500 word challenge

Underneath the floor boards, in a deep, dark, lonely house lived a cat called Rupert and a mouse called Minnie. Rupert was ginger and white (with a hint of black) fur covering his whole, entire body. He had blue eyes and a pink, cold, wet nose that felt like a cold, juicy apple. Minnie the mouse had short, brown fur and red, snake- like eyes. Her tail was quite long for a mouse her long tale was bare (no fur).

One long cold winter’s night Rupert and Minnie were sharing food.  Rupert’s food was fish and Minnie’s food was cheese. Neither of them had tried each other’s food before so they were quite intrigued. They did rock paper scissors to see who should eat each other’s food first and Rupert won which meant that he would have to eat Minnie’s cheese and he loved it he even wanted some more but Minnie interrupted “Excuse me, but I would like some myself as it is MINE!”

Rupert replied back “Sorry but it’s so yummy! Next time can you get extra just for me please? “

“No it’s my money so I will spend it on cheese for me!”    Replied Minnie stubbornly.  “Any way it’s my turn to try your revolting smelly fish so hand it over.”

Shplot! Went the fish. The fish landed in front of Minnie and she crept forward and smelt it, crept back and turned away, stepped forward and whiffed it again. Then she had a tiny nibble and spat it out with arrogance. Then she got her tiny little feet and scraped her small pink tongue and shook her head.  Rupert asked “What’s the matter don’t you like it?”

Minnie sarcastically said “No I loved it,” (she didn’t really).

“Fine then I’m not your friend any MORE!” spitefully said Rupert.

They both went their separate ways Rupert went to his bed and Minnie went to her bed. While Rupert was asleep Minnie was thinking of an evil plan which includes food and death. On the next day Minnie woke up early and went to the shop to buy a piece of cheese so she could make up with Rupert but it was ordinary cheese to begin with but Minnie had a devious plan up her sleeve she was going to poison the cheese, a few hours later Minnie apologized to Rupert and they made friends again. Minnie sniggered. “I have a present for you Rupert, “said Minnie. Rupert was surprised grinning slightly to show his politeness .

urrrrr thank you Minnie “thanked Rupert . Minnie gave Rupert the cheese and he ate it but really he didn’t he put under his bed pillow and wanted to act dead to surprise Minnie . which Minnie after Rupert was pretending to be dead was dancing with glee and jumping up and down , then she got quite hungry and she had her cheese but she cut half of the poisonus cheese  and she eat that and dropped dead on the floor and rupert was dancing with glee.



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7 Responses
  1. Georgina says:

    thank you all for you comments to me and Scott its my pleasure

  2. Reece says:

    thats realy good but i wont be able to gues what story it is but i hope i get to read this story again

  3. Scott says:

    thanks for letting me read it for free

  4. Scott says:

    I love the way you used a lot of adjectives and spocky word so well done.

  5. Georgina says:

    thanks x

  6. Georgina says:

    i hope any one can guess if yu have heard this story form a few years ago in year 2 xx

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