Loveatopia By ellie d

Imagine a mistical island,which has magicall creatures,you can swim in the secret water world.It was a steeming hot day,I was sunbathing .The flaming sun was like a ball of larver hovering in the blue sky.BANG! BANG! BANG! Suddenly, Iheard banging at the door.Who was it I thought.I opened the creeky door.It was only my new next door neighbours.They gust got here.Also my next door neighbours are the wilkensons.As well as that they have a creative and fun daughter.We love to climb trees , we have a dream aswell its that we go on an adventure.However , we know that its never going to happen we dont have to go to school :we are going to explore the world.I explained to Vicky ( nextdoor neighbour) why I wanted to see the world.Its because I want to see all the animals , so I can take some pictures.And I want to taste every ice cream.Vicky was shocked , she never knew how brave I really was.Two days later , my mum woke me up at 5:00 am.I asked my mum why do we need to wake up early? Then my mum replied sweetie were going on a boat to find the mystery island.Yay I screamed.I was so exited.What will be on the mystery island?I thought.Eventually we got in the new , shiny boat.The boat was like it was magic because it could fly up in the breeze , also it catches fish by itself , so we can have something to eat.Then dad spotted something , we went a bit closer.Dad was right it was the missing island.When we went in the sky,we touched the birds.Suddenly it started to rain and there was thunder.It was terrifing.The boat became not magic anymore,so we fell in the freezeing sea water.We lost everything but I got a massive bag ,then I tried to get all the food also some clothes.But I didnt find my clothes, all I found was food,parents clothesandmore food.My parents left me in the sea so they could go and find a boat from deep in the ocean.I was becomming tired.Then my parents came back with a boat.Iwas so relived,that my parent came back for me.Mom said what ever happens, im proud of you.I replied thanks mom.After,we swam to the mystery island.It was breath taking.We got some wood:to make a house.Also it was mind-blowing.Our house was glorious and gigantic.It was unbelivable.I got this far and im amazed.My family are living on the island and we have called it loveatopia.Many people come to stay.Then we saw something strange…

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  1. Daniel says:

    Hi ellie

    well done on your work here are your 2 stars and a wish.
    *a very good efort
    *I like your piece of writing especialy your cliff hanger at the end

    well done 😛 🙂 😉

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