The Holacaust

In 1933 Hitler won the German election and wanted take his revenge on England  after World war 1, so he started to make weapons. Sudutenland ( a little strip of land south of Germany that the English took at the end of world war 1 ) started to be invaded by Hitler and his army.Hitler hated Jews and unfortunately there were millions of them living in Suduten land, Lea Lisa was one of these Jews.He started to set up concentration camps in Germany, Poland, Suduten land and Denmark.Concentration camps are where people are taken to a camp and get  punished and treated horribly just because they’re different.Obviously England didn’t like this, so they declared war on Germany.If Lea Lisa would of stayed in Suduten Land she would’ve gone to a Concentration camp and probably never came back, therefore she had to move to England.The person who organised the children being sent to England was called Nicolas Wintonshire, who is now over 100.When she arrived in England she was taken into foster care by some lovely people.At this point she was only 7 or 8.Eventually when the war finished she was told that all her family had been killed at concentration camp.But now she has Grandkids of her own.I think we were very lucky to have a person come into our school who has experienced what it was like.

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  1. Ellie W says:

    Well done Josh, this piece of work is really good and you have used and you have used a lot of very interesting facts and I can see you really listened to Lia and the teachers, and you have used most of those facts in this piece of writing!

  2. Mitchell says:

    Hi Josh, here are my two stars and a wish.

    *. You have used brackets
    *. You have used some technical language
    WISH: You could of done a question

  3. Adam says:

    Hi Josh and welldone this is a good piece of work.:)
    star:good description and facts
    star:you have used ()
    wish: eventhough you used () you could next time do more level 5 punctuation
    but overall a great piece of work so welldone Josh.

  4. Faye says:

    Hi Josh, here are my two stars and a wish. 🙂

    *. You have used ()
    *. You have done some interesting facts.
    WISH: You could of done at least two paragraphs.

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