.” I whispered softly. Without saying anymore, we both took our  first step into ,  what seemed to be, the spooked cottage. The crying still carried on. Until…. Silence fell.

“Hello” we called. …….. But nothing. “Rawww!!” the noise started up again. We  both looked at eachother in horror and huddled closer. They both ran as fast as cheaters back to their homes.

It was in the newspapers the next day that there had been a sighting of a screaming ghost-like pale  figure floating swiftly  out from a crooked cottage. They both turned pale and glanced at eachother…..



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2 Responses
  1. Grace says:

    Thankyou Sophie and I will try next time to use a range of level 5 punctuation, I am looking forward to read yours. 😀

  2. Sophie says:

    Hi Grace
    What an amazing piece of work
    Here are my two stars and a wish:
    * I like your openers
    * I like how you have used a choice-question? scentence
    WISH: Try and use some level 5 punctuation
    But over all Grace that was a brilliant piece of work!
    So well done Grace!

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