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For pupils … Please leave any (sensible) ideas or suggestions for things you would like on the blog or in Year 6.

You can also use this page to record anything you want the Year 6 Councillors to feedback to School Council.

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  1. Ellie W says:

    Thank you Mr Holder!:)

  2. Mitchell says:

    Can you put the Harlem shake on, that we did?

    I like my ending cartwheel.

  3. Mitchell (Team 100wc) says:

    So do I need my name like this Mr Holder?

    • Mr Holder says:

      Yes but only when you go onto other blogs through the 100wc, if it’s possible.

    • Ellie W says:

      Hi Mr Holder, this is about the 100 wc website, well when I go to leave messages, it just said that your comment could not be posted because the blog has anti- spam defenses and I have looked but there isn’t even a code put in! Could you ask the lady about that please?

    • Mr Holder says:

      Just ignore them – scribble down the number it is on a bit of paper and I’ll pass it onto Julia Skinner after Easter Ellie. Thank you for joing Team 100WC – it’s something impressive that you can say you’ve done when you get to Secondary School!

  4. Joseph says:

    Mr Holder can you change our username and, most importantly, our passwords because they’re really easy to know?

    • Mr Holder says:

      Usernames can never be changed Joseph, but you can change your password if you go to ‘edit my profile’ in the top-right corner. Be really careful though, make sure you can remember your new password (possibly note it down somewhere) and don’t give it out to other people just to be safe.

    • Faye says:

      Can I change mine too please Mr Holder they are easy to know!

  5. Ellie W says:

    Thank you Mr Holder for putting that website on I am going to use it a lot!

    • Faye says:

      Hi , could we have year twos blog link on here please? 🙂

    • Mr Holder says:

      As soon as the teachers have given me the link – no problem Faye.

    • Faye says:

      Mr Holder, Sometimes when I leave a comment it accepts it self. Is it supposed to do that?

    • Mr Holder says:

      Hi Faye – this should happen when you comment on your own posts. They don’t go to moderation then.

  6. Govind says:

    Can we have year 3’s blog link on the blogging buddies page Mr Holder?

  7. Ellie W says:

    Hi Mr Holder, I was just wondering if we could have some algebra learning links on here because I really liked learning it in Numeracy today and think it would be really helpful for when we do maths with Mr Porter as a warm up!

    • Mr Holder says:

      I’m going to put on a link called Numeracy Activities #2 – you will be able to search through challenges by subject on here. (I.e. algebra, shape & space etc…)

    • Ellie W says:

      Thank you, I am really enjoying learning algebra and I need to work on shape and space so that will help!

  8. Corben says:

    Mitchell you put Lisa instead of Lia

  9. Ben says:

    Mr Holder when can some year 6’s go and teach other years about blogs and how to use them.

    • Mr Holder says:

      I’m not too sure Ben, but some of the other year groups are starting to blog now so watch this space!

    • Mrs Meese says:

      Happy to accept some help, Ben but it wont be our children who use ours, more likely parents xx

  10. Corben says:

    It will be good for all the other years to also have a blog so we could see some of THEIR work.

    P.s I did ‘their’ in bold because I’ve noticed a lot of people have put the wrong one.

  11. Ellie W says:

    Hi Mr Holder, my sister in year 3 said they had a blog and some of their work was on there. I was wondering if they have got there own blog, if we could have their web link on here so we could comment on some of their work please?

    • Mr Holder says:

      Yes definitely Ellie! All the year groups should have a blog up and running shortly. When they are we’ll put all the links onto our ‘Blogging Buddies’ page.

  12. Ellie W says:

    Hi, I agree with you Faye it would be nice if we could keep in touch with Lia and I would like to write a thank you letter to her

  13. jake says:

    Mr Holder,you said remind me next year! we wont be here next year.

  14. Sophie says:

    Mr Holder
    Please can we have an openers page so we can use them in our homework on the blog?

    • Mr Holder says:

      Ok Sophie I’ll have a think.

    • Mr Holder says:

      We could just add some of the openers that you could use to the sentence types page? Ones like adverb openers or verb openers.

    • Sophie says:

      That was what I was thinking maybe put some on the sentence types page.
      So when people go and have a look at sentence types for their work on the blog they can up level it and put some better openers?

  15. Sophie says:

    Great idea Faye for asking Mr Holder to see if we can have this page.
    Now we can share idea’s with everyone!

  16. Abbi says:

    Can we have a blog pall page and we can talk to people from other schools and around the world and keep in touch ?

    • Faye says:

      I was thinking of something simmular Abbie, it would be good if we could though! 🙂

    • Mitchell says:

      Yeah, like a chat page, where you can talk all over the world and it translates it into the person that is on’s language.

    • Mr Holder says:

      Have a look at the Blogging Buddies page Abbi. There’s links to other blogs to visit and make new friends.

    • Mitchell says:

      Mr Holder, I think she means, not comments, but a chat box.

    • Mr Holder says:

      I see … Unfortunately we can’t do that. Everything that goes onto the blog needs to be monitored by Mrs Hopkins and I but we can”t do that with a live chat stream.

  17. Mitchell says:

    Thanks Mr Holder for putting this on, this way we can try and uplevel the blog!

  18. Faye says:

    Can we keep in touch with Lia please?

    • Mitchell says:

      I agree with faye, I think we should keep in touch with Lisa.

    • Mr Holder says:

      It would be a good idea to write some thank you letters or a card to her. Remind me next week and / or mention it to Mrs Hopkins.

    • Sophie says:

      I definetly agree Faye!
      Mr Porter showed us a card of Lia it was really nice.

    • Govind says:

      That sounds like a nice idea Faye. I agree.

  19. Faye says:

    Thank you Mr Holder for adding this, now I can go somewhere to ask you or Mrs Hopkins a question.

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